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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: rolandogapuz7


CCC INTERNATIONAL : CCC INTERNATIONAL EAST ASIA ORIENT AREA Area Team Leader: Rock and Joy Yoon • Pray for 2014 EA Orient All Staff Conference, Oct. 19-24, 2014, in Korea. Thank God for already organizing the ASC Preparation Leadership Team and program. Pray about (1) organizing all ASC team members, (2) God preparing staff and families’ hearts for ASC, and (3) God’s supply for staff expenses of airfare, registration, etc. May God allow us to celebrate together the anniversaries of countries in our area, gain a common understanding of current changes in the global CCCI movement and cultures, commitment for contributions in other areas of the world. JAPAN: JAPAN • We need a new, good copy machine at a reasonable price. • Pray for our healthiness. • We are again going to go through the "Peace Maker" once a month; pray that we can apply those principles into our daily lives. • Pray that every staff member and disciple continues to grow from the inside out as a disciple. PAKISTAN: PAKISTAN • Pray for all our staff members support and for their ministries. • Pray for the Pakistan Leadership Development Center (PLDC); it is proceeding but needs funds and many donors to help. • Pray for GCM MC2 Phase 4 training for the GCM staff; also pray about planting churches in target areas. PowerPoint Presentation: • Pray for all our staff members support and for their ministries. • Pray for the Pakistan Leadership Development Center (PLDC); it is proceeding but needs funds and many donors to help. • Pray for GCM MC2 Phase 4 training for the GCM staff; also pray about planting churches in target areas. • Build Deeply: May we trust God for good assimilation of freshmen into campus ministries. Pray for faithful, available and teachable student leaders to be raised up as spiritual multipliers; mobilizing of volunteers and raising key leaders in LLM; and intentional discipleship among communities of multiplying disciples across all domains. SOUTH KOREA : SOUTH KOREA • This past summer 73 mission teams went to 19 countries, and 1,437 people participated. They met 20,382 people and shared The Four Spiritual Laws with 7,802; pray for their spiritual growth. TAIWAN : TAIWAN • 2014 is the 50th anniversary for Taiwan CCC: We hope to connect with domestic and overseas churches through the invitation of 115 mission teams to Taiwan and the holding of various ministry workshops and celebratory activities; ask that God guide the execution of various plans, provide funds, and mobilize all levels of Christians to impact Taiwan with the gospel. Since this is a year of jubilee, may God continue His work of molding and refining the staff, so that we can experience a spiritual jubilee, renewed and set free to live a life of fruitfulness and victory in Christ. May our thinking and behavior be transformed, willing to change; pray for staff members to be able to work freely with the Spirit, not restricted by their experiences or personality, bring about renewed vigor in the movement. EASTERN EUROPE AREA Area Team Leader: Marek and Ala Wyrzykowski : EASTERN EUROPE AREA Area Team Leader: Marek and Ala Wyrzykowski MOLDOVA: MOLDOVA • In the first week of September, CrossRoads had its first Training of Trainers, the second level of training; there are now six people who can train teachers how to use the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum in their Moldovan schools. • After this leadership conference there are two basic level Teachers Trainings. These two basic trainings are conducted by our newly trained leaders. One was in Russian, another in Romanian. • Please pray for the six new trainers who conducted the training, as well as for those who attended. May all continue to see their need for Jesus. Pray for effective follow-up of those who expressed interest in spiritual things. PowerPoint Presentation: FRANCOPHONE AFRICA AREA Area Team Leader: Mpunga and Makoyi Mukengeshay DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO (DRC) : DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO (DRC) • We thank God for two projects (in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi) in partnership between SLM and South Korea. We are also grateful to God for a wonderful ministry carried on by GCM and The JESUS Film in Kinshasa. • We want to build our second guest house; please pray for funding. We want to build offices in Katanga and Bas Congo. Pray that God would raise up donors; pray for joyful families; God is our provider. GABON : GABON • We are praying for an office beside the University of Libreville, the biggest in our country. It will make the discipleship and training much easier; pray for peace, stability during this new academic year. • We are trusting God for a strong leader-led movement. Pray that marketplace leaders would be actively involved in evangelism and discipleship in their workplaces and that they would have a great influence among their fellow workers; pray for spiritual multiplication in the various domains. TOGO : TOGO • Praise God for the successful partnership between CCC Togo and CCC Korea; they came six times for a short-term mission with wonderful results and fruit. Pray for our partner project called Dream Center; we want to build a hall of 1,000 seats for Sunday services, three conference rooms, one cyber center with 100 computers and some small offices. The budget is $400,000(USD); we are hoping to start on October 14; pray that God would lead everything from now to the completion of this project. NORTH AMERICA & OCEANIA Area Team Leader: Steve and Christy Sellers : NORTH AMERICA & OCEANIA Area Team Leader: Steve and Christy Sellers • Pray for a smooth leadership transition for both Australia and New Zealand, both receiving new National Directors. Pray for the O'Malleys as they move their family to Auckland, NZ and all of the details needed for them to get settled well. Pray for Allan and Mandy Gibson as they are settling into Melbourne, AU. • Pray that Kathryn and Don Mansfield (Director of the Pacific Islands Region) will get a visa allowing them to stay in New Zealand. Their present visa has expired and they are facing problems collecting the documents the government is requesting from them. Pray for God to allow them to get the documents or soften the government's stance. CANADA (Power to Change) : CANADA (Power to Change) Church Domain • Please pray for our Langley outreach team as we develop a discipleship program for those we have been reaching out to in the inner city. Pray for a clear strategy to best serve this group (low income and homeless people), in a way that would help bring healing in the present, and courage to take practical steps toward a better future for themselves and their families. • Please pray for our school team as we develop a volunteer reading program for our inner city school. This will include reading with, and praying for the children and their families. Please pray that God will send godly volunteers with a heart for the children, an ability to help them effectively with their reading, and a commitment to prayer.   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Cru) :   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Cru) • Praise God for the 400 stinters sent to 68 cities around the world, 11.8 million exposed to the gospel and more than 155,000 decisions this past year! • Pray for more students and faculty around the world to come to know Jesus, with more movements launched in ethnic contexts and 10% of our involved students and faculty going to the world each year. • Petition the Lord to raise up more than one million followers of Jesus committed to making disciples and changing the world together. SOUTH ASIA AREA Area Team Leader: Jose and Neena Sam : SOUTH ASIA AREA Area Team Leader: Jose and Neena Sam • Pray for God’s wisdom and clear guidance as we clarify the goals for 2020 and take steps towards growing the movement to the next stage in our national ministries. Our national leadership teams are coming together in Oct. and Nov. (in two batches) to begin the strategic planning process for the next three-year block (2015-2017). We ask the Lord to open our eyes, stretch our faith and to help us to think outside the box as we begin this process. NEPAL: NEPAL • Pray that the new constitution of the country could be drafted on time and an election called quickly after this process. Pray for unity and selflessness among the political leaders, and that they would work for the betterment and common good of the country. • Pray that the target of evangelizing the 25 unreached, unchurched , unengaged major cluster groups in the country will be reached. Pray for the resources, manpower necessary and God's leading Spirit. • Pray for the necessary financial resources to establish one well facilitated Christian Retreat Center for prayer, seminars, conferences and other mission activities in the country. SOUTH WEST INDIA : SOUTH WEST INDIA • Pray for an effective multiplying discipleship ministry in SLM and LLM, where each staff member would be able to develop 10 multiplying disciples in each campus and LLM domain in the current academic year. • Pray that 20 disciples from our discipleship chain will join the staff this year. • Pray for good networking with churches and organizations to reach the unreached campuses and people groups, in the church planting movement initiative. SOUTHEAST ASIA AREA : SOUTHEAST ASIA AREA Area Team Leader: Chris Uy Area Leadership Team (ASEO) • All national leaders to be able to identify what God is laying on their hearts, in relation to our Vision 2020. • Leadership transitions and successions – Pray that we will be able to identify who God wants to put in leadership positions. • Pray about ongoing strategic and tactical planning in the countries of the Southeast Asia Area. International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) - Philippines • Pray that God will raise up more IGSL faculty members to help reach the influential sectors of our society. • For our students to have an effective strategy in reaching their target area ministry. • Pray that we will be able to acquire the properties that we are eyeing for physical expansion of the school. THAILAND : THAILAND • Thanks be to God that He has brought about Christian unity in Thailand; please pray for Vision 2015 - to see one million Christians in Thailand. May God provide wisdom for the "Church Everywhere in Thailand" team, in motivating and mobilizing Christians from all denominations. GCM - Pray that multiplying churches would be a reality - multiplying themselves to four generations. Pray for five new churches to be born this year. PowerPoint Presentation: SOUTHERN & EASTERN AFRICA AREA Area Team Leader: Farai & Chipo Katsande MADAGASCAR : MADAGASCAR • Praise God for the nine new staff applicants who finished their interviews for joining staff training; pray for all processes and the beginning of Great Commission Training Center in October; and pray as all develop a team of ministry partners who can fully supply their salary and ministry expenses.   SOUTH AFRICA :   SOUTH AFRICA • Thank God for our young interns, and please pray that they will learn and apply DMPD methods for effective support raising. Pray that those who are called to full-time staff will answer the call. • Pray for an ambitious and wonderful plan (Operation Restoration) to reach and disciple 500,000 people in several areas of Pretoria over the next three years. Pray that this may be one of many catalysts for nationwide movement building. • Pray that God will show us how to effectively restore the ministry to sound financial health. PowerPoint Presentation: WEST AFRICA AREA Area Team Leader: Austin and Zchat Okomohwo PCCC: PCCC Pray for 500,000 multiplying disciples across Southeast Asia SLM CONSULTATON(STAFF)UNTIL SATURDAY STAFF CONFERENCE(APRIL) HYBRID(TRUST TO GOD FOR HIS PROVISION) OJ TACLOBAN(SUMMER) PowerPoint Presentation: Operation Jabez Media, the year-long emphasis on raising up kingdom builders in the major TV networks and print media (newspaper) companies in the Philippines; pray that the current T4T training among key disciples in this sector will multiply effectively and impact the media and entertainment sectors of our country. As each MCC begins to look ahead to the 2020 Vision, pray that God will cause the teams to be strong and healthy; for God to deepen and strengthen the inner lives of our staff; develop the synergy and unity among the MCC's in building movements everywhere in our country.

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