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Published on February 19, 2010

Author: yashuaib


Slide 1: This is Yushau Abdulhameed Shuaib of MA PR Class, University of Westminster. This video is a response to an assignment on the importance of Social media in Public Relations Practice. Social Media In Public Relations Practice. New thinking in Public Relations : New thinking in Public Relations The traditional public relations practice of engaging the public through the media (media relations) to reach their publics has changed. Not only are the media stakeholders, the advent of social media has proved that direct relationship with the publics without intermediary is possible through the latest online technology. Social Media in Public Relations Practice. What is Social Media? : What is Social Media? Social media is a medium for information dissemination through social interaction that is created using accessible and latest internet technologies. The social interaction can be between 2 and more users. It uses specialised and easy tools for sharing and discussing issues of interest. Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Why is it Social? : Why is it Social? Its platform provides opportunities for people to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives in a two-way communication process. Apart from exchange of ideas and skills, it also allows instantaneous and spontaneous response and reactions from the users. The social interaction is real, live uninterrupted and unedited. Social Media in Public Relations Practice. What are the tools? : What are the tools? Its tools involved user-created text, audio, video and multimedia that are shared in a social environment. The tools use software that permits individuals and groups to create and exchange contents while engaging in peer-to-peer conversations. Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Some of the tools are: : Some of the tools are: Blogs: (Wordpress, Bloggers)   Social Blogs: (Facebook)   Microblog (Twitter)   Internet Forum (Yahoo or Google Groups)   Video sharing (Youtube)   Picture hosting (flickr)   Social Bookmarking (Delicious)   Wiki (Wikipedia) Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Sociological and cultural concepts : Sociological and cultural concepts The Social media has eliminated cultural and sociological barriers and pulled down boundaries that separate nations and communities from instant communication. People from diverse backgrounds closely and socially interact in the platforms without an intermediary’s interruption Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Slide 8: It has also created a unique entrepreneur. Every user has the ability to be a producer and consumer of information through the platforms. The dual roles of the target have compelled traditional communication processes to adopt and apply the new technology. The magazine, newspapers, television and radio are all joining the bandwagon in ensuring that they don’t lose their audiences who have embraced the phenomena. Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Slide 9: Therefore for public relations practitioners, it is important to know that the target audiences have the same dual attributes of production and consumption. Social Media in Public Relations Practice. It cultural and sociological phenomena can be viewed from the followings: : It cultural and sociological phenomena can be viewed from the followings: Trusted and Influential media   One global language through Internet menus   Long distance as a barrier for interaction no more exist   Direct-intimate two-communications with ease of Information dissemination   Reservoir of knowledge that provides answers for questions and enquiries The Impact of Social Media Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Slide 11: Portability and flexibility of tools of engagement   Freedom over space and time   Provider of varieties and mixtures for choice   Equality of users as consumers are also producers of information   Community engagement in building trust of fans and supporters Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Can PR people and organisations benefit from it? : Can PR people and organisations benefit from it? Promote services and product in PR ways for visibility   Initiate conversation for social engagement through adequate information   Create community to sustain relationship and attract patronage   Influence actions and decision on issues   React timely to negative perception from users/customers/publics   Measure the success or failure of campaigns Since public relations practice encourages establishment and sustenance of mutual relationships between individuals/ organisation with their publics, there are many more benefits derivable from the social media. The PR practitioners and agencies can: Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Are there Negatives implications? : Are there Negatives implications? Negative comments   Invasion of Privacy   Spamming   Unskilled team   Strategies against negative incidences   Be active and knowledgeable   Be involved in the communities   Respond timely to enquiries All good things do have their negative sides. The social media is not an exception. The major PR practitioners must be up-to-date and monitor closely the social media and respond timely to negative consequences. Some of the likely negative incidents that may occur are: Social Media in Public Relations Practice. Slide 14: Yushau A. Shuaib Author: Administrator: Patron: Social Media in Public Relations Practice.

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