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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: ericluther355

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INTERVIEWING 101: INTERVIEWING 101 comm 106: multimedia journalism INTERVIEWING EXAMPLE: INTERVIEWING EXAMPLE 60 MINUTES: The Art & Ethics of a Surprise Interview WHY INTERVIEW?: WHY INTERVIEW? Nothing beats face-to-face/personal communication Develops contacts Cements relationships Confirms and builds important trust Leads to other stories TYPES OF INTERVIEWS: TYPES OF INTERVIEWS Email Interview (least desirable) Phone Interview In Person Interview (no cameras) Taped On-Camera Interview (interviewee only on camera) Taped On-Camera Interview (both on camera) Live Interview (talk show) bASIC INTERVIEW TYPES: bASIC INTERVIEW TYPES Current/Breaking News Story Informational Basics of Story: 5 W’s & the H Accurate Details bASIC INTERVIEW TYPES: bASIC INTERVIEW TYPES The Profile Deeper Look at Someone Basics + Background Info More Flexible and In Depth Takes More Time bASIC INTERVIEW TYPES: bASIC INTERVIEW TYPES The Investigative Piece Digging Out Information More Focus and Intent Request Interviews with Tact and Details Offer to Allow Accuracy Check, but Not Content Control GETTING AN INTERVIEW (p. 39): GETTING AN INTERVIEW (p. 39) Common Concerns of Sources: They don’t have the time They are afraid they’re going to look bad They don’t know what to say They are hard to reach INTERVIEW SOURCES: INTERVIEW SOURCES “BACKGROUND” INTERVIEWS: Unnamed sources but quoted directly as “an administration official” or “a company engineer” (agreed on with source) Overwhelming importance No other way to get the info on record The source is very trustworthy You are willing to explain (in your story) why the source is unnamed INTERVIEW SOURCES: INTERVIEW SOURCES “DEEP BACKGROUND” INTERVIEWS: Information can be used but not in direct quotes “CNN has learned…” “OFF THE RECORD”: Information that cannot be used at all in story Can lead to other stories/sources Interviewing extra: Interviewing extra *EMBARGOES: Information is provided on the condition that it is NOT to be used until a specific time set by the source INTERVIEWING 101: INTERVIEWING 101 Avoid Questions with Obvious One-Word Answers Focus on One Issue at a Time Keep Questions Short: Ten Words or Less Rephrase “Big” Questions Build to the Point* *if time permits INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Research and Prepare More Questions Than You Need Prioritize Your Questions Phrase Questions Neutrally Make Sure Your Questions are Actually Questions Avoid “Closed-Ended” Questions INTERVIEWING PLANNING (P. 45): INTERVIEWING PLANNING (P. 45) DRIVING THE NARRATIVE Is something going to happen? Will there be interaction between the subject and others? Can I go along for a ride or take a walk or be at a meeting, a trial or a funeral, etc.? INTERVIEW ACCURACY: INTERVIEW ACCURACY When at all possible – RECORD! Record in 2 Formats if Possible State Details on Record Check Recording Before and After Interview Archive recordings/notes GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! INTERVIEW NOTE TAKING: INTERVIEW NOTE TAKING Eye contact when interviewing in person is key – SO RECORD! Jot down important key words, phrases, facts & details Take “VISUAL NOTES”: Draw diagrams/Take Photos Develop shorthand skills INTERVIEW context & fairness: INTERVIEW context & fairness Be certain you understand what the subject means – DON’T ASSUME! Ask for clarification and/or consult another source Be committed to the CONTEXT – don’t pull a quote to mean something other than what the subject truly intended – BE FAIR AND ACCURATE Keep an open mind and don’t perpetuate stereotypes INTERVIEWING 101: INTERVIEWING 101 Start initial contact with 3 points: WHO you are WHERE you’re from WHAT you want INTERVIEWING 101: INTERVIEWING 101 Listen AND Observe Be Certain You Truly Understand Ask Follow-Up Questions Pace the Interview with Pauses End the Interview by checking key facts AND “Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?” INTERVIEWING 101: INTERVIEWING 101 #1 Rule: BE PROFESSIONAL, POLITE, AND INTERESTED LOOKING AHEAD…: LOOKING AHEAD… ONLINE QUIZ DUE BY NEXT CLASS IN-CLASS INTERVIEWING EXERCISE IN-CLASS INTERVIEWING EXERCISE: IN-CLASS INTERVIEWING EXERCISE PAIR UP WITH FELLOW STUDENT TO INTERVIEW EACH OTHER DECIDE ON TOPICS (can be anything) PREPARE A LIST OF 5-10 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR SUBJECT RECORD THE INTERVIEWS EACH STUDENT WILL EDIT AN AUDIO PIECE ABOUT YOUR SUBJECT TO SHARE WITH THE CLASS

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