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Published on February 27, 2008

Author: Jeremiah

Source: authorstream.com

Living Conditions.:  Living Conditions. The typical front-line trench was about 6 to 8 feet deep and only wide enough for two men to pass. Dugouts in the sides of the trenches protected men during enemy fire. Living Conditions.:  Living Conditions. Barbed wire helped protect the firing trench from surprise attacks. Between the enemy lines lay a stretch of ground called "no man's land. The smell of dead bodies lingered in the air, and rats were a constant problem. Soldiers had trouble keeping dry, especially in areas of Belgium. Living Conditions.:  Living Conditions. Some soldiers stood guard. Others repaired the trenches, kept telephone lines in order, brought food from behind the battle lines, or did other jobs. At night, patrols fixed the barbed wire and tried to get information about the enemy. Living Conditions Source::  Living Conditions Source: What was it like to live in the trenches? How we do think of home and laugh at the pettiness of our little-daily annoyances! We could not sleep, we remember, because of the creaking of the pantry door, or the noise of the tramcars, or the kids playing around and making a row. Well, we can't sleep now because - six shells are bursting around here every minute, and you can't get much sleep between them; Guns are belching out shells, with a most thunderous clap each time; The ground is shaking with each little explosion; I am wet, and the ground on which I rest is wet; My feet are cold: in fact, I'm all cold, with my two skimp blankets; I am covered with cold, clotted sweat, and sometimes my person is foul; I am hungry; I am annoyed because of the absurdity of war; I see no chance of anything better for tomorrow, or the day after, or the year after. Living Conditions.:  Living Conditions. Living on the trenches was very hard, many soldiers were executed for petty crimes. The following table shows us the executions of soldiers between 1914-1918 Life on the Trenches.:  Life on the Trenches. During world war one, many soldiers caught diseases such as: Trench Foot Shell shock Many people suffered from body lice. Psychological disorders Trench fever Starvation Nervous disorder Impact Of Technology.:  Impact Of Technology. In April 1915, the Germans first released poison gas over Allied lines in the Second Battle of Ypres. It caused vomiting and suffocation. After the introduction of the poison, gas masks were used. Another new weapon was the flamethrower, which shot out a stream of burning fuel. Impact of technology and life in the trenches.:  Impact of technology and life in the trenches. We will now show a video, showing us how harsh life was on the western front. http://www.learningcurve.gov.uk/greatwar/g3/cs2/g3cs2s5.htm (30seconds -1min 9) As you can see, life on the trenches, was certainly not fun! Weapons Used.:  Weapons Used. Canons Guns Gas Cylinders Catapults Grenades. Gun Powder Bombs What was it like to experience an attack?:  What was it like to experience an attack? The German army used chlorine gas to attack the British army. It was described as a yellow- green gas It smelled like pineapple and pepper. Pads covered in ammonia were used to neutralized the chlorine. These pads were held over the face until the soldiers could escape from the poisonous fumes. Trench System:  Trench System Whilst soldiers were sleeping, people were given jobs to keep a look out, for the enemy attacking They were called signallers, and they communicated by using flags, lamps, heliographs, Morse code and field telephones. This was a very efficient way of working. British Soldier Uniform.:  British Soldier Uniform. The British tropical uniforms were made of pure wool and were excellent. British troops wore steel helmets, which were very heavy, and uncomfortable. Heavy boots were worn Fur lined coats were worn, which kept soldiers warm. German Soldier Uniform :  German Soldier Uniform As you can see this differs from the British Uniform in many ways. The German army uniform was made from a watertight linen It was cut in a certain style In the early mornings, the material absorbed moisture from the dew so that it became intolerable to wear the uniforms. The material was too stiff and did not give adequate protection against hot or cold. These uniforms proved unsuitable both in style and material. Attacking the Enemy- facts::  Attacking the Enemy- facts: The Germans used poisonous gases. Throughout the war, the Germans used 68,000 tonnes of gas. The British, Australian and Canadian guns, fired 4,283,550 shells at the German defences. Soldiers sometimes developed shell shock. The German and British Armies, both used flame throwers, to attack their enemies. War Plans.:  War Plans. In 1913 General Ferdinand Foch and General Joseph Joffre devised a strategic plan for the invasion of Germany. It was called Plan 17. On the outbreak of the First World War, the French Army carried out Plan 17. After initial success at both Lorraine and Ardennes, strong German resistance and the success of the Schlieffen Plan resulted in orders being given by General Joseph Joffre on 24th August to retreat back to France. War Plans.:  War Plans. Small patrols of men were occasionally sent to “no mans land” to find out about the enemy army and what they were planning. Comparison between the German and British armies.:  Comparison between the German and British armies. Thank You for Listening!:  Thank You for Listening!

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