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Published on July 13, 2016

Author: nilkamal2016

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Material handling : Material handling Material handling is an integral part of any industrial activity . With growing business, a greater emphasis is laid on productivity , profitability as well as resource conservation and ecological preservation. Material handling plays a very crucial role in sustaining efficiency in financial and human resources. CRATES : CRATES Crate can be a large wooden or plastic box used for moving things from one place to another A metal or plastic container that is used to hold bottles, vegetables and also used in industries . Crates are available in different sizes and dimensions. Pallets : Pallets Cost effective solutions for all your shop-floor handling storage & flexible logistics systems in almost all sectors. Meets general hygiene conditions. Suitable to handle with all kinds of Material Handling Equipment. Metal shelving and racking: Metal shelving and racking Multiplication of storage surface by multi-tier or high bay storage systems. Lower investment costs into real estate and buildings as compared to storage at floor level height. Suited for a high stock rotation frequency. Direct access to all bays (reference lines) = easy and convenient order picking. Fast adaptation to changing reference lines without the need of exchanging your service fleet hospitality: hospitality Hospitality includes food handling and transportation with different warewashing processes . It also includes food presentation , table services , camshelving ,food storage and preparation. It also includes mobile vending and different trays . Tool storage cabinets : Tool storage cabinets Nilkamal Tool Storage Cabinets are the ideal solutions for organized storage of your shop floor tools. You can store your tools without mix-ups, thus saving in shop floor usage. The systems are lockable, protecting your valuable tools against pilferage. Nilkamal Tool Storage Cabinets give you easy access to all tools stored, small items at the rear can also be easily accessed. The drawers are completely divisible lo suit individual applications. Space saving, as you can store small components in high density. Movable models are also available. ICEBOX: ICEBOX Innovatively designed with latest technology made from food grade virgin USDA/ FDA / EU approved polyethylene PU filled and UV stabilized for keeping hot items hot old items cold. Capacities Available from 20 Litres to 250 Litres (More than 60 models) With & Without Tap / Drain Cap & With & Without Vending Lid. All the ice boxes are available with & without drain cap / tap & vending lid. Fish tubes : Fish tubes Innovatively designed with latest technology made from food grade virgin USDA/ FDA/ EU approved polyethylene PU filled and UV stabilized. :Mainly used for storing marine products at the ports. All the below mentioned insulated fish tubs are available with & without lids. VACCINE CARRIERS: VACCINE CARRIERS Insulated Boxes play a large role in preserving perishable products overtime and over distances when refrigerated vans etc. are not available . Ice Boxes are proven products when it comes to storage and transportation of products like blood packets, ampules and medicines where maintaining temperature is a critical factor. Made from food grade virgin USDA / FDA / EU approved polyethylene . Boxes are available in four types : Plain Ice Box, Ice Box With a Drainage facility, Ice Box with a Vending Lid and Ice Box with both a vending lid as well as a drainage facility. Sizes range from 25 Litres Capacity to 250 Litres Capacity. The most popular sizes are 25 / 50 / 70 / 100 Litres though larger sizes have also been occasionally used. Road safety products : Road safety products These movable products are attached in given road paths and used for minimizing the road accidents and injuries in highways and other roads. Designed and developed by using quality approved PVC material and glowing photo luminous pigments ,it helps in giving proper information to the driver about the roads and any dangerous obstacles . Waste management tools: Waste management tools Waste Bins which are widely used by Industries. Municipalities, Airports, Co-operative Housing Societies, Parks. Commercial and Residential Complexes, Hotels and Restaurants etc. Its Salient Features are :- Environmental Friendly Long Lasting Easy to use & maintain Safeguards public health Cold storage chamber : Cold storage chamber It is the best techno-commercial solution based on the years of understanding of fruits " vegetables trade . Confirming proven, safe Technology of BIS 11977 – 1987 & ISO 3969 – 1977 Standards. Ethylene Gas based ripening system Minimizes weight loss during ripening No loss of natural taste It Increases shelf life of Bananas THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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