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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Gabrielle

Source: authorstream.com

The life of Jacob Bower:  The life of Jacob Bower This is a presentation of my life through the stages of Piaget and Erikson. Click on Picture to go to my Homepage Slide2:  This is me at seven months This is me when I was seven months old. I am with my great grandpa, grandpa (holding me), and dad. This was taken at our family reunion. According to Piaget, I would be in the sensorimotor stage. I am in what Erikson would call his first stage, which is basic trust versus mistrust. I am becoming more trustworthy toward my parents and other adults. Here I am at two.:  Here I am at two. Here I am at two years old. I am getting an early start on driving the tractor on the farm. At this time I would be entering Piaget’s preoperational stage. I think I can go riding around on the farm; where as, my dad thinks I should stick with the toys. Waving “hello” to the camera, I finally agree with him. Erikson’s theory would place me in the autonomy versus shame of doubt stage. I’ m working on driving skills to help me out in the future. My friend Josh and me at Sunday School Commencement :  My friend Josh and me at Sunday School Commencement This is me at age four. I just went through bible school with my best friend Josh. I am still in the preoperational stage, but I have moved on to Erikson's Initiative versus guilt. I have learned to do things myself but could occasionally be a little to pushy. I look quite calm here compared to Josh. We didn’t really want to be in these clothes, but we decided to live with it until we got home. Later in life we made our parents pay for making us where the ties. We both hated ties. My very first day on the bus:  My very first day on the bus Here I am, my first day of school. As you can see I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go. Still in Piaget’s preoperational stage, I’m learning how to think things through and I decided, “I don’t want to go to school today mommy!!” I am finally getting the independence I wanted when I was two, and now I don’t know what I want to do. This reflects Erikson’s third stage. It wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. I’m Mark McGuire :  I’m Mark McGuire Here I am at Halloween, age 11. I’m dressed up as Mark McGuire. I am now able to solve problems in a logical fashion (like carving the pumpkin beside me) and can understand reversibility– I put the pumpkin back together afterward. I have also moved on to Erikson’s next stage: Industry versus inferiority. I must now be able to think on my own and learn new things in school and i n life; baseball is one good example. I have to learn how to catch, throw and hit, as well as how to be a team player. My friends and me at Halloween:  My friends and me at Halloween Here I am, at age 14, with some friends getting ready to enter a haunted house. I’m in-between Piaget’s Concrete and Formal operational stages. I have concerns about my identity and I am trying to fit in with “the crowd.” However, I haven’t figured out how to put what I’ve learned into play when doing abstract problems. Finding what I believe in and learning new things about myself puts me in Erikson’s identity versus role confusion. I am trying to be less dependant on my parents, have higher self-esteem, and get along well with my parents. These are all examples of identity achievement. Baseballs Greatest Day:  These are the Class A Sectional Champions. It was the first in school history. This picture shows that both as a team and as an individual, Piaget’s formal operational stage is present. As an individual I was able to solve the problems of playing baseball and developed a sense of achievement by winning a Sectional for the first time. Unfortunately it was my only one. Baseballs Greatest Day Happy Days:  Happy Days This is my fiancé and me. We got engaged on November 15, 2002. I am in Piaget’s formal operations stage. I am very focused on my own ideas and beliefs, which is an example of adolescent egocentrism. I think that everyone should enjoy the things I do, such as watching sports, but my fiancé doesn’t think so. Oh well, her loss. Erikson would say that I am in the Intimacy versus isolation stage. I am able to relate to other people and have developed intimate relationships with them in order to not feel overwhelmed by others and to feel less isolated. Stages of Piaget and Erikson :  Stages of Piaget and Erikson Erikson Piaget Hyperlinks :  Hyperlinks Yahoo IUS Homepage Google Theteachersguide

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