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Published on December 3, 2007

Author: Denise

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EXAMINING THE IMPACT OF YOGA ENHANCEMENT ON COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING AND PRACTITIONER SUCCESS :  EXAMINING THE IMPACT OF YOGA ENHANCEMENT ON COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING AND PRACTITIONER SUCCESS A Dissertation Proposal by Terri R. Gonzalez Proposal Format:  Proposal Format Purpose of Study Research Questions Review of Literature Research Design Purpose of the Study:  Purpose of the Study To have students reach higher goals. To create a sense of well-being for the practitioner, student and client. To instill an awareness of the benefits of yoga. To be able to have inner control for positive or successful outcomes. What is needed?:  What is needed? As Students: Clear minds Sharp memories Good receptivity High level of concentration As Adults—the ability to: Manage mental difficulties Stress Emotional problems Niranjanananda, 1995 Research Questions:  Research Questions Is there improvement in college student learning and performance, stress reduction, and reduction in test anxiety between students who incorporate yoga into the occupational therapy curriculum and those who do not? Is there improvement in the quality of life of practitioners when utilizing yoga? Is the use of a yoga-based approach with occupational therapy effective in promoting and maintaining health and wellness for adults with debilitating conditions? Key Terms:  Key Terms Alternative medicine Asana Ayurveda Complementary medicine Holistic Natural Killer Cells Occupational Therapy Pranayama Psychoneuroimmunology Self-efficacy Sudarshan Kriya Yoga Traditional Chinese Medicine Transcendental Meditation Triangulation Neurophysiologic Waned Waxed Yoga Significance of the Study:  Significance of the Study Provide methods for college students to improve or enhance their learning capabilities. Determine methods for practitioners to establish a more cohesive working relationship/environment. Provide research indicating more enhanced treatment with the incorporation of yoga into OT. Review of Literature:  Review of Literature Test Anxiety Mental Stress Meditation Deep Breathing Relaxation Mind-body Interventions Partners in Learning (Smith, 2000) :  Partners in Learning (Smith, 2000) Attention Learning Performance “How do students learn?” (p. 63) Caring Community transcendence Relaxed State (Edwards, 2005)):  Relaxed State (Edwards, 2005)) Practice of meditation Positive effects on cognitive functioning Psychological health Heightened state of alertness Positive Changes physical emotional cognitive behavioral attitudinal Spiritual Relationships with others Breath—Quiet the Mind:  Breath—Quiet the Mind Restorative postures provide optimal circumstances—focused meditation Verbal cues focus on breath—in and out If the mind wanders, focus brings the breath back As one’s anxiety decreases, the ability to motor learn and access new information increases (Sabel and Gallagher, 2006) College Life—Stress :  College Life—Stress Significant adjustments to college life Pressure of studies Strain on interpersonal relationships Housing arrangements Changes in lifestyle (Murff, 2005) Professionals in Health Care:  Professionals in Health Care Chronic stressors due to: The nature of their work and environmental factors Psychological or physiological disequilibrium occurs due to severity or intensity of stressors College Education Reflection:  College Education Reflection Questions or Considerations: Think about what having a college degree means to you. Think about the courses you are required to take. Why are these classes required? How do they fit together to make you a higher educated person? (Hammer, 2002) Yoga:  Yoga In general, yoga restores the mind and provides a dynamic balance between the internal mind and the external environment. Higher education cultivates the mind and develops conscientious, knowledgeable individuals for society. (Hammer, 2002) What is Occupational Therapy?:  What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapy took its name from both its interest in occupation and its use of occupations to advance health and well-being in everyday life and education. It became a profession in the early part of the 20th century (Christiansen and Townsend, 2004). Occupational Therapy:  Occupational Therapy It is the goal to identify occupations that are meaningful and then assist patients develop their skills to deal with everyday life more successfully despite an illness, disability, or limitations faced by those who are aging (Christiansen and Townsend, 2004). Research Design:  Research Design The methodology used will be heuristic inquiry that is described as a form of phenomenological inquiry. Qualitative approaches will be used with informal questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and observations. Population:  Population Fifteen college level students within an occupational therapy assistant program from a South Texas community college. Five randomly selected practitioners from previous graduating classes. Instrumentation:  Instrumentation Informal questionnaires with interviews, as needed. Open-ended questions with pre-determined prompts for each question as needed for depth of the inquiry. Data Analysis:  Data Analysis Qualitative open-ended interview data to look for patterns and integrating differences from participants. Audio recordings—transcribed for content analysis and coded—emerging themes. Raw data—placed into logical, meaningful categories. Holistic fashion will be used. Reliability and Validity:  Reliability and Validity Audit trails Triangulation (interview, audio tape recorder, and field notes) Focus groups or re-interviews for feedback and review findings Quote by Albert Einstein:  Quote by Albert Einstein “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” EXAMINING THE IMPACT OF YOGA ENHANCEMENT ON COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING AND PRACTITIONER SUCCESS :  EXAMINING THE IMPACT OF YOGA ENHANCEMENT ON COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING AND PRACTITIONER SUCCESS A Dissertation Proposal by Terri R. Gonzalez

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