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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: Stella


I. Pre-Civil War--Causes:  I. Pre-Civil War--Causes 1. Western Lands Slide2:  Treaty of Paris of 1783 A. Louisiana Purchase:  A. Louisiana Purchase 1. Purchased by Jefferson 2. More than doubled the size of the U.S. Lewis & Clark sent to explore and to find a Northwest Passage Their expedition opened the way for settlement Slide4:  5. How to organize all this land? B. Northwest Territory & Land Ordinance of 1787:  B. Northwest Territory & Land Ordinance of 1787 Divided the new lands into territories Provided a democratic model for national expansion Slide6:  Announced that the U.S. would not only be settling west of the original 13 colonies but that it would eventually become states. (Treaty of Paris; 1763 & 1783) Accelerated westward expansion (Manifest Destiny) 2. Industrial Revolution:  2. Industrial Revolution A. Interchangeable Parts & Mass Production:  A. Interchangeable Parts & Mass Production 1. Interchangeable parts & Mass production 2. Jefferson’s “Damn-bargo” (1807) and then the War of 1812 brought about a halt in trade 3. They needed goods that didn’t need to be imported; the Industrial Revolution began in the U.S. Slater’s Mill on the Blackwater River:  Slater’s Mill on the Blackwater River 4. Samuel Slater started the First successful mechanized Textile factory in America. B. Cotton Engine or ‘Gin’:  B. Cotton Engine or ‘Gin’ Developed by Eli Whitney in 1793 Slide13:  FYI: Rosetta Stone found in 1799 C. Cotton Production:  C. Cotton Production i. Short-staple cotton vs. long-staple (piedmont vs. tidewater farmers) “Cotton is King” Slide15:  ii. Production increased 500% per worker iii. The need for slave labor increased:  iii. The need for slave labor increased Cotton is labor intensive—even with the cotton gin. As demand increased, labor had to increase to meet demand. The more cotton you could produce the more money you could make. iv. The need for land increased:  iv. The need for land increased As the demand for cotton increased more and more farmers started to grow it and cotton farms steadily spread Farmers would grow cotton until their field gave out and then move to another field. Because of this, A LOT of land was needed v. Westward Expansion:  v. Westward Expansion Farmers can’t go eastward, so they go west. They run into the frontier and the Northwest Land Ordinance Previously semi-deserted territories quickly become populated and some are soon ready to apply for statehood. 3. Missouri Compromise of 1820:  3. Missouri Compromise of 1820 Slide21:  A. Missouri applies for statehood as a slave state B. Threatens the balance in congress—11 free states and 11 slave states already exist C. Henry clay proposes: i. Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state ii. Louisiana Territory split: above the 36 30’ north latitude slavery is illegal; below slavery is legal—except Missouri 4. Addition of Texas:  4. Addition of Texas 5. Comp. Of 1850:  5. Comp. Of 1850 a. background:  a. background I. By 1849 California’s population exceeds 100,000 people II. Applies as a free state III. Disruption erupts again (most of California is below the 36 30’ line) IV. Henry Clay thinks he has solved the issue forever this time with the 1850 compromise—but it isn’t passed Compromise:  Compromise I. Proposed by Stephen A. Douglas II. California as a free state III. Utah and New Mexico to decide themselves (popular sovereignty) IV. Trading of slaves—but not slavery—banned in D.C. V. Stricter fugitive slave law 6. Fugitive Slave Laws/Personal Liberty Laws:  6. Fugitive Slave Laws/Personal Liberty Laws I. Fugitive Slave Laws:  I. Fugitive Slave Laws a. Slaveholders or their agents could seize a slave in the North for return b. Slaves were not entitled to a trial by jury or to testify on their own behalf c. Federal marshals had to help in the recapture of slaves d. Anyone found helping an escaped slave was fined $1,000 and/or imprisoned for 6 months. e. Effect: increased abolitionist feelings in the North. II. Personal Liberty Laws:  II. Personal Liberty Laws A. Passed in the North to combat the Fugitive slave laws B. Forbid state officials from assisting in captures C. Activated Abolistionists in the North. Uncle Tom’s Cabin written by Harriet Beecher Stowe 7. Influential People:  7. Influential People I. William Lloyd Garrison:  I. William Lloyd Garrison A. Published an abolitionist paper in the North Wanted slaves freed—thought they were entitled to the same rights as all other Americans II. Harriet Tubman:  II. Harriet Tubman One of the lead “conductors” on the Underground Railroad She later became an ardent speaker for the abolitionist movement

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