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Published on March 14, 2014

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Topic: Reflection of pain & Human misery in Wordsworth’s Poetry. Paper 5:The Romantic Literature(2978) Prepared by: Arati R.Maheta Roll No.:3 P.G.Enrollment No.:13101019 Sem:2 Email id: davearati656@gmail.com Submitted to:Smt.S.B.Gardi Department of English Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar

Introduction of Wordsworth His Life  He was born at Cockermouth which is actually outside the Lake District.  So he known as lake poet also.  He got education from Cambridge ,St John College (1787-1791).  His poetry, which at first had been received with derision or difference, was now winning its way, and recognition was general.  In 1839 Oxford conferred upon him the degree of D.C.L..  In 1842the Crown awarded him a pension of 300 dollars a year, and on the death of Southey in 1843 he became Poet Laureate.

His poetry: He records that his earliest verses were written at school, and they were ‘’a tame imitation of Pope’s versification.’’ An Evening walk(1739) Descriptive Sketches Lyrical Ballads (1798)

• Lyrical Ballads(1798)is a joint production Coleridge and himself, which was published at Bristol. • This volume is epoch-making ,for it is the prelude to the Romantic movement proper. • Wordsworth had the larger share in the book. • In this book poems like The Thorn and The Idiot Boy ,are condemned as being trivial and childish in style. • Simon Lee, Expostulation and reply, are more accepted in their expression. • The concluding piece is Tintern Abbey which is one of the great achievement of his genius.

• During the years 1798-99Wordsworth composed some of his finest poems, which appeared in 1800,together with his contributions of the Lyrical Ballads. • Most noteworthy among them are Michael The Old Cumberland Beggar She dwelt among the untrodden ways Strange fits of passion have I known Nutting

• ‘The Prelude’ was intended to form part of a vast Philosophical work called The Recluse which was never completed. • Another section of this same work was The Excursion • His later volumes include The Waggoner The white Doe of Rylstone Peter Bell Yarrow Revisite d The Borderers, a drama

His Philosophical poems. I Wandere d as a cloud The Green Linnet The Solitary Reaper

His Theory of Poetry • In the preface to the 2nd edition of the Lyrical Ballads(1800),he set out his theory of poetry. • It reveals a lofty conception of the dignity of the art which is ‘’the breath and the finer spirit of all knowledge ,which is product of ‘’the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'', taking its origin from ‘’emotion recollected in tranquility’’. • General views on the poet and his art, Wordsworthian dogma(belief) can be divided into two portions 1)the subject 2)the style of poetry.

• 1)Regarding subject,wordsworth declares his preference for ‘’incidents and situation from common life’’:to obtain such situations, ‘’humble& rustic life was generally chosen ,because in that condition the essential passions of the heart find a better soil in which they can attain their maturity.’’ • 2)His views on poetical style are most revolutionary of all the ideas in this preface. Discarding the ‘’gaudiness and inane phraseology of many modern writers,' he insists that his poems contain little poetic diction, and are written in ‘’a selection of real language of men in a state of vivid sensation. • His views on poetic diction he summed up with these words: ‘’there neither is nor can be any essential difference between the language of prose and metrical composition.’’

How pain & human misery reflect in his poetry • The first line of the poem(Daffodils) • ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o’er vales and hills’ o This line refers that the poet was walking around the hills and valleys, but felt all lonely and mopy. o The poet describes by this line that how he walked around and felt as lonely as a cloud. o ‘’wandered ‘’means roaming around without a purpose, like when you explore something . o So it is not necessary a bad thing, but in its metaphorical use ,’’wandered' can mean feeling purposeless and directionless in general. o As in ,you have question like ‘’what is the meaning of my life?’’

This canto is from the poem Thorn by William words worth which divided into 25 cantos canto -XVIII • I did not speak--I saw her face; Her face!--it was enough for me; I turned about and heard her cry, 'Oh misery! oh misery!' And there she sits, until the moon Through half the clear blue sky will go; And, when the little breezes make The waters of the pond to shake, As all the country know, She shudders, and you hear her cry, 'Oh misery! oh misery!'"

• William Wordsworth’s “The Thorn,” tells a story about a woman’s hardship • This is a story of Martha • Love story of her relation with a man Stephen Hill • Peoples different views about child.

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