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Information about Powershell alias

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: ltcrd

Source: slideshare.net

Powershell - Alias JASON

Cmdlet  (Get-Command –type Cmdlet).Length

Get-Command  The Get-Command cmdlet gets all commands that are installed on the computer, including cmdlets, aliases, functions, workflows, filters, scripts, and applications.  Example : Get-Command -CommandType Alias g*

Powershell Alias - Abbreviation  Get → g  Set → s  Item → i  Location → l  Command → cm  Get-Item → gi  Set-Item → si  Get-Location → gl  Get-Command → gcm

New-Alias  New-Alias [-Name] <string> [-Value] <string>  Example : New-Alias log Write-Host  Aliases created by using New-Alias are not saved after you exit the session or close Windows PowerShell  You can use the Export-Alias cmdlet to save your alias information to a file  You can later use Import-Alias to retrieve that saved alias information.

Get-Alias  The Get-Alias cmdlet gets the aliases in the current session.  This includes built-in aliases, aliases that you have set or imported, and aliases that you have added to your Windows PowerShell profile.  Example : Get-Alias l*  Example : if(Get-Alias log) { log “Alias Exists” }

Modify Alias  Example 1:   Example 2:   New-Alias log Write-Verbose –Force Set-Alias log Write-Verbose Example 3:    cd Alias: Set-Item log Write-Verbose Example 4:  cd Alias:  Set-Content log Write-Verbose

Getting to the Alias: Drive  This command changes the current location to the Alias: drive  To return to a file system drive, type the drive name. For example, type "set-location c:".  Example :  PS C:UsersJason> cd alias:  PS Alias:> dir l*

PowerShell Drive  We connect to PowerShell Providers by mounting the Providers PowerShell Drive(PSDrive)

Delete Alias  Use Remove-Item (del) cmlet  Example :  PS C:UsersJason> cd alias:  PS Alias:> del log  PS C:UsersJason> Remove-Item alias: log

Export-Alias  The Export-Alias cmdlet exports the aliases in the current session to a file.  Example 1: Export-Alias aliases.txt  Example 2 : Export-Alias aliases.txt log*  Example 3 : Export-Alias aliases.txt trace* -append  Example 4 : Export-Alias aliases.ps1 trace* -as Script

Export-Alias  Export-Alias aliases.txt

Export-Alias  Export-Alias aliases.ps1 -as Script

Import-Alias  The Import-Alias cmdlet imports an alias list from a file.  Beginning in Windows PowerShell 3.0, as a security feature, ImportAlias does not overwrite existing aliases by default.  To overwrite an existing alias, after assuring that the contents of the alias file is safe, use the Force parameter.  Example : Import-Alias aliases.txt

Q1  Get-ChildItem *.txt | Where-Object { $_.Length –gt 5KB } | ForEachObject { $_.Name }  Gci *.txt | ? { $_.Length –gt 5KB } | % { $_.Name }

Q2  是否可以建立一個為 「Get-Command」的別名??  Example:  New-Alias Get-Command dir

Reference  TechNet  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee176913.aspx

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