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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: maxtraford

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PowerPoint Presentation: A70, 2nd Floor, Main Road Kalkaji, New Delhi ­ 110019 Phone: +91­11­4076­8827 / +91­965­4072­570 Email: help@ecaps.net / Website: http://www.ecaps.net Pay Per Click Proposal Prepared By: Mrinal Bohra Confidential Document 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Purpose of Proposal At your request we have prepared this proposal with the details of an effective pay per click campaign using google adwords for Technical Support Business. Detailed information regarding our unique approach to pay per click campaigns will show you why our PPC campaigns get better results than the normal search engine marketing firm. Expertise eCaps Internet Solutions has extensive experience in developing and implementing effective digital marketing strategies and systems for our client organisations. We are one of the few marketing companies that specialise in technology driven based solutions. Besides our marketing expertise we have a major business core of web development. However we position ourselves apart from other web developers because although we are capable of high design we develop everything with a marketing objective. Our Understanding of Your Needs Based on our involvement and discussions with you it is our understanding that your core objectives can be summarized as follows: 1. An impactful Pay Per Click campaign that will drive quality sales leads and allow for the most potent keywords at the best rate. Outcomes • Speed to Market – The proposed solution will accelerate ‘speed to market’ and market penetration. • Competitive Differentiation – Unique marketing and operational technology will position as innovative and a market leader. • Brand Awareness – The proposed solution will significantly enhance and create brand awareness • Return on Investment – The proposed solution maximizes ROI. Confidential Document 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Our Adwords Campaign Proposal This is an intensive campaign setup and management, resulting in a Google Adwords campaign that will continually produce a steady flow of good leads at a reasonable cost. The campaign includes: 1. Product and Market research: As per initial discussion with Mr. Devashish Biswas & the Client we have a good understanding of the Tech support business, the client Mr. Davis wish to sell and the people most likely to take on tech support packages. 2. Keyword Research: We use various online keyword research tools to find the best suggested keywords for the product or service to be advertised. We then refine these further depending on the results from the Adwords campaign and the conversion rate of these leads. 3. Landing Page Setup and Domain registration. As the client already has the domain and website, but according to our work policy and changes / restrictions our team need you to design the best landing pages for Tech support business. We are expecting you to get a new domain name, website along which should be uploaded from a USA [real] based IP. We are expecting you to design a landing page which can create a sales letter type landing page for each separate keyword group which then tells us where conversions are and helps create a high quality score for the keywords, reducing the bid price and cost of the campaign. Different versions of the landing page are created and 'split tested' to find the version which produces the most conversions on Adwords leads. 4. Adwords account setup. We set up the Google Adwords account, ensure junk traffic is filtered out (people looking for free softwares) and monitor it, eliminating non­productive traffic and slowly bringing up the quality score of the relevant keywords, reducing the bid price until the campaign is running at an acceptable level. The campaign will then run as long as you want it to and produce a steady stream of leads at a reasonable cost. A variety of ads are created and split­tested to find the most productive calls to action for the keywords. Different bid prices are also tested to find the best position for the ads. Confidential Document 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Why do our Adword Campaigns Work Better ? Why is important to do a campaign this way? Most people who run Adwords campaigns simply get as many relevant keywords as they can, run one ad on them and point the ads straight to their home page. The problem with doing this is: 1. They pay a premium price for clicks as the advertisement and home page cannot be relevant for 10, 20 or 100 keywords. 2. They get a lot of junk traffic and pay for clicks that are not relevant, giving them an extremely low conversion rate (if they convert any leads at all) 3. People clicking on the ads are taken to the home page where they are confused by a multitude You may need to know about: Q: What is a landing page ? A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. Think of a golf course… a landing page is the putting green that you drive the ball (prospect) to. Once on the green, the goal is to get the ball into the hole. Likewise, the goal of the copy and design of a landing page is to get the prospect to take your desired action. . Q: What makes a good landing page? There is a real art and science to creating a good landing page. They have clicked on your ad. It’s a split second, what­the­heck, decision. Your landing page has to convince the to stick around for at least a minute or two and the take action. A home page is not set up to do this. A good landing page will be simple, well written and be relevant to only the keywords the person has typed in. Different people take different paths and use different keywords to find the same product or service. It is important to speak “their language”. For instance somebody searching for: “My pc slow helpline” will respond better to a page which talks about an “my pc slow helpline” than a page which is focused on “slow PC Tech support Services” even though they both relate to the same service. The page must be designed with human behavior in mind flowing left to right, top to bottom, with a very clear call­to­action which allows the lead to be placed on a database for follow ups. There should be no unnecessary images or elements to distract the visitor from taking the path and action you want them to take. Confidential Document 4 PowerPoint Presentation: Q: Example of Ideal Tech Support Landing Page? The Benefits of a Properly Run Adwords Campaign 1. It will bring you leads in a very short time frame. 2. It will tell you which keywords are actually getting the most searches – no guesswork. 3. More importantly, it will tell you which keywords are bringing inquiries (valuable leads as opposed to tyre kickers) 4. It will tell you the kind of message the market responds best to – (so you can develop your other advertising and even your website around that) 5. It will give you a database of interested people that you can market back to. By basing your longer term SEO campaign on the hard facts you get from a Pay Per Click campaign and not on best guesses you get from research tools, you will give yourself the best possible chance of dominating the most valuable keywords for your business – ensuring your online success. Confidential Document 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Investment Clients must use a credit card or pay us the budget amount in 2 day advance Estimated Timeline & Payment 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. An agreement will be sent for the services. Services begin upon after receiving 100% deposit of first month. The prices listed on this page are valid for 30days. Paid invoices will be emailed. Invoices are not required for payments due. Although every effort will be made, no guarantee of results is written or implied. This agreement constitutes the complete agreement and understandings between the parties and can only be modified in writing, signed by the parties. Additional Information: Your Web address: NA Your Competitor(s): http://www.itok.net, http://www.iyogi.com Favorite Keywords: Speed Up PC, computer support, PC slow, Email support, printer support Industry terms: Technical Support Contact Information: Devashish Biswas Email: devashish.biswas@ecaps.net Mobile: +91­965­4072­570 Phone: +91­114­0768­827 Confidential Document 6 Description Cost Pay Per Click Campaign Setup & Management, 1. Product and Market research 2. Keyword Research 3. Adwords account / campaign setup. 4. Monitoring, Improvement, Maintenance Please note – The cost does not include the cost of the clicks for the campaign Clients must use a credit card or pay us the budget amount in 2 day advanc [According to situation and nature of business]. Please Call

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