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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Wanderer


Cargo Compliance Performance Tankers for September FY 07 :  Cargo Compliance Performance Tankers for September FY 07 VOLUME 488.6 Long Tons (000’s) 52.2% in US flag VOYAGES (Lifts/Ships) 18 Total lifts made by 9 Ships, 55.6% were US flag 7 Lifts by 3 Government Owned Tankers 3 Lifts by 2 US Time Charters 7 Lifts by 3 FF Time Charters No US offers 1 Lift by 1 FF Voyage Charter No US offers Long Tons (1000) Voyages (Lifts/Ship) 7/3 3/2 194.3 7/3 39.2 1/1 Cargo Compliance Performance Tankers for Oct.- Sep. FY 07 :  Cargo Compliance Performance Tankers for Oct.- Sep. FY 07 VOLUME 5580.8 Long Tons (000’s) 62.7% in US flag VOYAGES (Lifts/Ships) 230 Total lifts made by 33 Ships 69.1% were US flag 95 Lifts made by 4 Government Owned Tankers 63 Lifts made by 4 US Time Charters 1 Lift made by 1 US Voyage Charter 57 Lifts by 10 FF Time Charters 10 Charters no US Offers 14 Lifts by 14 FF Voyage Charters 14 Charters no US Offers Long Tons (1000) Voyages (Lifts/ Ship) # of SHIPS 357.0 14/14 2551.4 63/4 1/1 Slide3:  Measurement Tons (1000) Ships/Voyages Cargo Preference Compliance Dry Cargo Sept FY 07 Totals Cargo 11 Ships were assigned 81.81 % were US Flag 1 PM3/PM5 Ships 6 US Flag VISA Voyage/Time Charter 0 RRF Ships 4 FF Ship 125.39 K Total tonnage (98.5 % on US flagged vessels) Slide4:  M Tons (1000) Ships*/Voyages Cargo Preference Compliance Dry Cargo YTD FY 07 Totals Volume 1234.22 K MT total tonnage. 99.07% on US Flag Ships 53 Unique Ships assigned through Sept. 77 % were US Flag 41 US Flag Ships chartered thru Sept. 12 Foreign Flag (FF) charter Ships * These are the number of Unique Ships used for the year

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