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Published on September 28, 2007

Author: Arley33

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Queries and SQL:  Queries and SQL Professor Jon P. Gant Syracuse University Benefits of a Standardized Relational Language:  Benefits of a Standardized Relational Language Reduced training costs. Productivity. Application portability. Application longevity. Reduced dependence on a single vendor. Cross-system communication. Terminology:  Terminology Data Definition Language (DDL): Commands that define a database, including creating, altering, and dropping tables and establishing constraints. Data Manipulation Language (DML) Commands that maintain and query a database. Data Control Language (DCL) Commands that control a database, including administering privileges and committing data. Slide4:  A simplified schematic of a typical SQL environment, as described by the SQL-92 standard Simple Select:  Simple Select Retrieve the record for Team 20. SELECT * FROM TEAMS WHERE TEAMNUM=20; 20 Yankees New York Simpson Retrieve Table:  Retrieve Table Retrieve the entire Teams table. SELECT * FROM TEAMS; 12 Dodgers Los Angeles Wilson 15 Giants San Francisco Johnson 20 Yankees New York Simpson 24 Tigers Detroit Corbin Simple Project:  Simple Project Find the numbers and names of all of the teams. SELECT TEAMNUM, TEAMNAME FROM TEAMS; 12 Dodgers 15 Giants 20 Yankees 24 Tigers Combination of Conditions:  Combination of Conditions Which players, over 27 years old, have player numbers of at least 1000? SELECT PLAYNUM, PLAYNAME FROM PLAYERS WHERE AGE>27 AND PLAYNUM>=1000; 1131 Johnson 5410 Smith 8366 Gomez ANDs and ORs:  ANDs and ORs Which players are over 30 years old or are less than 22 years old and have a player number less than 2000? SELECT * FROM PLAYERS WHERE AGE>30 OR (AGE<22 AND PLAYNUM<2000); 358 Stevens 21 523 Doe 32 8366 Gomez 33 String Comparison:  String Comparison Which teams are based in Detroit? SELECT TEAMNUM, TEAMNAME FROM TEAMS WHERE TEAMNAME=‘Detroit’; 24 Tigers Between:  Between Which players are between 25 and 27 years old? SELECT PLAYNUM, PLAYNAME FROM PLAYERS WHERE AGE BETWEEN 25 AND 27; 1779 Jones 2007 Dobbs 4280 Cohen 5410 Smith In:  In Which teams are in New York or Detroit? SELECT TEAMNUM FROM TEAMS WHERE TEAMCITY IN (‘New York’, ‘Detroit’); 20 24 Like:  Like Find all of the players whose last names begin with “S”. SELECT PLAYNUM, PLAYNAME FROM PLAYERS WHERE PLAYNAME LIKE ‘S%’; 358 Stevens 5410 Smith 8093 Smith Distinct:  Distinct List the names of the companies that manufacture bats for the league. SELECT DISTINCT MANUF FROM BATS; Acme General United Modern Slide15:  DDL, DML, DCL, and the database development process Slide16:  SQL statement processing order (adapted from van der Lans, p.100)

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