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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: jakobmiller1723


Preliminary feedback made by the audience and how we used the preliminary to develop our opening sequence.: Preliminary feedback made by the audience and how we used the preliminary to develop our opening sequence. Camera: Camera Our shots were well done because they varied a lot and also were effective, we carried on with our style of shots in the opening sequence that we made. The angles were also quite significant as there was high key angles and low key angles to represent the characters, this helped us to portray the powerful characters against the weak ones in our opening sequence task. We adapted well from the movement of the camera that we did in the preliminary as we turned the camera as Lewis walked through the school entrance, this helped us to perform good movement in our opening sequence when we turned the camera to follow ‘Billy Connors’ walking to the university. We innovated on movement in the main task by using zooming onto the university logo. Our audience feedback was mostly critical on the movement, however our shots were precise. Mise en scene: Mise en scene Our costumes used in the preliminary were very imprecise and did not represent the characters properly, therefore for the opening sequence we did a survey to help enforce our ideas and representations on the characters by using certain costumes. There were no props in the preliminary which caused negative feedback, therefore we adapted to the audiences preferences and used plenty of props in the preliminary. Also in the preliminary the lighting was natural and unedited, this contrasts to our opening sequence as we changed the lighting to match the characters mood in the scene. The locations in our preliminary were basic and very restricted as we didn’t have long to do it, however in the opening sequence we visited an office in London to record a scene in our film opening. As we didn’t use props or specific costumes, we received negative feedback from our audience, on the other hand our opening sequence received a lot of positive feedback on mise en scene. Sound: Sound We used ambient sound or murmuring people as the preliminary was set in a school, however we didn’t use pleonastic, synchronous, asynchronous or non diegetic sound. Our audience feedback said that, because of this, the preliminary very dull and boring. In contrast to this, our audience were much more enticed in our opening sequence as we used exaggerative non diegetic sound along with synchronous and ambient sounds. Editing: Editing The pace was very steady and dull in the preliminary as there was no real drama, however the positioning was very representative of the characters. There were no transitions or special effects which the audience found boring. This differs to our opening sequence as we used fast and slow paced cuts to cause tension and excitement. We also used transitions such as fade to black and swipe. Furthermore we used special effects such as the paint box effect which the audience found interesting.

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