Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral

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Information about Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: KaminskiFamily


Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral: Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral Why Plan Your Own Funeral?: Why Plan Your Own Funeral? While it is not something most people like to think about, pre-planning can be a benefit to you and your loved ones. Pre-Planning will: Allow you to have a say in the type of services you wish. Ease the emotional and financial burden on your loved ones. Allows family the confidence in knowing that they are doing exactly as you wish both for services and burial. How to Begin Talking about Pre-Planning: How to Begin Talking about Pre-Planning It can be a sensitive subject, but remember this is a gift your leaving. They will receive the peace of mind in knowing they are giving you exactly what you wished for. Start by selecting a meeting place, someplace calm and quiet. It’s good to have a basic plan written before and be open to any needs they may have as well. Picking The Remembrance Location : Picking The Remembrance Location Part of the process is selecting a burial location or deciding if you prefer cremation over traditional burial. Your family should also know where you would like your ashes to be kept or if they are to be scattered. Pre-Planning also allows you to select where you want your services held, giving your family greater peace of mind in knowing you are where you wanted to be. Pre-Paying: Pre-Paying There are several financial vehicles for pre-paying your funeral. Every family’s needs are different and we are available to guide you through the process to ensure your funds are properly allocated. Funds are commonly secured through life insurance or placed in a trust. Our professionals will guide you in making the right selection. Memorial Plans: Memorial Plans Pre-planning also involves designing your memorial. When writing your plans specify any elements you have in mind, such as your favorite flowers or who should be called or even who should give a eulogy. You may even want to designate someone in particular to scatter your ashes or care for your ashes. Informing Family Members: Informing Family Members After your plans are in place, it’s a good idea to inform your family members. Let them know where the plans are kept and how to get a copy. Though some people have chosen not to inform their loves ones, preparing them can help ease the stress of your passing. Making a Copy of Your Plans : Making a Copy of Your Plans Keep a copy for yourself in case you need to make any changes. The second copy should be given either to your lawyer, spouse, or one of your adult children for safekeeping. Inform necessary people of any changes you make over time. It’s also wise to make more than one copy of your plans. Inquire About Services : Inquire About Services Inquire about funeral and memorial services today at Kaminski Family Funeral Homes and Crematorium. About Us: About Us Damar Kaminski Funeral Home and Crematorium 7861 South 88th Avenue Justice, IL 60458 Phone: (708) 496-0200 Fax: (708) 496-3119 Sheldon-Goglin-Kaminski Funeral Home 5935 West Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: (773) 237-4404 Fax: (708) 496-3119 Kaminski Family Funeral Homes and Crematorium serves people of all faiths and their facilities offer three spacious chapels, coffee rooms, and restroom facilities. Image Attributions: Image Attributions Slide 1: Courtesy of Slide 2: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 3: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 4: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 5: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 6: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 7: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 8: Courtesy of Free to Share and Use Commercially Slide 9: Courtesy of Slide 10: Courtesy of Presentation Summary: Presentation Summary Planning your own funeral can be a sensitive issue, but one that should not be avoided. Viewing this process as a gift you leave behind makes this process easier for you and your loved ones. Learn more about the process and what we can do to help you and your loved ones.

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