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Published on September 24, 2014

Author: rhsmediastudies




Pitching Preliminary idea By Sabrina

Script • Sabrina- I’ve done it, it’s over. • Charlotte- Did you dispose the body? • Sabrina- Yes, I sacrificed it to Satan. • Charlotte- Good, I hope the ghost does not come back to haunt us.

Synopsis • The story is about Sabrina killing someone, and my friend Charlotte making me kill that person, a ghost is standing behind Charlotte and which highlights that he is haunting us. We use all these different shots to portray this scene.

Storyboard - Lies, Murder and Ghosts Sabrina walks towards the door and the shot used is jump cut, once she reaches towards the door. Sabrina walks towards Charlotte and sits right opposite her, using shot-reverse-shot to see if I have disposed the body. Sabrina and Charlotte are still talking using shot-reverse- shot however we do not break the 180 line rule. Sabrina then tells Charlotte that she has disposed the body however she sees the ghost behind Charlotte knowing he is giving us a signal that he is haunting us, so we use a close up shot to capture Sabrina’s facial reaction. We then use a close up shot of Charlotte’s face to capture her facial reaction too. Finally non-diegetic sound played in the background of the ghost speaking. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 6 Scene 5

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