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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Silvia


Slide1:  TÜBİTAK BUTAL TUBITAK Bursa Test And Analysis Laboratory Slide2:  TUBITAK Bursa Test And Analysis Laboratory has been founded by Sümerbank as “Textile Training and Research Center” SAGEM, in Bursa, on 1 November 1972. It has been taken over by TUBITAK Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, as of 19th January,1996. Slide3:  Registriernummer DAP-PL-3453.00 International accreditation has been obtained from DAP/Germany about system, equipment and related personnel qualification on July, 9. 2001, so as to ascertain the quality of textile products at international level according to EN ISO/IEC 17025. Slide4:  Being the first Laboratory having International Accreditation in the field of textile, all kinds of testing and analysis in other fields such as textiles, environment, energy, metallurgy, plastics-rubber, food, automotive industries   are carried out according to Turkish and international standards in the Physical and Chemical Laboratories of BUTAL. Slide5:  MISSION Contribute to the strengthening of technological competitiveness of national industry and promote scientific publications output of the country and participate in international projects by providing test and analysis services. Slide6:  VISION Becoming one of the leading laboratories in the world having international proficiency in test and analysis. Slide7:  The main objectives and duties of Test and Analysis Laboratory BUTAL can be summarised as follows; To offer services for universities, public and private institutions, industrial firms, service sector, scientists and other concerned, To conduct R&D studies in cooperation with universities in related fields by providing chemical, biological, physical tests and analysis according to the Turkish and international standards, Eco-Tex analyses GC-MS, HPLC, TLC, AAS and UV-visible Spectrophotometer for the determination of Azo-dyestuffs, Pesticides, PCP, PCB and Heavy Metals, Research, development, assessment of production faults and relevant consultancy services, Organize national and international seminars, courses, conferences, summer schools and symposiums for public and private institutions. Slide8:  APPLIED R&D SERVICES   Conducting industrial and scientific projects for process, method and product development, Research & Development studies with the aim of improving product standards and test & analysis methods, Product and quality improvement for the production of textile chemicals. Slide9:  PHYSICAL LABORATORY   * Textile material Testing (physical and mechanical properties) * Leather Testing * Metal Testing * Technical Textiles and Composite Material Testing * Sample Ring Spinning * Non-woven and carpet Testing * Clothing products and Testing Materials Testing * Fibre Tests * Yarn Tests * Performance Tests CHEMİCAL & ECO-TEX LABORATORY:  CHEMİCAL & ECO-TEX LABORATORY * Light Fastness Testing * Fabric Performance Testing * Eco-Tex Analysis * Sizing Agents Testing * Chemical Analysis * Soap Analysis * Material Type Analysis * Food Analysis * Ceramics Analysis * Oil Analysis * Azo –dyestuffs   * Pesticides * Pentachlorphenol (PCP) * Polychlorinatedbiphenyls (PCB) * Heavy Metals Slide11:  ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY    * Water and Wastewater Analysis * Heavy Metal Analysis in all types of samples * Alloy Analysis * Mud Analysis * Fuel Analysis * Open-duck Flow Measurement * Solid and Hazardous Solid Waste Analysis * Soil Analysis * Emission Measurement * Air Pollution * Protein and Energy Analysis in food samples Slide12:  DESIGN PATTERNING   * Graphical Designs * Camouflage Designing * Printing – Designing – Colour Separation * Ceramic Designing * Carpet Designing * Weave Structure Analysis * Weaving (Dobby and knitting) * Preparation of Original Creations * Negatives (Films) * Variant * Colour Print Services * Consultancy Services in the Field of Designing Screens and Printing Uutilising CAD specifications in the fields of printing, weaving, application and graphic designs Slide13:  SUPERVISING SERVICES   Bursa Test and Analysis Laboratory is one of the International Supervising Agencies serving in Turkey to certify the conformity of the specifications of commercial products in respect of quality, quantity, packing, labelling, loading, transportation and delivery as committed in the sales protocol. Slide14:  INDUSTRIAL TRAINING * Seminars, courses and conferences, * Workshops and symposiums, * In-plant group training programs,   are organised at the premises of TUBITAK-BUTAL for local and international participants. Furthermore the training activities of the private sector and other public enterprises are implemented at BUTAL training Congress and Exhibition halls. Slide15:  The Library of the BUTAL serves the industrial mills, universities and others concerned utilizing the sources in the library comprising of over 3500 volumes of books;   * Local and international periodicals, catalogues, * Technological research results, * Seminar Notes,  

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