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Published on December 11, 2008

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cable modem:an advantage to ordinary cable television : cable modem:an advantage to ordinary cable television A research Project Presented to The faculty and Staff Of AMA Computer Learning Center Daet, Camarines Norte In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Diploma In Computer System And Network Technology Chapter 1the problem and its setting : Chapter 1the problem and its setting Introduction For millions of people, television brings news, entertainment and educational programs into their homes. Many people get their TV signals from cable television ( CATV) Because cable TV provides a clearer picture and more channel. The cable television industry found a very comfortable position in the Internet market by providing both business and personal customers high-speed Internet access through the use of a cable modem. Slide 3: Unlike dialup modems or basic rate ISDN terminals adapters, a cable modem transmits and receives data at far more impressive speeds. This is a major selling point to ten millions of users who, pat studies indicate, so desperately wanted access to multimedia communications that they were willing at one time to deal with exceedingly slow dialup modems. Cable modems offer businesses a distinct advantage by enabling employees to telecommute and also by providing users with bandwidth sufficient to enjoy high quality streaming audio and video. And the cost compares favorably with today’s significantly slower dial-up services. Slide 4: Brief history of cable modem, In June of 1948 John Walson, a Pennsylvania appliance store owner, placed an antenna on a top of a nearby mountain in order to receive broadcast television transmissions. Disheartened by inferior receptions from Philadelphia broadcast television stations, Walson fashioned a twin-lead wire running from antenna to his shop. Walson’s televisions sets began selling like hotcakes as customers soon discovered previously snowy broadcast reception had much improved clarity though the use of Walson’s new signal transmitter. Soon afterward, Walson improved the television picture quality even further by utilizing coaxial cable and amplifiers, and “Community Antenna Television” (CATV) was born soon delivered to the homes of his customers. Slide 5: Its is from these meager beginnings that cable Internet access came about, by providing the customers the ability to use the cable television companies “leftover” bandwidth in order to gain fast and expedient access to to the Internet. Today millions of customers enjoy the benefits of having a cable modem for all their and professional Internet needs. General objectives: : General objectives: The purpose of this study is to determine the technology used, components and advantages of cable modem. This study will introduce the history of cable modem, its concepts, cost, and its operations. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: : SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: This study seeks to answer the following: To explain the various uses of cable modem. than an ordinary cable television. To identify the advantages and disadvantages of cable modem against an ordinary cable television. To determine how cable modem works efficiently than an ordinary cable . Statement of the problem: : Statement of the problem: This study is to be conducted to know the advantages of cable modem to offer various works into a network a network system. It’s attempts to answer the following questions: Is cable modem advantageous to use than a ordinary cable ? Is adapting cable modem connection expensive? Will a personal computer needs to be connected to a telephone line? Basic assumptions: : Basic assumptions: It is assumed that after this study is conducted, the following answers will ne attained. That cable modem is more advantageous to use than an ordinary cable modem. That adapting cable modem into your home is not expensive. There is no need of a telephone line when using a cable modem. Significance of the study : Significance of the study The researchers believed that this study is deemed important and beneficial to the following. Students. This will broaden the knowledge of each students about this present study and will lead for a follow up study. Researches. It will help them enhance their knowledge and skills about the advantages of using cable modem and will help them understand the study. Slide 11: Future Researchers. This study will help future researchers as a basis for their study when they wish to conduct a similar one. User. This cable modem is beneficial not only to the class A community, but also to the class B and C as well. It can save them from paying high bills for the telephone lines used for the internet connections. So that viewing cable channels and surfing the net is a duo process with the cable modem. Scope and limitations: : Scope and limitations: The scope of this study is focused in the use of a cable modem against the ordinary cable television, its operations and the process of termination. Definition of terms : Definition of terms Cable Television. Is a system of a providing to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical or coaxial cable. Coaxial cable. Is the kind of copper cable used by cable TV companies between the community antenna and user homes and business. Class A. a small collection of people, such as exclusive upper class. Class B. a group of people engaged in a small business. Slide 14: Class C. an employee, ISDN.(Integrated Service Digital Network) an international communications standard for sending voice and data over digital telephone lines or normal telephone wire. Optical fiber. Is a glass or plastic fiber that carries light along its length. Advantages of a cable modem : Advantages of a cable modem The cable modem transmit and receives data from the cable network while traditional analog cable television system only receive data Disadvantages of cable modem : Disadvantages of cable modem Cable modem shares among subscriber in a locality, the same cable line connects to many households if many of your neighbors access the internet simultaneously it is a distinct possibility that cable speeds for them will decrease significantly during those times. Group 1 t42 : Group 1 t42 Anora, Ruel N. Arandia, Herman P. Evidiente, Martessa M. Nero, Jhimar G. Obra, Herbert T.

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