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Published on March 14, 2014

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Rick Neiman presents Avery Dennison’s road map to Marketing Automation--one that took them to the intersection of content management and lead generation.

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May 28-30 | Chicago

7/21/2011 Our Road Map to Marketing Automation Rick Neiman – Global Director, Digital Marketing Materials Group

A Global Market Leader • Founded in 1935 • $6.8 billion sales in 2013 • 2012 Fortune 500® ranking: 375 (“AVY”) • Global operations in 60 countries • Based in Pasadena, California, with more than 30,000 employees worldwide 2006

Pressure-sensitive Materials Specialty Materials Retail Branding and Information Solutions Our Businesses Are a Powerful Part of Everyday Life Sales in millions

Pressure-sensitive Materials — Label and Packaging Materials • Market segments: » Food, Beverage, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Household Products, Health and Beauty, Durable, Pharmaceutical, Tracking Goods • What we make: » Fasson® Pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive papers, films and foils in roll form • Customer applications: » Prime labels, branding, functional and decorative packaging • Customers: » Label converters who work directly with consumer product manufacturers, contract packagers and package design agencies Raw Material Supplier Label Material Manufacturer Converters End Users (CPG’s) Retailers Consumers

14 Marketing “contacts” customer •Email •Direct Mail • One and done marketing • Disruptive marketing and selling • Focus is on selling process, not buying process • So many unqualified leads, so little time Our Journey – Before Marketing Automation

Challenges • Cultural • Proof of concept – respond better to results than ideas • Limited resources ($’s) • Customer Experience • Advertisers not Authors • Focused on the “Selling Cycle” • Limited Reach • Time spent in Purchasing • Little to no end user contacts • Poor Data and Analytics • used to track sales funnel • No Marketing ROI Our Journey – Before Marketing Automation

16 Marketing “engages” customer •Email •Direct Mail • Case Studies • White Papers • Automated Tools • Webinars • Content is King • Educational, not disruptive • Dynamic, content relevant campaigns • Generate quality leads to fuel sales • Enhanced sales productivity • Measurable ROI Our Journey – After Marketing Automation

Nurture Marketing • White Papers • Webinars • Surveys • Emails • Campaigns Lead Scoring • Interaction History • Customer Behavior Cookie Tracking • Profile Data • Company Data Marketing Automation Qualified Lead Distribution CRM Database Updates •Sales cycle visibility •Sold Accounts • Lost Opportunities Website •Landing Pages •On-line Ordering •Data Sheets •Samples •White Papers Engage Nurture • Email • Search Engine • Direct Mail • Social Media • Tradeshow Convert Marketing Metrics • Web analytics • Email analytics • Marketing ROI Our Digital Marketing Vision – Closed Loop

18 Getting Started Find a Free Trial!!!! Management responds better to results than ideas! Features SEO Pricing Email Marketing Landing Pages Lead Scoring Multi-step Campaigns Alerting CRM Integration [Social Media Sharing/Tracking] Package Act-On Software Yes Act-On Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Eloqua Yes Eloqua Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HubSpot Yes Hubspot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Pardot Unknown Pardot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Silverpop Unknown Silverpop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Publitrac Unknown Publitrac Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Genius Unknown Genius Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Marketo Yes Marketo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

19 Getting Started Identifying Targets • What is the product, segment or service we will be marketing? • Which individuals (titles) will be involved in the buying process of the product or service we are marketing? • What are the key buying criteria/issues/goals/problems for these audiences It is imperative that you invest the time to gather buyer insights

20 Getting Started Developing Content • Educational Materials • Whitepapers, webinars, e-books, analyst reports, etc. • Better response and avoids the perception of marketing spam. • Marketing to People Not Companies • Develop content that is relevant for the titles of target recipients. • Waves of mailings to nurture recipient through their buying process • Outside – In Approach, Not Inside – Out Remember, you need to be Authors, not Advertisers!

21 Getting Started Track - 1 Purchasing Track - 2 Marketing/Sales Track - 3 Technical Email - Wave 1 G N E Email - Wave 2 J O I Email - Wave 3 M M P Email - Wave 4 H F C Email - Wave 5 B B A ID Name Score A Prime Film Brochure 30 B Global MDO Product Overview 30 C Global MDO Technical Bulletin 20 D MDO Greenprint 15 E Pet Liner News Article 15 F Adhesive Overview 15 G How to choose the right film laminate 20 H End user case studies 15 I Data sheets 15 J Greenprint Overview 15 K Film Overview 15 L S7000 Adhesive Overview 15 M Innovation Article 15 N Corporate Sustainability Report 15 O Label Questionnaire 15 P PET Converting Training Video 20 Q Sample Request 35

Getting Started Scoring Assets • Used to determine the level of interest of the target audience. • Assigned to the contact downloading the asset. • The cumulative score will help determine the level of interest. • The higher the score, the more likely they're engaged in the buying process. Step 1 Review assets with sales to make sure they understand the content Step 2 With each individual asset, ask the sales team the following question: If your customer downloaded this asset, what would you interpret their level of interest to be? High? Medium? Low? Step 3 Assign the value based on their answer. Step 4 Assign a point threshold to determine when the contact is considered a qualified opportunity.

Getting Started Developing Copy – Emails • Each track and each wave has a unique email. •3 tracks and 5 waves will require 15 unique email messages. • Email sender should be a person not a department • Copy should be targeted to the title of the recipient. • Reflect the voice of the sender, not marketing speak. • If it sounds too smart, they’ll know sales didn’t write it! • Email subject lines are critically important. • Add a mobile subject line that will be used for mobile rendering.

24 Getting Started Content Development is the key…CONTENT IS KING!

Outbound - Europe • 2 Customer Types » 1.) Press owners: 200+ converters, 800+ contacts » 2.) All others: 2600 (to establish thought leadership) • 4 tracks: purchasing; mgmt/sales/mktg; ops/technical; no digital press • 5 email touches per track spaced at approximately two week intervals • Each email linked to a landing page containing an asset and link to library • Digital library would contain a link to a sample request registration page • Contacts with a score of >30 would be sent to sales for follow up • Contacts who submitted sample request awarded 1,001 points: hot lead • Languages: English, French, German The campaign launched June 5, 2012. Digital EU Outbound Campaign Scope

Communication Flow – Customer Email

Communication Flow – Landing Page

Communication Flow – Content Library

Communication Flow – Potential Opportunities in

Link to what your customer viewed Communication Flow – Potential Opportunities in

Communication Flow – Potential Opportunities in

Quantitative Results • Targeted 200 press owners, 2000 who didn’t own a press • 286 potential “unique” opportunities created • 11 opportunities closed won • Net revenue = $1.2mm • ROI (Revenue) = 5,000% Qualitative Results • Multiple discussions with converters that don’t own presses The Results - EU Campaign Uncovered press owners beyond our initial intelligence….many were closed won

The Results - 2013 Number of campaigns: 16 Number of “one-off” emails: 22 Total number of deployments: 248 Total number of messages delivered: 125,740 Average Suppression Rate: 7.29% Average Failure Rate: 3.50% Average Delivery Rate: 89.78% Average Bounce Rate: 10.22% Average Open Rate: 29.80% Average Click-to-Delivered Rate: 7.00% Average Click-to-Opened Rate: 22.41% 1 campaign: three or more emails in a series 2 suppression rate: Act-ON suppresses unsubscribed email addresses and email addresses such as “info@” or “sales@” 3 failure rate: records missing data required in the email message, such as salutation 4 click-to-delivered rate: the number of clicks as a percentage of the number of emails delivered 5 click-to-opened rate: the number of clicks as a percentage of the number of emails opened

Our Marketing Automation Journey – Today • In May 2013 moved from Genius, to Act-ON • Fully integrated with • Global standardization • Act On for email and marketing automation • Adobe CQ web platform • • Contact acquisition • Engage and Nurture previously unknown end-user contacts

Our Marketing Automation Journey – Today Evolve from “campaigns” to an ‘orchestrated’ demand generation process

Our Marketing Automation Journey – Today


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