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Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Rebecca

Source: authorstream.com

MISSION TO MARS:  MISSION TO MARS Created By: Chrissy Szajna Lindsay Aneloski Erin Broadrick FIRST GRADERS TRAVEL TO MARS:  FIRST GRADERS TRAVEL TO MARS Pretend you are an astronaut going on a trip to Mars. What would you expect to learn about that planet and what will you teach the Martians about planet Earth? CONTENT AREA QUESTIONS:  CONTENT AREA QUESTIONS Math ~ There’s a problem with our numbers! We cannot communicate because we do not use the same numbers or symbol as they do. How will we learn their system and what other math will need to use in our research and travels? Science ~ How does pollution affect an environment? What tools do scientists need to build a machine that goes to space? What does the terrain look like on Mars? CONTENT AREA QUESTIONS:  CONTENT AREA QUESTIONS Language Arts ~ As researchers for a TV broadcast, what information would we need about Mars and about the technology involved with creating a broadcast to make it successful? What materials, what facts, etc? How would we incorporate drawing, poetry and writing into our broadcast? Social Studies ~ What would we teach Martians about the different cultures around the world and where would we take the Martians on planet Earth? MATH TARGETED STATE STANDARDS:  MATH TARGETED STATE STANDARDS 6A.A Building numbers to fifty~ Represent number using cubes and drawings. 6B.A First grade problem solvers~ Record number sentences on the recording sheet to match word problems. 6A.B & 6D.B All kinds of numbers~ Count and compare numbers and unit fractions using “greater than” and “less than” notations represent numbers and unit fractions with manipulatives. SCIENCE TARGETED STATE STANDARDS:  SCIENCE TARGETED STATE STANDARDS 11A.A Inquiry Overview~ Students will apply concepts, processes, and principles of scientific inquiry. 12B.A What living things need~ Students will use scientific inquiry to understand how and why all things depend on one another for survival. 13B.A Scientific tools~ Students will apply the uses of scientist’s tools during scientific inquiry and technology design investigations LANGUAGE ARTS TARGETED STATE STANDARDS:  LANGUAGE ARTS TARGETED STATE STANDARDS 3A.B~Write a description/story: Students will compose a simple story for an illustration. 1B.B~Best poster contest: Students will create posters with charts and graphs of collected data, and/or using images of Mars or their own drawings of non-fiction books we read during our investigations. 3C.B~Create a poem on the subject of Mars or an aspect of planet Earth (ex. Seasons or a baseball game) Haikus and different poems… 5B.B~Search and Draw-Students will answer these two questions in one original picture after research. What does the terrain on Mars look like? How is it the same and different from Earth? Social Studies Targeted State Standards:  Social Studies Targeted State Standards 14E16BW.A~Traveling to other countries: Locate on a world map a region where a current political event has happened. 16BU.B~Historical Places: Draw a picture of one local historical monument or place and describe why it is important to the community. 16DUW.B~Customs and Our History: Draw pictures illustrating a tradition and custom that originated in another country that is practiced in the community and write at least one sentence comparing the two traditions/customs. Learning Objectives for Math:  Learning Objectives for Math Students will learn the importance of place value by using multiple bases. Students will be able to compare and contrast our number system with other systems. Learning Objectives for Science:  Learning Objectives for Science Students will apply different concepts, processes, and principles of scientific inquiry in classroom investigation, use of appropriate scientific habits of mind when conducting scientific investigations, incorporate scientific technologies and scientific inquiry into classroom investigations and reports. Students will be able to describe and identify the survival needs of plants and animals, match animals with their generalized food source, predict what will happen to organisms when their environment is changed. Students will identify what tool a scientist would use to complete six different tasks, demonstrate how a scientist uses a thermometer, beaker, magnifying glass, a ruler, a balance and a computer and be able to also orally explain the uses of all these tools. Learning Objectives for Language Arts:  Learning Objectives for Language Arts Students will write simple sentences, use correct subject/verb agreement, use appropriate capitalization and end marks, use correct spelling of high frequency words, and use phonemic cues and phonetic/developmental spelling to spell unfamiliar words. Students will read fiction and non-fiction for specific purposes, discuss prior knowledge before and during reading and discussion of text, recognize informational text structure, state facts and details of text during and after reading, learn to answer age-appropriate questions before, during, and after reading to clarify understanding, and demonstrate creative responses including dramatization and/or oral presentations. Students will use adjectives that are opposites, understanding rhyming verbs, experimenting with different forms of creative writing, and use technology to compose and edit work. Students will locate details that answer the two questions, distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information, and include details in oral presentation that completely answer the two questions. Learning Objectives for Social Studies:  Learning Objectives for Social Studies Students will be able to identify what a culture is and how different cultures are alike and different. Students will understand that the United States does not have to be the focus of all cultural and economic study. Students will be able to identify local landmarks and on a global scale. Kids’ Books:  Kids’ Books Mission to Mars by Franklyn M. Branlay. Students will take their place on the first Mars Mission crew to explore the new planet. Is There Life in Outer Space? By Franklyn Branlay. Students will explore misconceptions of space and space travel. Exploring Mars (Explore Space!) by Deborah Shearer. Discover how machines are used on Mars to explore the planet. The Magic School Bus lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole. Will the gang be lost in space for good? Or, will they navigate their way back to Earth? Kids’ Books:  Kids’ Books One Giant Leap “Neil Armstrong” by Don Brown. Learn the story of the first man on the moon. Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from around the World by Selby B. Beeler. Enjoy a look at what other countries’ children do with their teeth after the fall out. We are a Rainbow by Nancy Tabor. Explore similarities and differences between Spanish and American culture. Moja Means One: A Swahili Counting Book by Muriel Feelings. Learn how to count to ten in Swahili. Websites:  Websites http://www.school.discovery.com http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu http://www.amazon.com http://www.kidzone.ws.com http://athena.cornell/edu/kids/ http://www.space.about.com

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