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Published on October 22, 2007

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Unit XX – Latin America:  Unit XX – Latin America Independence Movements (2 – 12) Yankee Imperialism (13-16) Copyright 2006; C. Pettinato, RCS High School, All Rights Reserved 1. Map of The Western Hemisphere :  1. Map of The Western Hemisphere 2. The Ideas Behind the Revolutions for Independence:  2. The Ideas Behind the Revolutions for Independence A. The Congress of Vienna B. Goals of the conservatives of Europe C. Liberal Ideas: 1. liberal membership 2. written constitutions 3. separation of powers 4. election of rulers 5. universal manhood suffrage 6. laissez faire economic policies 7. autonomy 8. Ideas of the Enlightenment 3. Haiti’s Struggle for Independence:  3. Haiti’s Struggle for Independence A. Slave discontent on Haiti’s plantations B. Toussaint L’Ouverture C. Independence in 1804 D. Republic in 1820 4. Location of Haiti – Toussaint L’Ouverture:  4. Location of Haiti – Toussaint L’Ouverture 5. Independence in Mexico:  5. Independence in Mexico A. who was Miguel Hidalgo? B. What was El Grito de Delores? C. Who was Jose Morelos? D. When and why did Spain grant independence? 6. Miguel Hidalago and Jose Morelos:  6. Miguel Hidalago and Jose Morelos 7. The Location of Mexico:  7. The Location of Mexico 8. Simon Bolivar – “The Liberator” and San Martin:  8. Simon Bolivar – “The Liberator” and San Martin A. Revolution and Simon Bolivar in Venezuela B. The failure of Gran Colombia C. San Martin and Argentina 9. Simon Bolivar and San Martin:  9. Simon Bolivar and San Martin 10. Gran Colombia:  10. Gran Colombia 11. A Different Story in Brazil:  11. A Different Story in Brazil A. How was the independence movement different in Brazil than in the Spanish counties? B. Who was the leader? C. What Enlightenment reforms did he immediately accept? 12. Brazil:  12. Brazil 13. Yankee Imperialism:  13. Yankee Imperialism A. What was the Monroe Doctrine of 1823? B. What did The Mexican – American War of 1847 gain for The United States? C. What was Yankee Imperialism? 14. Video:  14. Video 15. The Panama Canal and Theodore Roosevelt:  15. The Panama Canal and Theodore Roosevelt A. The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine 1. What was it? 2. Examples – the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama B. The Panama Canal: 1. Teddy Roosevelt 2. Movement of the Navy and easy trade 3. Panamanian Revolt against Gran Colombia 4. Panamanian Independence 5. The Panama Canal C. Resentment of the United States 16. The Panama Canal:  16. The Panama Canal 17. United States Control Under Teddy Roosevelt:  17. United States Control Under Teddy Roosevelt 18. Important Terms and People:  18. Important Terms and People A. The Enlightenment B. Congress of Vienna C. conservative D. liberal E. universal manhood suffrage F. laissez faire economics G. Toussant L’Ouverture H. Miguel Hidalgo I. Jose Morelos J. Gran Colombia K. San Martin L. Monroe Doctrine M. Roosevelt Corollary N. Mexican-American War O. Yankee Imperialism P. The Panama Canal Q. Ferdinand de Lesseps R. isthmus S. anti-Americanism

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