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Published on April 16, 2012

Author: danelson123

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Learning with Building Blocks : Learning with Building Blocks Dorothy Nelson d.nelson@knights.ucf.edu Spring 2012 EEX 4070 Open the Door to Building Blocks Ministries at 835 7th Street Clermont, Fl 34711 : Open the Door to Building Blocks Ministries at 835 7 th Street Clermont, Fl 34711 Building Blocks Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Individuals are encouraged to Dream Believe in themselves Achieve their dreams! Mission Statement: Helping people with developmental or other disabilities believe in themselves and achieve their dreams through life skills, job skills, and employment programs preparing them for independent living and successful employment. All About Building Blocks Ministries: All About Building Blocks Ministries Founded in December of 2005 Learning Center opened in 2006 Purpose to help those with disabilities reach goals Provides training in life skills, job skills and work force programs Enrollment & Cost: Current enrollment includes 51 clients & averaging 34 per day Cost is $35.82 per day per client Billable rate through state Medicaid is only $26.64 per day Current 2012 operating deficit is $64,540.00 Additional funding is solicited through grants and fundraisers Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities Getting Started : “I wanted to serve in my local community so I researched local agencies that serve those with disabilities. I scheduled a visit to the center and established a time to get started. My schedule allowed me to work with clients on Mondays and Fridays from 12pm to 2pm.” Identifying a Need: “Building Blocks Ministries relies on the efforts of volunteers to fulfill their goals. Working one on one with a client offers valuable help. My background in reading and computers helped to fill a need in their classrooms.” Specific Activities : Reading assistance Sight word recognition Personal Grooming Basic computer skills & keyboarding Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics 6 participants Service Recipients Average Age : young adult / 23-35 Ethnicity: Predominantly Caucasian Exceptionalities : Predominantly Down Syndrome and Autism Language : Predominantly English Service in Action: Service in Action Personal Grooming Computer Skills & Keyboarding Reading Practice & Site Word Recognition Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences Reflection prior to this assignment: This was my first opportunity to work with someone with a disability. Initially, I was fearful of what I would encounter and how I would manage the responsibility of the project. I felt overwhelmed by the intensity of doing something I have never done before. I wanted to make sure I accomplished the goal but that I also learned how to work with someone with a disability. I wanted to make sure that I learned enough to be a better teacher. As I Reflect Now … I am relieved because I learned so much and answered many of my questions. Those with disabilities are just like me. They are loving and kind, hardworking and honest, and want to achieve their goals. I was most impacted by the fact that we all share in accomplishing goals in life. Connections to EEX 4070:Teaching Exceptional Students : Connections to EEX 4070:Teaching Exceptional Students I better understand the following course topics: Adapting the L earning Environment – Students with disabilities require changes to help them succeed. Collaboration between Educators and Families – In order to meet the goals of each individual, parents and teachers should work together. Adapting Teaching Techniques – Each student learns in various ways and making appropriate adaptations can make all the difference in learning. Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement Involvement in volunteer opportunities is a civic duty. Working with people with disabilities teaches us: Compassion Understanding Creativity Uniqueness Motivation Final Thoughts & Reflections on the Teachers Role: Final Thoughts & Reflections on the Teachers Role Teachers are the link to learning. In the classroom, teachers empower students to go beyond their capabilities Teachers bring diversity into focus and understanding Teachers are dedicated to the betterment of all Teachers encourage volunteering Teachers learn how to help others Teachers create adaptations for those with disabilities Teachers are a GREAT resource Teachers empower us to be better individuals

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