PR For Consumer Marketers Introduction

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Information about PR For Consumer Marketers Introduction

Published on June 29, 2009

Author: leoexter



A quick intro: what PR does, how it works, how it can be measured - and a concrete example of how it could be integrated into a cost-effective, efficient 360-degrees campaign.

PR for Consumer Marketers: Introduction

Agenda What is PR? What does PR do? How does PR work? How can you measure PR? By the way, PR is also... Introducing Trimedia © Slide 2

What is PR?

What is PR? ‘Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its audiences. Public relations creates topics of public interest and news for these audiences without requiring direct payment. © Slide 4

What does PR do?

What does PR do? It creates credibility by “borrowing” it from trusted third parties – such as established media brands It creates emotional depth in campaigns It creates relatively inexpensive visibility on a large scale © Slide 6

What does PR do? It creates credibility by “borrowing” it from trusted third parties Media brands/Journalists (Belgian examples) Willem Asaert Jan Temmerman Eric Boschman Barbara Witkowska Beatrice Delvaux Social media Key Opinion Leaders © Slide 7

Mio: connecting with the “geeks” Word-of-mouth works miracles for reaching the opinion leaders, but takes time to get off the ground “mainstream” media is crucial to generating attention quickly A single e-mail sparked 100,000 links in Google worldwide in 1 week Instant (and significant) coverage in Belgium too © Slide 8

Mio: mainstream and channel press Maxim De Standaard Connexie © Slide 9

Südtirol: use media credibility Our role is to position South Tyrol as a quality gourmet destination. In addition to the classical media relations tools, we use highly targeted, top-quality events. In 2008 we carried out a “traditional” press trip with a Belgian star chef and a food writer. The resulting report was coupled with an exclusive gourmet evening for De Morgen Magazine readers with two star chefs from Belgium and South-Tyrol, supported by knowledgeable comments of the food writer. This combination created visibility in the top publication for our target audience, delivered exceptionally well on brand objectives, and helped South Tyrol build a lasting relationship with top opinion leaders in Belgium. Our added value: -location spotting -personality pairing & coaching -press trip program -media deal © Slide 10

What does PR do? It creates emotional depth in campaigns By its nature, advertising is good at delivering a single point of information It can create an “impression” of emotion, but seldom makes lasting impact PR reachs consumers through a different kind of touchpoints Much more concrete and emotional information © Slide 11

Tabasco: create an emotional link Project objective: develop long-term relationship with the key press. Two journalists took a press trip to Louisiana, where they visited the factory and the fields where the peppers grow, took cooking lessons, etc. In addition to a life-long impression on the two key journalists (DM Magazine, L’Echo), in-depth articles covering the product resulted from the action. © Slide 12

Neuhaus: create an emotional moment To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Neuhaus introduced major changes in its stores around the world, added new products and put on a high-profile gala dinner. We supported Neuhaus by organizing press conference and interviews, managing the presence of the press and the VIPs at the gala dinner, launching a number of press releases and an in-depth press kit. Results included extensive coverage by national and regional TV and radio stations – and of course in print and online. © Slide 13

What does PR do? It creates relatively inexpensive visibility on a large scale Creative angle “targetable” Newsworthy Trustworthy Good visual material Media deals © Slide 14

Media deals resulting in an event For Paramount Home Video’s blockbuster Madagascar 2, we teamed up with Bellewaerde park. Opening of the 2009 season at the park was completely dedicated to the film, with the premiere of Madagascar in 4D as the high point of the day. Additional visibility created via deals with media partners, including TV stations. A number of Belgian celebrities attended with their kids – which created a significant amount of extra attention from the press. © Slide 15

Joint action with FNAC To maintain buzz around Xbox 360 after the launch, to improve connections with the key retailer and to add a dimension of design to Xbox 360 we organized a design contest together with Belgium’s leading design schools. Best designs where exhibited at FNACs across the country. © Slide 16

Mio: going after niche markets © Slide 17

How does PR work?

How does PR work? Content is king If you have content – use it! If you don’t have content, create it! Newsworthy Tailored to the specific media © Slide 19

Buy one – get one free © Slide 20

Breathe Right (GSK) – Attention-grabbing press event To re-launch anti-snoring nose strips in Belgium, we developed a complex event. First, it included a survey of snoring habits in Belgium. Then, we carried out a snoring experiment at White Hotel Brussels, on eve of International Day of Sleep in collaboration with snoring experts. In conclusion, we carried out a press conference based on the results of the survey and the experiment. As result, we had excellent coverage (VTM News and more) for a total media value of € 100.000, with the total initial investment of € 20.000. Our added value: -concept development -location spotting © Slide 21

Jet Airways: a multi-layer approach Kick-off event: puja Invitation to the exclusive lounge opening in Brussels Interview program with Naresh Goyal & Raja Segran International press conferences on trade shows: ITB, Berlin Air Show Press releases Agency promotions Press trips, both individual & collective Speaking opportunities Sponsoring of trade events © Slide 22

Mediaedge:cia Mediaedge is a top-3 media buying agency worldwide, but only a number 6 on the Belgian market. To help the company close this gap, we launched a PR campaign aimed at building visibility of Mediaedge towards decision makers at its target companies Mediaedge is only interested in top advertisers in Belgium, which means there are only about 30 companies on their list of prospects The decision makers are only to be reached through the media Companies like Mediaedge don’t easily attract attention from target media per se (activity, size, market sector,...) Basic approach is to create an ongoing flow of news based on surveys and internal company information. © Slide 23

Coverage Mediaedge: bank advertising © Slide 24

Coverage Mediaedge: survey Celebs De Standaard Het Nieuwsblad L’Echo © Slide 25

Concrete example of how PR could be integrated into a through-the-line campaign Example: automotive brand, let’s say… an Italian one

Lifestyle PR ideas Sportive passion with a touch of style Belgian designer to interview a high-level designer at the Automotive Brand’s design studio Share professional secrets Show anatomy of the design – forms, materials, etc. Belgian motor sports star to interview engineers at the Automotive Brand’s design center to build the sporting credentials of all of the Automotive Brand’s cars Belgian designer to create a line of brand-themed accessories © Slide 27

Lifestyle PR ideas Rallye des Gazelles: increase impact Find a media partner or organisation Organize a contest to find participants (in the universities) Alternatively or simultaneously: KOI participants Find sponsors Organize a local media event for the start Create a blog and organize a traffic-building campaign © Slide 28

Lifestyle PR ideas Urban chic Action with International Hotel Group to activate weekends in the Benelux hotels Go Discover action at preferential rates Promotion to Go Discover & BusinessClub database POS material in hotels Media partner © Slide 29

Lifestyle PR ideas Create young buzz around a new model Activate the brand blog in Belgium in design schools and academies Create an artist series of individualised cars Link the car to other hip mass market brands with similar audience and attitudes through co-marketing programs Apple Base Coke Zero Media deals: create visibility, deliver brand experience to individuals © Slide 30

Loyalty programs Forge the community Aggressively build the consumer database Work together with all garages to capture all new buyers Registration through Leverage existing Belgian motoring sites ( Unite and professionalize multiple small fan clubs of the brand, focus on single strong point of contact Activate the community More content on the single brand fan website New partner deals Gadgets and toys Textual/visual content: Belgian and international events and stories Regular communication directly with the consumers Monthly e-mail newsletter © Slide 31

How can you measure PR?

How can you measure PR results? You can’t really measure impact, but you can benchmark impact: Pre- and post action surveys are time consuming and costly Impact on sales – data usually not availabe Key methods: Media value (ROI) Tone of voice (positive/negative/neutral) Share of voice Ratings & rankings © Slide 33

Recent coverage Colt Belgium Business ICT Business ICT Data News © Slide 34

The metrics for Q4 Oct 08 Nov 08 Dec 08 Q4 total Annual Annual achieved achievemen Target Q4 total only t For Q1, Q2, Actual Target Actual Target Actual Target For Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 Q3, Q4 combined combined Coverage 21 13 9 13 18 13 48 202 156 Releases 2 2 2 2 2 2 6 27 24 Media 2 2,6 1 2,6 1 2,6 4 16 32 opportunities Speaking 1 0 0 0 1 1 2 3 4 opportunities Case studies 0 0,5 0 0,5 1 0,5 1 4 6 © 35 Slide 35

By the way, PR is also...

Crisis and issue management Consisting of: Mapping potential issues Listing Stakeholders and indicating their interests and touchpoints Creating crisis plan, training on execution Message definition Communication flow + procedures Spokesperson Mediatraining © Slide 37

Wilkinson Sword: issue management Issue originating from UK, picked up by major international press Aimed at Gillette, but Wilkinson is implicated as a major competitor Brought to Belgium Full page article in HLN Our advice No proactive communication: let Gillette do the work Be prepared with clear comments © Slide 38

Lukoil: reputation management LUKOIL has recently completed the rebranding of 157 JET filling stations purchased from ConocoPhillips in 2007. Our key challenge was to overcome the negative perception of Russian businesses (especially the Russian oil businesses) and to position LUKOIL as a trusted international company. We keep the press focussed on LUKOIL as a provider of high-quality, reasonably priced fuel. © Slide 39

Land Rover: CSR Trimedia was appointed as the agency responsible for sustainability communications for Land Rover, focusing on enhancing corporate reputation through an opinion former media campaign, a stakeholder engagement strategy and global conservation partner PR. © Slide 40

And online PR too Online PR Social media tap into traditional media for content Social media participants are de facto journalists and need to be treated as such: Media skills are definitely needed if you don’t want to up... © Slide 41

Mio - Turning around a forum dynamic Challenge A very negative forum started by an angry customer Strategy Personal attention Clear communication Building long-term relationship Results A complete turn-around De facto an extension of the company’s Support department © Slide 42

Introducing Trimedia

Trimedia Europe: leading Public Relations Consultancy Trimedia’s footprint is the biggest in pan-European PR. We have 30 offices in 11 countries. Our sister company Mmd adds another 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia. As part of Huntsworth plc, we tap into a comprehensive network in the Americas, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Trimedia Mmd © Slide 44

Trimedia International Recent Awards ‘PR Agency of the Year 2008’ - European Excellence Awards 2008 ‘Best Multicountry Agency to Work For’ - Holmes World Report 2008 © Slide 45

Worldwide PR Trimedia is part of Huntsworth plc. – a worldwide communications group with PR at its core. Within the group there are some of the world’s leading communication brands, operating from 70 principal offices in 32 countries. The group has particular strengths in the consumer, financial, public affairs, integrated healthcare and technology sectors. © Slide 46

Trimedia Brussels 18 years of history 20 multilingual consultants with various backgrounds Broad spectrum of experience: FMCG, Travel & hospitality, F&B, Home and Garden, Petrochemical, IT and Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Automotive, Fashion © Slide 47

What makes us different Our philosophy No-nonsense Direct Results-oriented Proactive Creative A broad view of communications based on our cross-industry knowledge and strong expertise outside pure-play PR Our promise: no cure – no pay © Slide 48

Contact: Trimedia Jan De Ceuster & Leo Exter & Woluwedal 28 box 6 1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe (Brussels) Phone: ++ 32 2 713 07 13 Fax: ++ 32 2 721 01 01 Web:

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