Pragmatic Architecture for Agile Teams - GeeCON 2014

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Information about Pragmatic Architecture for Agile Teams - GeeCON 2014

Published on October 23, 2014

Author: v3rtti



The talk I gave on GeeCON Prague 2014 on doing pragmatic architecture, using lean methods and practical documentation.

1. "All Hands on Deck" Pragmatic Architecture for Agile Teams Janne Sinivirta / @v3rtti geecon prague 2014

2. Outline Where are we now and why? How can we be better? 1. Balance 2. "All Hands on Deck" 3. Team vs. Organization 4. Domain Modeling 5. Documentation

3. Forgotten Architecture

4. Where are we now?

5. Conspiracy?

6. Bad Rap for Architecture

7. How can we be better? 1. Balance

8. BDUF vs. YAGNI Big Design Up Front vs. You Aren't Gonna Need It * see "Balancing Agility and Discipline" by Barry Boehm and Richard Turner

9. MVP and Architecture Agile is all about emergent design Architecture gives the code a place to grow Designing architecture only for MVP is short-sighted Architecture from tests only .. is horse shit! - Uncle Bob Martin

10. The Dilemma of Last Responsible Moment Recognize hard problems Start early and prototype

11. How can we be better? 2. All Hands on Deck

12. In Hurry to Wait

13. Team Decisions Architecture is too important to be left for the architect.

14. Modern Architect

15. Kaizen Optimizing the organization and the value stream.

16. How can we be better? 3. Team vs. Organizatio n

17. Local and Fast Allow local decisions Ensure feedback both ways

18. Conway's Law

19. No organization There's no organization. Just people. Get to know them!

20. How can we be better? 4. Domain Modeling

21. Domain Dictionary Aim for common language in team Reduce misunderstandings Don't conquer all with single dictionary Create with stakeholders Aliases that combine multiple terms/concepts

22. What the system.. IS vs DOES Data vs Algorithm Plan for change Traits?

23. Languages, paradigms and patterns Modeling variance Language features > libraries > design patterns

24. Role of DSL's Modern languages support DSL creation DSL often end up restrictive or fragile "Nothing says screw you like a DSL" - Stuart Halloway

25. Users and Domain Experts Genchi Genbutsu (x˜x) Go and see for yourselves! Matching users mental model "Future proofing" with crazy ideas

26. How can we be better? 5. Documentation

27. Basics Who's the reader? Code as forward thinking documentation Document relationships that are not visible from code

28. Must-have documents External integrations diagram Created with PlantUML

29. Must-have documents Internal component diagram Created with PlantUML

30. Must-have documents Domain Model as Code

31. Must-have documents Internal component diagram External integration diagram Domain model as code Domain dictionary Decision log

32. Summary Design enough, early enough Architecture is a team responsibility "See for yourself!" is essential in good design Document things that are not visible from code

33. Thank you! Questions? Janne Sinivirta / @v3rtti

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