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Published on November 20, 2007

Author: Coralie

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide2:  Appreciate the importance of counsellor self-awareness Appreciate that different people hold different values Appreciate that counsellors need to respect clients irrespective of their culture, race, religion, etc Address or modify attitudes that may negatively impact on the client-counsellor relationship Appreciate the importance of maintaining confidentiality in counselling service delivery Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide3:  Brainstorm Activity Brainstorm the qualities and attributes of a good counsellor Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide4:  Qualities & Attributes of a Good Counsellor Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide5:  Qualities & Attributes of a Good Counsellor Genuineness Good listener Unconditional positive regard Believing the client Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide6:  Qualities & Attributes of a Good Counsellor Cultural sensitivity Helping the client to think of various alternatives Recognising your own limitations & referring Patience Do not block free expression of feelings Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide7:  Qualities & Attributes of a Good Counsellor Non-judgmental Being in control Empathetic Knowledgeable Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide8:  Confidentiality is Vital At all times respect the confidentiality of what is disclosed to you Do not fall into the trap of easy gossip. There is nothing more calculated to destroy your credibility than this It will also cause distress to the person you are working with Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide9:  Attitudes, Values & Beliefs Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide10:  Attitudes, Values & Beliefs We are all influenced by the society & culture within which we live, develop & mature Society & culture contribute to the development of personal attitudes, values & beliefs Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide11:  Attitudes, Values & Beliefs Our attitudes, values & beliefs: • Guide day-to-day behaviour • Influence our interpretation, explanation & response to events • Are usually specific to the culture in which they evolved • Vary between & within countries, regions & groups Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide12:  Counsellor Self-Awareness: Addressing Attitudes, Values & Beliefs Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide13:  Activities Values Controversial statements Listing of words Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide14:  Counsellor Self-Awareness Counsellors need to develop a self-awareness of their attitudes, values & beliefs: • How may they impact on their lives? • How may they impact on their work? • How may they respond when they are confronted with clients who hold different opinions to their own? Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide15:  The Role of the Counsellor Counsellors are required to work with people of different backgrounds Counsellors need to recognise & accept that all people are different and potentially hold different attitudes, values & beliefs Counselling is NOT pushing people to conform to certain “acceptable” standards to live by Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide16:  The Role of the Counsellor Effective counselling must therefore take into account the impact of values, attitudes & culture on the client’s perception of the world Good counsellors do not allow their own attitudes, values & beliefs to influence the counselling process Difficulties & conflicts in counsellor-client attitudes, values & beliefs should be addressed through supervision, consultation with experienced counsellors, & if necessary, referral Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide17:  Counsellor Self-Awareness in Relation to HIV/AIDS Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide18:  Self-Awareness Our different backgrounds influence our attitudes & beliefs about HIV/AIDS Counsellors need to be sensitive to the client’s world & culture & how HIV/AIDS may be perceived within the client’s world & culture Counsellors should also explore with their clients prevailing beliefs about illness, HIV infection & counselling Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide19:  Managing Counsellor Discomfort Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide20:  What Causes the Discomfort? Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide21:  Counsellor Values and Attitudes What causes the discomfort? The cognitive triad “Lens”: Personal experience Religious beliefs Emotional & behavioural response “It will bite me’ “Dogs are vicious” “Never trust them” Anxious, steps back Fear Dog B C A A What we tell ourselves about - beliefs, thoughts, values B C A “Dogs are man’s best friend” “I get on well with dogs” Pleased to see dog, Pats it. The situation, event, person Managing Your Discomfort Slide22:  CORE STEPS to Changing our Feelings & Behaviour by Changing our Thinking What am I feeling right now? What is it that am I telling myself about the client or their situation? Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide23:  CORE STEPS to Changing our Feelings & Behaviour by Changing our Thinking What is another way to think about this? • Challenge your thoughts with questions such as: • “How do I know this?” • “Could there be other explanations or options?” What am I here for? (Aims of counselling) Confidentiality debrief later with a colleague and do some self-care Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide24:  Post-client Self-care for the Counsellor Stress release • Active – physical release • Passive – Meditation relaxation Debrief with colleague or supervisor (maintain client confidentiality) Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide25:  CORE STEPS to Changing our Feelings & Behaviour by Changing our Thinking Success recording – challenge yourself to record what you did achieve Journal writing Use other personal self-care strategies Counsellor Values and Attitudes Slide26:  Activity Managing your discomfort Counsellor Values and Attitudes

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