Powerpoint Voice-over- Mental Health Intro and Definitions

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Published on May 8, 2014

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Mental Health Perspectives: Mental Health Perspectives University Of St. Augustine Psychosocial Interventions OCT 5406 Student Objectives: Student Objectives The student will be able to define mental health from several perspectives Mental Health: Mental Health What is your definition? Mental Health: Mental Health Many definitions to include similar themes… The following are definitions adapted from many reputable OT texts and professionals… Mental Health: Mental Health Mentally healthy people: Have a sense of well being Have a psychological make up to realize their goals Think, feel, and act within social boundaries Achieve goals that are valuable in the person’s social context. (Waterman, 1992) Mental Health: Mental Health The ability to organize thoughts, feelings and actions in a manner that is appropriate to society. Involves the integration of biologic, physiologic, psychological and social systems necessary to allow for functional performance. Mental Health: Mental Health Positive attitude toward self in which the person experiences a sense of security, identity, belonging, and meaningfulness. Mental Health: Mental Health Growth and self-actualization in which the person searches for new developments; the individual is aware of feelings and can integrate them with the intellect while interacting openly with the environment. Mental Health: Mental Health Balance of moods and feelings in the face of life stressors; values are held consistently yet flexibly in handling conflict and frustration. Mental Health: Mental Health Autonomy and responsibility for one’s decisions and actions; valuing self determination implies a balance between dependence and independence as well as respect for other’s choices. Mental Health: Mental Health Accurate perception of reality including the ability to empirically test sensory assumptions about the physical world as well as perceive social reality via empathy and sensitivity to others. Mental Health: Mental Health Mastery of work, leisure, and self-care skills at a level that is appropriate for the person’s age and culture; emotional mastery also includes the ability to cope with loneliness, aggression, frustration, and stress without being overwhelmed. Why OT in Mental Health?: Why OT in Mental Health? OTs help people to enhance their ability to participate in meaningful occupations. OTs help people with what they want or need to do on a daily basis. Occupational Well-being involves:: Occupational Well-being involves: Meaningful and purposeful engagement Making a contribution Carrying out what you want or need to do in life Feeling connected in relationships Feeling capable of accomplishing tasks Living in an environment that is supportive of potential

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