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Published on January 26, 2014

Author: IpsosMORI



Britons give UKIP as much chance of winning the European elections as finding life on Mars according to Ipsos MORI’s Predictions Poll for 2014.

1 2014 Predictions Poll January 2014 Contacts: © Ipsos MORI Version 1 | Public 020 7347 3000

Predictions 2014 2 I’d now like to ask you some questions about what you think might happen in 2014. For each of the following, please tell me how likely or unlikely you think they are to happen % Likely % Unlikely 65% A current Premiership footballer will come out as gay England will be knocked out of the World Cup by losing on penalties 61% China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy 24% 58% At least one country will leave the European Union 45% Prince Harry will get engaged 44% 39% UKIP will win (be the largest party at) the European Elections 29% The NASA Mars Rover will find evidence of life on Mars 28% Base: 954 British adults 18+, 10th - 16th January 2014 36% 55% There will be a hosepipe ban in parts of Britain There will be more riots throughout the UK similar to those in August 2011 27% 40% 47% 43% 55% 58% 62% Source: Ipsos MORI Ladbrokes odds n/a 6/1 50/1 2/1 10/1 4/6 n/a Evens 12/1

Economic predictions for 2014 3 In 2013/2014, do you think that each of the following will rise, fall, or stay about the same level? Prediction year 2014 % Rise 52% Mortgage interest rates 2013 2014 19% 2013 18% Your own standard of living Base: 954 British adults 18+, 10th - 16th January 2014. Base: 1,015 British adults 18+, 12th - 14th January 2013 27% 56% 2014 10% 36% 44% 2013 4% 36% 56% 51% 5% 29% 27% 63% % Fall 4% 51% 52% 2014 The number of people unemployed in this country 39% 38% 2013 The rate of inflation % Stay about the same 15% 17% 31% Source: Ipsos MORI

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