Prayer For Prosperity And Success

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Published on February 3, 2014

Author: camc1831



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Prayer For Prosperity And Success

Maybe you have heard this before: money is the root of all evil. I don't know about you but that just sounds wrong to me. How can money be bad when we see so much good come out of it being used properly? Homes are built, people are fed, wholesome entertainment is enjoyed. For those who think money is wrong repel it; for us who know its proper value and how to use it, we have the power to attract it.

The prayer for prosperity you read about is no magical incantation that will suddenly cause every mine in the world to cough up its diamonds on your doorstep. If we are to use a prosperity prayer for its real objective, it is important that we appreciate its significance and purpose in our lives.

What does a prosperity prayer look like? Even before we begin speaking out words to fill out any kind of prayer, it is crucial that we understand what it is we are doing. If not, we are only speaking empty words and the end effect will be frustrating and generally less than valuable than what it could have been.

Come into prayer in a posture of faith. Understandably it might prove a bit challenging to believe for the better things in life to happen when your present reality seem to lean towards the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Believe anyway. Don't you know that you have the DNA of the divine in you? It's true - you have a life force within you to bring to pass your desires if you really believe it.

Whatever it is you broadcast out in the universe is exactly what you will get. This is not a superstitious theory-- it is a principle that has been at work since time immemorial. It is called the law of attraction. Your thoughts, words and corresponding actions are received by the world and will be returned to you accordingly. Think about it: being positive or being negative takes the same amount of energy in you - why don't you choose the former? You cannot begin to imagine the life you will have if you do.

Think thoughts of prosperity and abundance. Own it. Once you have planted it deep into your heart and believe it with all that you are, speak words of life to your dream. Let me tell you something a very important secret few people really know about - speaking words is creative power. Create a prayer from your heart and speak out your dreams into existence. Your faith and your spoken prayer will make room for your cherished desires to manifest in the world.

Again, remember that this is not an instant formula to gain riches - it is seed planting if you may. Plant a seed, water it every day and watch it grow. Do not nullify what you have done by having a negative and impatient attitude. It will surely come if you hold on no matter what.

The prayer for prosperity is for the faithful and enduring. If that is you, then expect to see your dreams to come to pass. It doesn't matter what your situation looks like, or what the world is going through - there is power in you waiting for the opportunity to recreate your reality to the one you are destined to have.

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