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Published on March 6, 2014

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STRING FAMILY Violin Viola Cello Double Bass Guitars and Banjo

We pluck, pick, strum, and bow on string instruments. For Guitars & Banjo, we can use pick or our fingertips. For Violin, Viola, Cello, & Double Bass, we use a bow and can play pizzicato with our fingers.

PERCUSSION FAMILY Snare Drum Marimba Triangle Xylophone Djembe Tambourine

The Woodwind Family Saxophone Clarinet Flute Bassoon Oboe

Brass Family Trombone Trumpet French horn

The Saxophone and Clarinets use a mouthpiece with a single reed. The Bassoon and Oboe use double reeds, which are made of two reeds attached together at the base. Flutes are played by blowing across an opening at the end.

To play brass instrument blow vibrate your lips through a metal mouthpiece. To change the pitch on the Trombone, we move the slide in and out. On the Trumpet and French Horn, we use a combination of fingerings and lip tension to alter the pitch.

We make sounds on our percussion instruments by striking them or shaking them. We use mallets to tap on our Snare Drum, Marimba, Triangle, and Xylophone and we use our bare hands to tap the Djembe and Tambourine.

The percussion section is referred to as the “battery of the orchestra”. They sound the loudest, accentuate the rhythm and generate the excitement in climatic moments and produce variety of sound in the orchestra.

Instruments in this section have strings. The stringed instruments are best in playing smooth and connected sound and short and detached sound.

Woodwind instruments have holes serve as keys to be played. Woodwind instruments are capable of remarkable agility, variety of timbers and are invaluable in creating novel musical ideas.

Instruments in this section have cup- shaped end like a funnel. They can be utilized in playing melodies, sustaining harmony, for massed tone and sonority that contributes to the climax of the music.

Instrument is an object used to produce music, e.g. a flute, guitar, or drum.

Music is sounds, usually produced by instruments or voices, that are arranged or played in order to create an effect.

Orchestra is a large group of musicians playing classical music, consisting of sections of string, woodwind, brass, an d percussion players, and directed by a conductor.

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