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Information about Premchand

Published on April 3, 2014

Author: nabeela95


PowerPoint Presentation: Munshi premchand The shakespeare of hindi literature Premchand (july 31,1880-october 8,1936) was a famous writer of hindi-urdu literature.he is one of the most famous writers of the indian subcontinent,and is regarded as one of the foremost hindi-urdu writers of the early twentieth century.A novel writer,story writer,Dramatist,he has been reffered to as the “ upanyaas samrat ” PowerPoint Presentation: Munshi premchand was born in lamhi village near varanasi. His father ‘ Ajaib lal ’ was a post office clerk, His mother was ‘ Anandi devi ’ of Karuani village , Who could have been the inspiration of the character Anandi in his “Bade ghar ki beti” His parents named him ‘ Dhanpath rai ’ while his uncle ‘mahabir’ nicknamed him ‘ Nawab Rai ’ was the first pen name choosen by him. PowerPoint Presentation: About his personal life Premchand married at the age of 15 ,while still stydying in 9th grade. the match was arranged by his maternal step garnd father.the girl was from a rich landlord family and was oldser than premchand ,who found her quarrelsome and not good looking .hence the marriage was failure. several years later in 1909 ,he married a young widow name shivrani devi. PowerPoint Presentation: Education When he was 7 years old ,premchand began his education at a madarasa in lalpur ,located around 2 km from lamhi. Premchand learnt urdu and persian from a maulvi in the madrasa. premchand developed fascination for books. He took the job of selling books for a book wholesaler,thus getting the oppurtunity to read a lot of books. He learnt english at a missionery school and studied several works of fiction including GEORGE.W.M REYNOLD’S eight volume. the mysteries of the court of london. he composed his first literary work at GORAKPUR.which was never published and is now lost. PowerPoint Presentation: Writing style Premchand is considered the first hindi author whose writings prominently featured REALISM .His novels describe the poor and the urban middle class. Unlike other writers he did not write fantasy fictions or story based on a hero. his novels mainly consisted messages on social evils like Dowry,poverty, corruptoin ,zamindari..etc PowerPoint Presentation: Gorukhpur At gorukhpur he developed friendship with the bookseller, who allowed him to borrow novels for reading,in exchange for selling exam crack books at the school. in 1919 premchand published his first major novel in hindi ‘ SEVA SADAN ’ The novell was originally written in urdu but was published in hindi under calcutta based publisher who offered him 450/- for his work . In 1919 Premchand obtained his BA degree from Allahabad, by 1921 he had been promoted to Deputy inspectors of schools ,on 8 febrauary 1921 , he attended a meting in gorukhpur ,where mahatma gangdhi asked people to resign from goverenment jobs as a part of the non-cooperation movement . Premchand although physically unwell and with two kids and a pregnant wife to support .thought about it for 5 days and decided with the consent of his wife, to resign from the goverenment job PowerPoint Presentation: Adoption of the name premchand In 1909 his publication SOZ-E-VATAN was noticed by the british goverenment officials who banned it as a seditious work, on account of its message which provoked indians to fight for the nation. The british collector ordered a raid on premchand’s house were 500 copies of SOZ-E-VATAN were burnt. subsequently ‘DHANPATH RAI’ had to change his pseoudonym from ‘NAWAB RAI’ to ‘PREMCHAND’ PowerPoint Presentation: Back to Benaras After quitting his job in gorukhpur ,Premchand moved to benaras and decided to focus on his literary career ,till his death he faced severe financial difficulties and cronic ill health. IN 1923 ,he established a printing press and publishing house in benaras “ SARASWATI PRESS “ . The year 1924 ,saw the publication of “ RANGBHUMI ” . In 1928 premchand’s novel “ GABAN ” focusing on the middle class greed was published. In 1930 premchand published a literaly -political weekly magazine titled “ HANS ” aimed at inspiring indians to mobilse against the british rule PowerPoint Presentation: Mumbai Premchand arrived mumbai to try his luck in FILM industry so that it would help him overcome his financial crisis . He wrote the script for the film “ MAZDOOR ” which was directed by mohan bhawnani. which depicted the poor condition on the labour class. some influential business man managed to get stay on its release in MUMBAI. the film was released only in lahore and delhi .later the film was banned as it inspired the mill workers to stand up against the OWNER . Premchand began to dislike the non-literary commercial environment of the mumbai Film industry and wanted to return to benaraS. He ultimately left MUMBAI PowerPoint Presentation: Works Premchand wrote over 300 short stories and fourteen novels. many essays , letters, plays, and translations . many of Premchand’s works were translated into english and Russian after his death . PowerPoint Presentation: Novels Rhooti rani Bazaare husn pratigya PowerPoint Presentation: Short stories Bade bhai sahab Beti ka dhan Panch parameshwar shatranj k khiladi Poos ki raat PowerPoint Presentation: Film script and plays Mazdoor Karbala Tazurba Sangram Roohani shadi PowerPoint Presentation: Last Days After leaving bombay ,premchand wanted to settle in Allahabad were his sons SRIPAT RAI & AMRIT RAI were studying. He also planned to publish HANS from there.however owing to his financial situation and ill health,he had to hand over HANS to the Indian literary counsil and move to benaras. Premchand was elected as the first president of the PROGRESSIVE WRITER’S ASSOCIATION IN Luckhnow. He died on 8th october 1936, after several days of sickness. “ GOODAN” Premchand’s last completed work, is generally accepted as his best novel and is considered as one of the finest novels,the protoganist HORI desparetely longing for a cow ,the symbol of wealth. IN 1936 Premchand also published “ KAFAN ” in which a poor man collects money for his wife’s funeral rites ,but spends it on food and drink.Premchand’s last published story was “ CRICKET MATCH ” which appeared in ZAMANA IN 1937 after his DEATH PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you :) ‘Nabeela’

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