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Published on October 14, 2009

Author: aSGuest28407

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Slide 1: LESSON PREPARED, DESIGNED & PRESENTED BY S.P.ANTHONISAMY CHAIRMAN - P I T S IN THE BEST INTEREST OF P I T S CHILDREN WELCOME "MANNERS & ETIQUETTE" IMPORTANCE OF MANNERS & ETIQUETTE : IMPORTANCE OF MANNERS & ETIQUETTE Now you are going to witness a slide presentation on “Manners and Etiquette”. No matter what lessons are taught, it is the individual style that has to be cultivated by a lot sacrifices and a burning desire to be groomed. You should self-discipline yourself to ensure Good Grooming. All the best MANNERS & ETIQUETTEMeans : MANNERS & ETIQUETTEMeans Rules of General Behavior, Habits and Customs That enhances your personality That ensures smooth relationships GOOD MANNERS & ETIQUETTETRAITS : GOOD MANNERS & ETIQUETTETRAITS DISCIPLINED & DECENT OUTLOOK EXHIBITS HUMILITY SHOWS CONCERN FOR OTHERS HEALTHY STATE OF MIND & BODY GOOD GROOMING PLEASANT PERSONALITY DISCIPLINED OUTLOOK : DISCIPLINED OUTLOOK MINDING ONE’S OWN BUSINESS NOT TO CAUSE HARDSHIP TO OTHERS MAINTAINING ORDER SELF CONTROL MAINTAINING GOOD RELATIONSHIPS HUMILITY : HUMILITY ENHANCES PERSONALITY DISPLAY OF RESPECT BRINGS GOODWILL CONCERN FOR OTHERS : CONCERN FOR OTHERS RESPECT OTHERS DON’T HURT THEIR FEELINGS BE GRATEFUL TO PARENTS, TEACHERS, FRIENDS, WELL WISHERS & ELDERS SHOW KINDNESS GREETING OTHERS : GREETING OTHERS ALWAYS GREET PEOPLE FORMAL ( “Good Afternoon..”) SEMI – FORMAL ( “HELLO” ) INFORMAL (“ HELLO” / “ Hi “) HEALTH : HEALTH BODY – MIND – SPIRIT PHYSICAL EXERCISES YOGA MEDITATION PRAYER PERSONALITY : PERSONALITY Dress & Make-up -- smart & neat Personal Hygene & Grooming-- clean & pleasant Behavior-- charming & caring Friendship-- dependable & loyal Conversation-- polite & informative Class Outlook-- attractive & magnetic with excellent manners. SMILE GROOMING : GROOMING OUTLOOK LANGUAGE DRESS PERSONAL HYGENE FRIENDS HONESTY LEADERSHIP COURAGE, HARD WORK,PUNCTUALITY SOCIAL OUTLOOK PLEASANT PERSONALITY SMILE MANNERS in PUBLIC PLACES : MANNERS in PUBLIC PLACES In Public places – AVOID spitting, littering shouting; Follow civic and traffic rules In Work Places- Greet people, follow good manners While Dining- Close your mouth while chewing, eat neatly; Follow table manners TABLE MANNERS : TABLE MANNERS These are some of the basic rules: Wash your hands before and after meal; Close your mouth and eat. Eat Noiselessly. Don’t talk with food in your mouth; Preferably eat with your right hand. Wait until everyone else is seated before starting to eat; Don’t spill or waste food. Don’t read or talk on your cell phone during the meal. If you must get up in-between, excuse yourself. BODY LANGUAGE : BODY LANGUAGE POSTURES STANDING- erect & attentive WALKING- smart & careful SITTING- polite & cheerful DINING- relax & enjoy INTERVIEW PROTOCOL : INTERVIEW PROTOCOL Neatly typed Personal Resume and a good smiling recent photograph Gently bow and greet the interviewing person Present your file and stand politely until asked to be seated: be seated in an erect position Speak only if spoken to. While answering always use “SIR” or “Madam” after every sentence. Thank them at the end of the interview and leave politely. LEARN TO SAY “THANK YOU”FOR ANY ASSISTANCE / HELP GIVEN TO YOU : LEARN TO SAY “THANK YOU”FOR ANY ASSISTANCE / HELP GIVEN TO YOU WHEN SOMEBODY THANKS YOU, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGE WITH THE PHRASE “ YOU ARE WELCOME ” Saying…” Please….” : Saying…” Please….” Learn to say “please..” whenever you request for a favour, help or assistance. This one of the most pleasant words in the English language. People will readily oblige if the word “PLEASE” is used pleasantly. & you will succeed ! The End : The End Thanks for the patient hearing ! Bye! Note:- Using proper manners is not difficult and requires only a little practice and proper training.

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