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Information about Pre-Editing

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: OliverWoollard


PowerPoint Presentation: PRE-EDITING PowerPoint Presentation: WHERE TO START? For the editing, we would be using Apple Macs rather than the Windows, therefore I must become familiar with them. The Preliminary Task has allowed me the chance to do this but because I will be delving further into the world of editing I can’t afford to be lacking any understanding of the operating system and its features. I have begun by watching Adobe TV’s, Premiere Pro Tutorials (I watched nearly all of them adding up to around two and a half hours of my time). This has given me the skills in order to carry out our ambitions for an Opening Sequence with the relevant knowledge and theoretical understanding to create something that is cogent, creative and interesting. I have also watched a fair few After Effects and Audition tutorials also provided by Adobe TV as I believe it will be incredibly helpful in aiding me personally as well as Ayesha (I have provided all of the links below). On the next page I have labelled the layout of the Mac Interface to show how we will use it and what we will use it for. One part, the Media Library; is a custom setup, this is so that I could access the Media I needed without having to close any tabs that would interfere with the Effects Library tab. It is a setup Ayesha also uses as we both find it the most ergonomic and functional when working. On the Source Monitor area there is another tab we us called the Effects Control tab. This allows us to control all matters of Audio/Visual effects and designs. We also find this a useful placement as it is large enough that you don’t need to scroll, but also conveniently placed to work adjacent to the Program Monitor, where the effect would be showing up. Now that I have familiarised myself with the layout of Macs, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition I will now look at effects and techniques Premiere Pro Tutorials After Effects Tutorials Audition Tutorials PowerPoint Presentation: This is the Taskbar or ‘Dock’, it works similarly to the Start Menu on Windows computers This is the Menu Bar. This is basically the same as the one which spans the top of programs on Windows This is the Program Monitor allowing you to see the whole project as a preview (i.e not in full resolution resulting in glitches at times This is the timeline where you arrange the files that have been cut to appropriate size. You can shorten clips here too This is the Media Library, a custom setup I have created where I store all of the media for the sequence. Beneath is the effect library This is the Source Monitor where you can preview and cut to fit video files, audio and more… PowerPoint Presentation: EFFECTS | VISUAL As I mentioned in the Opening Sequences Research – Summary, we really are shooting for “many overlays, flashing and visual chaos” in order to create a unique effect. One effect I discovered whilst experimenting was Paint Bucket (see image ‘A’) which colours sections of the footage with a selected colour. All aspects of this effect can be controlled using the Effects Control tab which is excellent and provides us with an opportunity to completely manipulate a fantastic effect. We can make it highly tolerable to colour and therefore less flashy or very intolerable to colour and therefore ultra flashy. We can also control the colours. There are also very helpful lighting effects that allow you to correct any lighting errors made whilst filming (see image ‘B’). It allows you to not only edit the amount of light levels but animate it to go from high to low as the scene runs. This is incredibly useful for when fine tuning the look of the sequence. I also like the option for overlays. In changing the way the image is presented you can determine how it will display any visuals beneath it, in other words if you make it an overlay you can suddenly see the image beneath it as they are superimposed onto one another. We have an idea of using Food Colouring in water for overlays as we believe it may offer some unique and interesting visuals. A B PowerPoint Presentation: EFFECTS | AUDIO The Audio Effects in Premiere Pro and After Effects are simple compared to those featured in Audition. However they are much more advanced and therefore complicated in Adobe’s Audition. We will use Audition mainly to help us dub Vera’s line “goodnight Olga” into the rest of the sequence. Audition is a premium audio editing software that we will use where possible then add into Premiere Pro. We will also use GarageBand for its loops. GarageBand is Apple’s music editing software that is simpler than Audition and features an amazing and huge array of completely copyright free loops that you can us to build songs, sounds and soundtracks. We will also use this for our sequence as it is simple, easy to use and has extensive tools and sounds. There are limitations to GarageBand , like Pitch Control, but we can move any sounds we want changed into Audition and then back to GarageBand or simply straight into Premiere Pro. We have already specified interest in using CC or Copyright Free music from the web simply for a more complete, professional depth of sound and because of the millions of tracks available we have so much choice. Again Audition will be used to help change the song so that it fits the Visuals perfectly through careful tailoring. A B

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