Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Certificate

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Information about Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Certificate

Published on June 21, 2016

Author: ananaub


1. PMC -10579 $msqiffi*CERTIFICATION BOARD 'I[Lis is to certfy tfiat Sim Buan Heng is awarfef tfie status of Practisi n g Man agement Consu ltant in accorfance witfi tfie rufes of tfre Qractising ful-anag ement C onsuftant Certffication (Boarf for tfie period from 01 August2014 to 31 July 2016 3s"k)la-/ Chairperson, PMC Certification Board Chairperson, Review Panel iltilIlllu]tl[Jl[1il|tl Use iGepir app on Smartphone to authenticate this certificate Z Singapore )tsRRt:ir;is" S^/ 38ilitlf""* This Certificate remains the property of the PIC Certifiation Board, a Certification Board of Singapore Business Adlisors & Consultants Council

2. - :r ". Pru"tising t:s l'#"ii*,t$i"' CERTIFICATION BOAR.D PRACTISING MANAG E M ENT CONSU LTANT CERTI FI CATION SCH EM E STATEMENT OF EXAMINATION RESULTS Sim Buan Heng PMC No ldentification No Date of lssue : 1,0579 : 58019839F 01 Aug 2014 Subiect_.leelb M1a M1b M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 Title lntroduction to Management Consultancy Ethics and the Law Project Management Proposal Writing and Project Scoping Data Gathering and Collation Analysis and Recommendations Report Writing Project lmplementation and Completion Client Consultant Relationship Application for Government lncentives End ol Re< ords Grade Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Exempted Exempted Pass Exempted Pass ( t,^ VA?),-,o Secreta ry to-ytr6. Certificatio n Boa rd Chairperson of Examination Panel

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