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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: PierceComms

Source: slideshare.net

1. Digital Advertising Myth Busting! #TTLPresents

2. But First,A BitAbout Me… • PPC Advertising Executive at The Tomorrow Lab • Google Certified Professional:  Google AdWords Fundamentals  Google Advanced Search Advertising  Google Display Advertising  Google Analytics • Bing Ads Accredited Professional #TTLPresents

3. Overview 1. Whatis Digital Advertising? 2. What are The Platforms? 3. What is GoogleAdWords? 4. Whatis Bing Ads? 5. 5 PPC Myths Busted! 6. QuickRecap #TTLPresents

4. What is Digital Advertising? #TTLPresents

5. #TTLPresents • Leveraging online technology to deliver promotional advertisements to consumers: What is Digital Advertising?

6. #TTLPresents Reaching core audiences in new ways and with more precision. Through the Line advertising: • Integrated advertising • Wide reach • Narrow focus on conversions What is Digital Advertising?

7. #TTLPresents What Are The Platforms?

8. Digital Advertising: Platform Reach #TTLPresents 3.5 bn searches /day 1 bn users & 1/3 internet users 621 million unique searchers in 35 countries 98% of web with retargeting

9. Digital Advertising: Platform Reach #TTLPresents 1.65 bn monthly users 320 million monthly users 433 million members 100 million daily users

10. #TTLPresents

11. #TTLPresents

12. DigitalAdvertising: ANarrow Focus • A targeted approach to advertising: RIGHT MESSAGE RIGHT PERSON RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE • Across Devices #TTLPresents

13. Digital Advertising: MakingOther MediaWork Harder Effects on ROI: +4% +70% +71% Source: marketingland.com/10-reasons- digital-advertising-works-brands-108151#TTLPresents

14. What is GoogleAdWords? #TTLPresents

15. “GoogleAdWordsisthesinglemostpopular PPCadvertisingsystemintheworld.The AdWordsplatformenablesbusinessesto createadsthatappearonGoogle’ssearch engineandotherGoogleproperties.” Source:Wordstream.com What isGoogle AdWords? #TTLPresents

16. • Reach: Number 1 website in the UK with 89.9% of the market. • Relevance: Target specifically the people that are interesting for your business. • Return On Investment: Control how much to invest. Benefits of Google AdWords #TTLPresents

17. What is BingAds? #TTLPresents

18. What is Bing Ads? BingsAds,broughttoyoubyMicrosoft, providepayperclickadvertisingonboth theBingandYahoo!searchengines offeringanadditionalcustomeraudience toGoogleandincreaseddiversity,growth andprofitsforyourbusiness. #TTLPresents

19. Benefits of Bing Ads • Bing is inside apps, sites and devices including: #TTLPresents

20. Benefits of Bing Ads Bing users: - spend 145% more online than average internet searcher - 44% more online than Google searchers Bing’s UK audience includes: - Mid to high income ranges between 35,000 - 50,000 pounds annually - Mature age groups, especially those 35+ #TTLPresents

21. Bing Ads Import You can import from Google AdWords: • 2.5 million keywords & ads • 2 million negative keywords • 1 million ad group product partitions • 200,000 all other entities #TTLPresents

22. PPC Myths Busted #TTLPresents

23. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads #TTLPresents

24. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads In a 2015 Ofcom report on Adults’ media use and attitudes, conducted with over 1,300 respondents: • Around 1/2 of the adults were unable to recognise ads in Google’s search results. #TTLPresents

25. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads

26. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads #TTLPresents Understanding of paid-for results returnedby Google searches, among adults who use search enginewebsites or apps: 60% 23% 20% 12% 49% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% These are adverts/sponsored links/ paid to appear here These are the best/ most relevant results These are the most popular results used by other people Don't know Only stated the correct response % Response160newerusers&1100 older users: • 34%of newerusers gave theright answer • 51%of established usersgavethe right answer

27. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads #TTLPresents • 16.4%growth in UK digital ad spend to £8.6bn • Average homenow owns 8.3 internetdevices. ImageSource: InternetAdvertising BureauUKDigital Adspend report, conductedbyPwC

28. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads Increases in ownership: • 27% increase in connected TVs • 21% increase in smartphones • 18% increase in laptops • 16% increase in tablets Smartphones are the most popular device (2.1 per household) followed by laptops (1.6) & tablets (1.4). #TTLPresents

29. MYTH #1: People Don’t Click On Ads #TTLPresents

30. MYTH #2: Position #1 is the most profitable #TTLPresents

31. • Profitability in position 1 is case dependant • Great visibility and is great for branding purposes BUT • Greater budget is required to sustain it • It may attract searchers weighing up options MYTH #2: Position #1 is the most profitable #TTLPresents

32. MYTH #2: Position #1 is the most profitable #TTLPresents

33. MYTH #2: Position #1 is the most profitable • Test with confidence • Trial changes without actually affecting performance • At the end of the trial, implement your suggested changes or abandon them #TTLPresents

34. MYTH #2: Position #1 is the most profitable #TTLPresents

35. MYTH #3: Higher spend increasesrank #TTLPresents

36. • Larger budgets fund: a) a variety of competitive & lesser competitive keyphrases b) greater no.’s of click volumes overall BUT • The largest budget will not improve rank if the quality signals are poor MYTH #3: Higher spend increasesrank #TTLPresents

37. MYTH #3: Higher spend increasesrank Ad Rank, a score based on: • Max cpc bids • Quality Score • Impact of extensions #TTLPresents

38. MYTH #3: Higher spend increasesrank #TTLPresents

39. MYTH #3: Higher spend increasesrank #TTLPresents

40. MYTH #3: Higher spend increasesrank In an AdWords auction, the highest bidder wins, subject to quality score factors & ad rank. #TTLPresents

41. MYTH #4: With PPCyou can launchit & forget it #TTLPresents

42. • People build advertising campaigns • Turn them on • Watch them spend money AND … • Complain they don’t see ROI • Label PPC as a costly and ineffective marketing channel MYTH #4: With PPCyou can launchit & forget it #TTLPresents

43. MYTH #4: With PPCyou can launchit & forget it • Digital advertising campaigns require attention to perform. • A strong search advertising campaign will endure the right amount of testing but steer clear of over- optimisation. #TTLPresents

44. Common optimisations include: • Adding new keywords • Adding keyword negatives • Testing ad copy & creative • Testing landing pages • Creating ad extensions • Bid lowering & increasing • Pausing keywords/ ad groups/ campaigns • Retargeting specific audiences • Monitoring & understanding performance • And More MYTH #4: With PPCyou can launchit & forget it #TTLPresents

45. MYTH #4: With PPCyou can launchit & forget it • Clicks, Impressions & CTRs • Keyword Performance & Search Terms • Impression Share/Share of Voice • Conversions, Conversion Rates & Cost Per Conversion • View Through Conversions • Session Data • Reach Metrics • YouTube Earned Actions • Video Played to • Gmail Saves/ Forwards/ Clicks Measurement & Reporting: #TTLPresents

46. MYTH #5: PPCAds Improve Organic Rank #TTLPresents

47. MYTH #5: PPCAds Improve Organic Rank • No direct correlationbetween advertiser spend and organicsearch rankings/traffic. • Advertisers who spend moredo not receive special preference in organic rank. #TTLPresents

48. However, there are views on how PPC can indirectly improve organic rank, that are in no way associated with ad spend: • Time spent on site from a Google search acts as a quality signal • Raising brand awareness generates increased brand + keyword searches • Increased traffic to pages can earn links and other quality signals MYTH #5: PPCAds Improve Organic Rank #TTLPresents

49. • Large amounts of returning traffic builds brand trust • Actions on-page including scrolling, moving through the site and converting act as further quality signals. This all helps towards creating a more rounded and multi- channel strategy for your brand. MYTH #5: PPCAds Improve Organic Rank #TTLPresents

50. QuickRecap #TTLPresents

51. Quick Recap • Digital Advertising is leveraging online platforms to deliver ads to a wide audience with more precision across devices • Google AdWords & Bings Ads are two of the most popular search ad platforms • People do click on ads • Position one isn't always the most profitable • Spend alone does not influence ad rank • PPC requires regular and thorough optimisation • PPC ads can only indirectly influence organic rank over time #TTLPresents

52. www.thetomorrowlab.com Thank you Email:ruth@thetomorrowlab.com Twitter: @ruthcowan5 | @thetomorrowlab #TTLPresents

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