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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: XIIxFusionzz



Here is the location for my media project

Fateh Khaled 8703

Locations  In terms of location we had a few ideas of what we think would suit the opening title sequence. Firstly we had considered to film our opening title sequence at Hemel Hempstead Town Centre but due to health and safety hazards we knew as a group this was not going to work.  So we decided to go with our second option which was to film in a house, we wanted a house which had a fairly large garden so that we could start from the back and swarm our way into the house.

Pictures and explanations  This is where we are hoping to film, the image shows the back gate of a house (Jeremy’s house), now this will be where myself (the agent) and Jeremy engage in a short dialogue before entering the premises and barge ourselves through the back door.

 After entering the premises, the two officers will search through the outskirts of the house, according to the storyboard the two officers will cautiously walk passed the table tennis table whilst looking for some hidden clues.  This is the garden, as you can see it is quite spacious, no lighting will be required here this is because natural light is coming through as it is outside., however it also depends on the weather because when we film in the future it could be raining.

 There is currently scaffolding works on the house, we are hoping to take this as an advantage because we will construct a high angle shot from the top of the scaffolding where the assassin will be sitting at.  The scaffolding will last around 5 weeks which gives s enough time as we are going to film in a couple of weeks. There are also huge health and safety risks these hazards have been outlined in the risk assessment I assessed.

 This is the back entrance to the house, this will be where the two officers walk into the house still in search for hidden clues.  My only concern is that when the two officers walk into the house (kitchen) the lighting may be slightly dark, however there are several sources of light within the kitchen such as spotlights and lamps.

 After entering the house the two officers will continue to search through the house, as you can see the images show that the house is spacious which makes it convenient for the cameraman to fit in with a tripod.  The top image shows where the two officers will meet after searching through the house, as you can see there is a staircase which will not be used when it comes to filming.

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