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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: AscotEdu

Source: authorstream.com

Current status of OASIS ebXML CPPA TC:  Current status of OASIS ebXML CPPA TC Yukinori Saito (y-saito@ecom.jp) Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM, http://www.ecom.jp) 10th ebXML Asia Committee Okinawa Meeting December 5, 2003 Slide2:  PartyId definition of CPPA spec. ECOM proposed definition method to generate values for the ‘type’ attribute under PartyId element. After several discussions, the specification draft was developed. The specification’s title is ‘Standardization of URI Values for the “type” Attribute of the ebXML PartyId Element’ The draft was approved by voting of CPPA members on November 14, 2003. The specification will become an appendix in the core CPPA specification when that specification will be updated. The draft is attached in this Okinawa meeting documents. Background and History Slide3:  The CPPA automated negotiation SC has developed the draft named ‘Automated Negotiation of Collaboration- Protocol Agreements Specification V0.10’ on November 3, 2003. I will hand you everyone, who is interested in the specification. The specification consists of 100 pages. The specification is not attached in this Okinawa meeting documents, because the document is too big for the paper copy. CPPA Negotiation Specification Current Status Ask comments to the draft The CPPA automated negotiation SC is asking for the comments. If you have comments, please tell me them. I will transfer them to the CPPA automated negotiation SC. Slide4:  Negotiation Architecture Negotiation Protocol Negotiation BPSS Document NCPA NDD (A) CPP (A) NDD (B) CPP (B) CPA (A,B) NCPA (Negotiation CPA): CPA for negotiation. NCPA controls the negotiation process. Some NCPA would be provided to be used commonly. NCPA points to Negotiation BPSS Document (Process-Specification Document). NDD (Negotiation Descriptor Document): CPP for Negotiation that defines what is negotiable, ranges of numeric values, priorities. Negotiation BPSS Document: defines the negotiation collaboration process. This document is described based on ebXML BPSS specification. This BPSS instance document is referenced from the NCPA. Slide5:  Contents of Negotiation Specification V0.10 Overview of CPA Negotiation Specification of Negotiation CPA Specification of Negotiation Descriptor Document Specification of messages for negotiation Negotiation Protocol means business process for negotiation. This chapter describes the Negotiation Protocol in detail including a description of the negotiation BPSS instance document. XML Schema for NDD XML Schema for Negotiation Messages Negotiation CPA Example Negotiation BPSS Instance document Instance Documents for Business Signals Example of NDD Instance document Example of Negotiation-Message Instance document System Overview NCPA NDD Negotiation Message Negotiation Protocol Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Appendix F Appendix G Slide6:  Activities regarding CPPA specification and Automated negotiation specification. OASIS ebXML CPPA TC asks some information about activities regarding CPPA and Automated negotiation specification. The CPPA TC and the automated negotiation SC are seeking information about activities concerning CPPA and negotiation specifications. For example: - Research and development - POC (Proof of concept) - Pilot Project - Deployment cases to some real business If you everyone have some information, please let me know. Please contact me by oral or e-mail.

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