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Published on December 31, 2009

Author: jiwant

Source: authorstream.com

WELCOME : WELCOME The effect of foreign direct investment and foreign institutional investment on equity market : The effect of foreign direct investment and foreign institutional investment on equity market 12/31/2009 2 JIWANT KUMAR JIWANT KUMAR Slide 3: To find out the relationship between Equity market fluctuation with reference to flow of FDI & FIIs. 12/31/2009 3 JIWANT KUMAR Slide 4: 12/31/2009 JIWANT KUMAR 4 To Find out RELIGARE SECURITIES Ltd. : RELIGARE SECURITIES Ltd. 12/31/2009 JIWANT KUMAR 5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY : RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 6 12/31/2009 JIWANT KUMAR CORRELEATION REPORTS ON FII on FDI : CORRELEATION REPORTS ON FII on FDI Co-efficient of Correlation: r = 0.299975 Co-efficient of Correlation: r = 0.902829 R Square = 0.089985 Residual variance =0.911 Co-efficient of Correlation: r = 0.839733 R Square =0.705152 Residual variance = 0.30 CORRELEATION REPORTS ON FII on EQUITY Co-efficient of Correlation: r = -0.05553 R Square = 0.003084 Residual variance =0.997 CORRELEATION REPORTS ON FDI on EQUITY 12/31/2009 7 JIWANT KUMAR COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS : COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS 12/31/2009 8 JIWANT KUMAR FIVE YEARLY PERFORMANCE : FIVE YEARLY PERFORMANCE 12/31/2009 9 JIWANT KUMAR Trend : Trend 12/31/2009 JIWANT KUMAR 10 :  Post reforms flow of FDI and FII come with heavy pace in India. FII flow is correlated with contemporary returns in the Indian markets. FDI follow up by FII in long run. FDI do not affect the equity market. December, February and March are buying month for FII. May and October are selling month for FII. Global liquidity and geopolitical situation influence behaviours of FII. 12/31/2009 JIWANT KUMAR 11 FINDINGS Slide 12: Making of sovereign fund for equity market. Easing restrictions upon FDI-style control oriented purchases by portfolio investors. Making new strong and more transparent regulation concern with participatory notes. Sterilization of Mauritius and Singapore route are necessary. JIWANT KUMAR 12 12/31/2009 CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION The consistent flow of FII is essential for maintaining volume of trade and price stability in equity market for making good sentiments among the investors all across the globe. 12/31/2009 13 JIWANT KUMAR Slide 14: 12/31/2009 JIWANT KUMAR 14

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