Prelimnary Round QUIZ for GSC BIT PATNA IT's a QUIZ

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: gauravrajanand1


Write your TEAM NAME, TEAM MEMBERS’ NAME, MOBILE NO. AND E-MAIL ID on the answer sheet. You will get 30sec to answer each question. Each question of the first section carry equal weightage of 1 point. The Mega Bonanza contains 3 questions of 5 points each. Ties would be decided on account of Mega Bonanza section. NO GOOGLE SEARCHES PLEASE!!!


QUESTION 1 “KITKAT” is the latest version of Android OS to be launched in November. Name the Version which just preceded it? a)Ice-Cream Sandwich b)Jelly-Beans c)Donut d)Eclairs

QUESTION 2 BlackBerry(RIM) recently decided to “sell” itself. Which is the group buying it. a)Fairfax b)Lenevo c)Sony d)SAP

QUESTION 3 Which country’s scientists have recently launched a project to provide data connectivity through light bulbs, known as Li-Fi? a)USA b)India c)France d)China

QUESTION 4 Watched Chennai Express!! Did you notice the phone SRK used in the film. a)Nokia Lumia 720 b)Nokia Lumia 920 c)Nokia Lumia 1020 d)Samsung Ace

QUESTION 5 With which company do you connect - “The Human Network”? a)Hitachi b)Motorola c)Cisco d)Viacom

QUESTION 6 Who is considered the world’s first computer programmer? (Hint-There is a programming language named after the person) a)Charles Babbage b)Ada LoveLace c)Lord Byron d)Albert Einstien

QUESTION 7 Which of these companies also manufactures bathing soap? a)Infosys b)Reliance c)Cognizant d)Wipro

QUESTION 8 Nexus and Surface are Google products. True or false?

QUESTION 9 Lenovo is associated mostly with a)Dell b)Hitachi c)Hewlett-Packard d)IBM

QUESTION 10 What does XP stand for in Windows XP? a)Experience b)Extension Package c)Xpress d)None

QUESTION 11 3.0 is the latest update of what? a)Android b)Java c)USB d)Adobe Reader

QUESTION 12 Which of these is the most prevalent malware? a)E-mail Worm b)Trojan Horse c)VIRUS d)Net-Worm

QUESTION 13 Derrick R. Meyer is the CEO of ________? a)Paypal b)Yahoo! c)Intel d)AMD

QUESTION 14 What is SSL short for? a)Secure Socket LAN b)Software Security Layer c)Secure Socket Layer d)Secure Software Layer

QUESTION 15 Which famous website’s name says- “Broadcast yourself” ? a)Baidu b)YouTube c)amazon d)Vimeo

5 Questions of 5 points each

QUESTION 1 OLPC is an international education initiative of which India is also a part. There have been major announcements by the state and central governments in this regard. What does OLPC stand for?

QUESTION 2 2. With which popular data compression utility is the name of Eugene and Alexander Roshal associated? a)WinZIP b)WinRAR c)TOR d)XWeb

QUESTION 3 You have heard of the 3 laws of Newton. But are you aware of the fourth law of motion by Einstein? State it.

QUESTION 4 Who founded Twitter? a)Jon Taffer b)Jack Dorsey c)Evan Esar d)Herbert Hoover

QUESTION 5 Which organization is also referred to as the “Big Blue” ? a)Facebook b)Intel c)Microsoft d)IBM


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