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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: Cozychar



Social Media Marketing to create new, reliable and mid-long term revenue streams for Artists / Bands
Under changing business environments for artists/bands,
It is critical issues for us to pave new and reliable revenues schemes for our artists enabling to continue to create new songs.
I would like to share some of actual business accomplishments by leveraging my cultivated skill-sets, insights and networking as senior management positions @ Softbank, MYV, AOL, Real networks, MSN, EMI music and others. I do hope this should be some informative to you.

MKTG Scenario Practical Marketing Strategy by Effective / Efficient Cross Media Promotion + Building C.E.United, Kwasaki, Japan up Reliable Model Business Mail Contact; 代表取締役社長・ CEO 溝口浩司 / 080-1205-8448 1

Direction of Business Actions 1 To enhance Artist SNS Media mainly facebook, leveraging those media power 2 To expand opportunities of Fans participation effectively & periodically   3 To clarify the core competence of the Artist more accurately   4 To set up the main targeting clusters & mining clustering data 5 To pave & pursue multiple revenue streams 6 To build up strategic alliances with useful business partners, forging ahead with collaborative projects actively 2 C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

Backgrounds The one of established rock band “RIZE” has been enhancing their official facebook page since July, 2011 for constructing reliable / mid-long term business models, realizing that they could boost their fan community from 1,250 in July, 2011 to 75,730 likes; *as of 2014/02/05. Meanwhile, the frontman of RIZE = JESSE has launched his solo project called “Stand Up!” as fans participatory & mash-up type of multiple entertainments project since 2011/11/11, enabling him to execute bunch of collaborations with variety of companies / organizations. *Some accomplishments are separately.   KenKen, bassist @ RIZE, and Dragon Ash, and joining in other bands has also been initiating his solo project = “Life Is Groove” since July, 2013, pursuing various type of fan participatory 3 activities with SHISEIDOU, Olympus and more. C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

The Importance of SNS, mainly facebook 1 facebook Population in Japan expanding; 19.6million, June,2013 = 5,6m increased from previous month C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

The reason why facebook is so criticial 2 Numerous companies tend to use facebook drastically ・ 78.7% companies using facebook, Twitter=57.3% / LINE=25.6% To enlarge opportunities of collaborations / tie-ups with companies by creating /appealing Artist facebook page C.E.United, inc Cozy Mizoguchi /

Facebook is accessed from smart-phone 3 Smart-phone expansion 2013 年度以降のスマートフォン契約数予測 2014 年 3 月末: 5,915 万件 ( 49.3% ) 2015 年 3 月末: 7,112 万件 ( 58.1% ) 2016 年 3 月末: 8,034 万件 ( 64.5% ) 2017 年 3 月末: 8,778 万件 ( 69.4% ) 2018 年 3 月末: 9,383 万件 ( 73.2% ) Users are likely to access to facebook via smart-phone. Huge potentiality to pave new & additional revenue schemes + efficient artist promotion by enhancing Artist facebook + creating compelling fan community. C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

JESSE’s STAND Up! Project ・ JESSE is American citizenship, having dual culture naturally. This backgrounds encourage him to start his solo project “Stand Up!” on 2011/11/11, which JESSE wants to have more opportunities to mash up & collaborate with fans for creating multiple entertainment to global market, after he faced 311. ・ Plenty of companies / organizations have been raising their hands to cooperate this project along his spirit, such; Puma, ZIPPO, GIRBUAD, Olympus, Hurley, Jack Daniel’s even Venezuela embassy, and Beats by Dre, & others. Paradox Inc. all rights reserved 2011

some of examples; Collaborations via facebook w/ Beats by Dre w/ Jack Daniel w/ ZIPPO w/ Fender 8 C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

Collaborations / Media Exposures w/ Hurley Gracing the cover of plenty of popular street fashion magazines @ Ollie w/ MURASAKI Sports 9 C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi / @ Samurai Magazine

Collaboration with Foreign Artists + Social Activities Duet with one of talented Deva from American Idol Season 8, Jullisa Veloz, “2 of Us”” in top page of Windows Media America Interview @ popular Dog Magazine Stand Up! “Crossover Talks” Official Guest Speaker @ TEDx Collaboration with Venezuela Embassy C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi / Stand Up! has been launching new project = “Crossover Talks” which JESSE interviews with person standing up” along his/her mission/motivation. st 1 interview with NASA scientist, Jonathan D. Trent for exchanging each of ideas + actual actions of eco-friendly

Multiple Business Model < Major Revenue Streams in addition to Music > 1 AD Business 2 Affiliate Business 3 e-Commerce Business  ・ Creative Items  ・ Fashion / Life Style Items 4 Premium Contents Business  ・ Application 5 Membership Business C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

Market Trends < Major Trends / Movement >  1 Expansion of Net media; 79.5% penetration in 2013 *close to all JPN.   2 Increasing of e-Commerce; ¥ 11.5tri in 2013 / ¥ 17.3tri in 2017 3 Acceleration of Smart-Phone: 49.8% penetration in 2013 / 70% in 2017 4 SNS / Community Media Expansion: 51mil in 2012 / 35mil in 2011 5 Continuous declining of CD market; ¥ 77.9bil in 1st H, 2013 / 91.5% of 2012 6 Drastic decreasing of Digital Music Market; 12 ¥ 31.5bil in 1-3rd Q in 2013 / ¥ 91.0bil in C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

                     Business model    < Business Model > PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTIONS <1>Digital / EC <2>Media / Communication - Audio/Video Download - Ad   - Subscription - Affiliate - Application Store - Fan club                     - Packages - Guarantees, etc.      - Goods, etc. <3>Live - Tour / Concerts - Package / Goods - AD / Sponsor, etc. <4>Label / Promoters - Contract, etc 13 Cozy Mizoguchi, all rights reserved 2011

AD Business ; JESSE w/ GIRBUAD < 2013 SS Collaboration > < 2012 FW Social MKTG collaboration > < 2012 Tokyo Fashion Week >

Mutual Contents Marketing ・ JESSE @ Kadokawa Games facebook page Practical, realistic contents marketing with useful business partners ・ KenKen @ Olympus facebook page Once we can create appealing community, There are any possibilities to get sponsors. C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

e- Commerce Sizable & active community enables us to navigate fans to our e-Commerce pages naturally.

JESSE appeared on various global media via facebook. Appearances @ more than 70 global media including MTV, MSN are positive feedback to domestic fans /market. C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

Stand Up! Project Stand Up! project was picked up by NIKKEI @ their front page, As new business model. *2013/07/05 時点 18 Cozy Mizoguchi, all rights reserved 2011

Example; Collaborative Project With Zippo; C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

各種企業・ブランド様とのコラボ展開の一 例 < JESSE(The BONEZ) > 1 Zippo; 2 Beats by Dr. Dre; 3 Olympus; 4 Hurley & ムラサキスポーツ ; 5 角川ゲームス & グラスホッパー; v=usTRofzwceg 6 GIRBUAD; < kenken > 1 資生堂 ; 2 Olympus; 3 TC Electronics; 20 C.E.United, inc / Cozy Mizoguchi /

C.E.United, inc Company Profile 【 代表取締役  / Founder, CEO 】 溝口 浩司 / Cozy Mizoguchi LAWSON Inc. Deputy, General Mgr, CRM / Marketing Dept. Apr/2009 – May/2010 EMI Music Japan Inc SVP, Business Development Dept. Sep/2007 – Apr/2009 Entertainment Plus Inc Senior Director, Biz-Dev Dept. Dec/2005 – Aug/2007 Real Networks Japan                     Director, Music Service Dept. Nov/2004 - Nov/2005      AOL Japan Inc Director, Content Programming Dept. Jan/2002 - Sep/2004 MTV JAPAN inc Vice President, Business Development Dept. Nov/2000 - Dec/2001 Softbank Media & Marketing inc Sr. Mgr, Biz Dev & Marketing Jan/2000 - Oct/2000 Japan Travel Bureau Inc. Apr/1992 – Dec/1999 YOKOHAMA RUBBER co., ltd Apr/1986 - Jul/1991 B2C + Digital + Cross Media + Entertainment Professionals 21 Cozy Mizoguchi, all rights reserved 2010 Cozy Mizoguchi, all rights 2011 reserved / Sept, 2010

Business Domain Practical Business Planning x Realistic Project Developments Marketing < Major Strengths > Incubation 1 Planning 2 Networking 3 Communication 4 Business Development 5 Sales Expanding Business fields + Building up Multiple Revenue Streams Cozy Mizoguchi, all rights reserved 2011 22

Business Direction < 2 > BUSINESS MARKETING COMPETENCE POSITIONING TARGETING Clarifying Competences Setting Targeting Zone - Prereuisites - Demands / Volume   - Major Elements of MKTG Scenario Making  Matching w/ Clusters Useful DB    BUZZ / Continuity    Infrastructure / Services Positioning / Careers Cozy Mizoguchi, all rights reserved / 20110202

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