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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: morganmarina4

Source: authorstream.com

Together: Together PowerPoint Presentation: w e can solve the water crisis PowerPoint Presentation: w ith these easy PowerPoint Presentation: efficient PowerPoint Presentation: f inancially friendly PowerPoint Presentation: SOLUTIONS PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Desalination PowerPoint Presentation: Desalination is the process of removing salt, especially from sea water, so that it can be used for drinking or irrigation PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Reuse and Recycle PowerPoint Presentation: If reclaimed water was used for irrigation in Tucson , Arizona alone, 31,000 families could be supported from the water that was saved. PowerPoint Presentation: This proves that minor adjustments can go a really long way! PowerPoint Presentation: 3. Efficient Water Heaters PowerPoint Presentation: Water heaters with heat shields sealing the pipes would allow hot water to be dispensed immediately PowerPoint Presentation: Not only would this conserve water, but it would lower heating costs! PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Greywater Recycling PowerPoint Presentation: “ Greywater Recycling ” involves the reuse of water from sinks, showers, the washing machine, the dishwasher, etc. in a home. Currently, this grey water makes up 75% of the water that goes into sewers, when we could actually be recycling it. PowerPoint Presentation: When this grey water is run through a filter, organic matter is removed and the water is either disinfected or used as is. The water that does not get disinfected can be used at a later time for tasks like outdoor washing and irrigation. PowerPoint Presentation: Lifestyle Changes PowerPoint Presentation: People need to be more aware of their water management and make a conscious effort to conserve water PowerPoint Presentation: We will hire representatives to travel around the U.S., and around the world if need be, to educate people on the problem and its solutions PowerPoint Presentation: The implementation of our ideas, of course, will require government support and legislation PowerPoint Presentation: People seem to have the perception that water is an infinite source and this attitude is something that must be changed. We take it for granted as something that simply comes out of the tap but one day, it might be gone. For this reason, we must be proactive. PowerPoint Presentation: We have the power to fix this situation, but only if we realize the extent of the problem and make a collaborative effort to conserve water.

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