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Published on November 14, 2008

Author: bilu_roy

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. : . SAROJ MOHAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYFINAL YEAR PROJECT REPRESENTATION“CONCEPT OF OOPS” PRESENTED BY:ARINDAM ROY , 3RD YEAR,CSEROLL:16801051001 OOP’s concept : OOP’s concept Object Oriented Programming Smalltalk Objective c C++ Pascal Java ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) : Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) 1. Definition of OOP. 2. What is class? 3. What is object? 4. Concept of polymorphism. 5. Concept of inheritance. ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. 1.Definition of OOPs : 1.Definition of OOPs . Object-oriented programming is an approach that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating partitioned memory area for both data and functions that can be used as templates for creating copies of such modules on demand. This type of program code content classes, objects. ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. . : . 2.What is a class? . class basically implements the planning & it is nothing but alternative of structure in Object Oriented World. During class Declaration Generally no space is allocated. 3.What is an object? . Object is basically a class variable that does the implementation of the plan define in side the class and it is nothing but alternative of structure variable in the OOP’s world. During object declaration memory space is allocated. OOP’s world | Procedural Language world Class | structure { | { Objects | }structure variables } | ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. 4.Concept of polymorphism : 4.Concept of polymorphism Polymorphism means same things in different form. ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. 5.Concept of inheritance : 5.Concept of inheritance OOP’s Concept Context of JAVA : OOP’s Concept Context of JAVA JAVA is an Object Oriented Language developed in the year 1991 mainly by James Gosling . For implementing Stand alone application , as well as network application The previous name of JAVA is OAK . : . How to write class in JAVA ? Gs:- class <class name>{ <data member declaration> <member function declaration> } . How to declare Object in JAVA? Gs:- <class name><object reference name>=new constructer function; ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. . : . Ex. Of object:- Test a=new Test(); NB: here ‘test’ is the class name which class’s objected is created. ‘a’ is reference name which can hold the address of object . ‘new’ is a key word by which the object occupied the memory in heap and ‘test()’ is a constructer function which can initialized the object. Encapsulation: The wrapping up of data and methods into a single unit(called class) is known as encapsulation. Data encapsulation is the most striking feature of class. ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. . : . . Polymorphism context of JAVA . JAVA can support only method over loading and method overriding. Java doesn’t support operator overloading. . Inheritance context of JAVA JAVA only support single , multilevel , hierarchical inheritance. Why JAVA doesn’t Support Multiple Inheritance? : Why JAVA doesn’t Support Multiple Inheritance? Consider following class hierarchy here ioStream class suppose to get two copies of members from iosStream class. But by the concept of virtual base class in c++ ioStream only gets one copy. JAVA has no virtual base class concept so it doesn’t support multiple inheritance in order to avoid such situation. ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. INTERFACE : INTERFACE Inter face is a new concept in JAVA that content final Static variables and abstract method(s). Inheritance and Interface Why JAVA platform Independent? : Why JAVA platform Independent? In JAVA the compiler generates the code not for the hardware , but for the machine (JVM).It access a machine that is simulated by software by SUN MICROSYSTEM , so if JVM exists in the machine , then compiled code (byte code) can run in any hardware plat form. Introducing this JVM concept SUN MICROSYSTEM achieved the hardware or platform independency that becomes the key for the success of JAVA ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. Application of JAVA : Application of JAVA 1.Used in smart devises(.jar file use in java enable mobiles.pdf reader. Ipod s). 2.Used in system development softwares. 3.Web page making (J2EE) 4.Remote computing. 5.Windows making etc. ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. Slide 16: ©2008-2009 Arindam Roy. All Right Reserved. THANK YOU

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