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Published on December 19, 2008

Author: tomtopo

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Slide 1: Techpaddle the patented EVF Trainer and Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) Training In Search of the Dreaded Dropped Elbow. by Coach Emmett Hines. GMSC Newsletter in 1990 : In Search of the Dreaded Dropped Elbow. by Coach Emmett Hines. GMSC Newsletter in 1990 This is EVF This is Not WHAT IS A TECHPADDLE? : WHAT IS A TECHPADDLE? The techpaddle is a patented forearm paddle designed to improve your CATCH! Why doesn’t my coach make us use them? : Think it’s a gimmick – Don’t think they’ll work Not knowledgeable - Don’t understand the benefits of improving the catch or don’t understand how to teach it Old school – I never used them or it’ll just make more work for me Do not like change – We only train with kick boards, pull bouys and hand-paddles Why doesn’t my coach make us use them? Reason’s Why Every Swimmer Should use techpaddles : Reason’s Why Every Swimmer Should use techpaddles It’s the only EVF forearm paddle that is designed to improve only one thing - “THE CATCH” Every swimmer has a catch and it’s a critical element that separates every level of swimmer – techpaddles improve your “CATCH” Swimmers are forced to think about their catch when they use them All the swimmers using them everyday will rise to a higher level and thus the program rises as well Swimmers will begin to understand the importance of improving their catch Why are they different fromHand-paddles : Why are they different fromHand-paddles You don’t wear them on your hand you wear them on your forearm They don’t increase the area of your hand they decrease it when you close your hand around the paddle You only train with them only 50 to 100 yards (before practice, in the middle of practice and at the end of practice). How do you use it? : How do you use it? When you buy a pair of techpaddles, they come with a DVD. You can go to www.youtube.com and type in EVF + Swimming where you can watch many different videos showing drills you can do to get faster. How Important is anEarly Vertical Forearm ? : How Important is anEarly Vertical Forearm ? “It's the single most important skill (Early Vertical Forearm Position) that differentiates every level.”  George Block - American Swimming Coaches Association (Past President and Head Swimming Coach NISD) Overwhelming Evidence : Overwhelming Evidence 16 of 20 Gold Medals at the last Games where won with a EVF Stroke Out of all the medals 43 of 60 Medals where won with a high-elbow stroke Russell Mark biomechanist at USA-Swimming during a presentation at the National Team Coaches meeting in 2006. EVF is critical to every stroke : EVF is critical to every stroke Freestyle Butterfly Backstroke Breaststroke Where Does EVF Happen? : Where Does EVF Happen? Each competitive stroke can be separated into four different segments or quadrants. The front quadrant is where the forearm and hand “set-up” the stroke; the second quadrant is where power of the stroke occurs; the third quadrant where the recovery is initiated and the fourth quadrant is where the recovery makes the transition to the entry. The all important EVF position can be found in the first and second quadrant of each stroke. History of the Early Vertical Forearm : History of the Early Vertical Forearm The catch or specifically the Early Vertical Forearm position was brought to the forefront of competitive swimming in the early 70’s by the research and swimming video taken by Dr. James E. Councilman. One of the many things “Doc’s” underwater video found was the beginning hand and arm motions during freestyle looked as if the swimmer were reaching over a barrel (Catch or EVF). Doc found that the hands of great swimmers, like Mark Spitz, entered and exited the water at the same spot. This meant that great swimmers hold onto water and pull their body over their hand, versus slower swimmers who move their hands past their body. Golf and Swimming? : Golf and Swimming? In Golf; you can’t start your swing with a fast motion because it contributes to a loss of tempo, and position, and ultimately the loss of power. In Swimming; When the hand and arm start in the wrong position, the swimmer is creating an environment ripe for a dropped elbow (opposite of an EVF). Pulling too fast, too hard and in the wrong position, increases vortices behind the hand and promotes a dropped elbow, and ultimately the loss of power. An EVF helps “Set-up” your stroke. Description of the EVF : Description of the EVF • When your hand enters the water, palm is down towards the bottom of the pool. • If you start pulling now, without doing anything else, you will be directing force downward and lifting your body, rather than moving your body forward. • This continues until the natural sweep of your arm stroke eventually directs forces rearward. • The correct idea is to get your palm from "down" to "facing rearward" (and thus pushing you forward) as quickly as possible. • The proper way to do this is by bending the elbow, or "catching" the water as soon as possible. For cycling, this would be analogous to "rolling the barrel" at the top of your pedal stroke and beginning to apply power at noon, rather waiting until 2:00 or 3:00.” Rich Straus, a noted triathlon coach, http://www.trifuel.com/triathlon/swim/propulsive-swimming-and-the-catch-000830.php Exercises to Improve your EVF : Exercises to Improve your EVF EVF isn’t about pulling – It’s about holding this position EVF Exercises EVF Positioning Exercise EVF isn’t about Pulling Back Row w / stretch-cord Testimonials : Testimonials Chris Price --- Master Swimmer At 1st they felt very weird, in fact I felt like I was slowly drowning. That is when I realized I was not in good form. It is a very slow process, however once I got the "" Feel "" of the water I notice my "" drowning "" sensation abated and I felt a better forward movement. When people use to talk about feeling the water, I had know idea what they where talking about. Now in my regular work outs I try and slow my stroke down and really reach for the water. I have been keeping up with my lane partner (who is about 10% faster than I am without the usual exhaustion I felt before working on the EVF. Scott Kerr --- Coach This is my second order of the paddles. I got some this summer, and they where great! I think these paddles work great Heinz Dittrich --- Coach This is Heinz from South Africa starting to use your tech paddles and to control the speed I use pacer system, setting 120.So far all the swimmers are giving me positive feed back. Great invention. Testimonials : Testimonials Connie Jackson --- Coach/Instructor/Master Swimmer I would use the techpaddles during my warm-up, again in the middle and usually during my cool-down. I mainly concentrated on freestyle, but did attempt some breaststroke and some fly. I definitely will use the techpaddles and/or fist gloves before or after practice or while swimming on my own. I also give swimming lessons to a few summer swim league kids. Ibought a pair of child's techpaddles as well. My youngest student is 5 years old and I like the idea of using the boogie board. While there has been improvement in the kids’ strokes I am very excited about them using the techpaddles during their lessons. Dr. Kemp Battle MD -- Master Swimmer I've struggled for years to develop a more dominantly EVF stroke. To have the message delivered authoritatively in a way that appeals to the need for reasonable explanations and an immediate tactile feedback has made this a valuable tool. Testimonials : Testimonials Kevin McCormack –Master Swimmer I love the paddles! I am a 53yr.old who has competed in Masters for 19 years. I am usually ranked in the top 10 in the USA in my age group for sprint butterfly; however, my freestyle has always been non-competitive. The paddles are allowing me to focus on the catch. After using them regularly for a couple of months, my freestyle seems to be improving. As you noted in your article, I need to race to see where I'm at. By the way, my teammates tease me about buying every swim toy that comes out. Often I use the item for a day or week and then give it away after I realize that it won't help me. Your paddles are still in my bag and I'm careful about lending them to others. Tom Nickoloff -- Masters SwimmerPrior to the techpaddle, I had a very good EVF (according to my coach), but still found that the techpaddle is a great warm-up aid... it conditions my muscle memory at the beginning of a workout, and that links with my brain, so as the workout goes on (without the techpaddles) and I'm getting tired (when our strokes normally start to break down), it's easier for me to keep good stroke posture, rotation, EVF etc... bottom-line is that when used as a warm-up aid, they allow me to focus even longer on great stroke work...I must confess they're a little funky to use the first time or so... we're so conditioned to go faster that the whole sensation is strange... but tell your future clients/users to stick with it... after a few workouts, they'll love it. Testimonials : Testimonials Jack Fabian, Ph.D. --- National Development Coach I am very impressed with the techpaddle.  I am using these last few weeks of August to test them out with some of my age group elite swimmers during some optional practices I am running--- during what is usually a break for the team. We did some head up swimming with and without the paddles using a waterpolo ball.  The set was challenging and the swimmers felt it was very useful with regards to improving their catch. I have also been using them for long slow swims at the beginning and end of practice.   David --- Casper Wyoming - H.S. Swimmer I had been notorious for leading my strokes with my elbows, but after using the Swimming Stroke Trainer multiple times, my swimming felt far more efficient. One thin when using the stroke trainer is that you have to be self-conscious of how your are are setting-up in the water (it won’t do all the work for you). Testimonials : Testimonials Jennie Piche --- Coach I received my techpaddles near the end of our swim season so haven’t been able to put them to good use. I have had some of my swimmers swim with the techpaddles for a 25m, walk back, then swim 25m without them trying to keep the same feel. It was like a light bulb went on!! They were feeling the water better and swimming faster! Even the parents watching could see a difference in their speed. The swimmers' I've run into over the summer, have already asked if they can use the paddles during practice in the new season. I’m looking forward to seeing improvements not only in technique but times dropping too. Dave Joensen --- Coach I've been very pleased with the paddle.  It's helped my stroke immensely.  I've gotten stronger and my stroke is more balanced.  I've noticed an improved ability to keep my stroke together during a practice.  Most important, is I've gotten faster.  It's very tiring to use, but the benefits are worth it.  The swimmers I've had use it have noticed similar improvement.  It's a way for them to understand what is meant by a high elbow catch and pull. Thanks for your work in developing this paddle Testimonials : Testimonials Stu McAllister --- Triathlete"I have found that the (EVF training) techpaddle has helped with my form and in helping to strengthen my shoulders." Libby Westrate  --- H.S. Swimmer "Using the (catch trainer) techpaddle made me feel like my stroke was smoother and faster." Elizabeth Vaughn --- H.S. Swimmer"I could really feel a difference in my stroke when I was using the techpaddle." Zing Allsopp --- Master’s Swimmer I really like my Techpaddles, even if they're rather "funky" looking. Some of my friends have even described them as my "paddle thingies." I gave up my hand paddles a while back simply because they were clutsy and worked my shoulders more than I cared for. The Techpaddles may be "clutsy" looking, but they've made me more aware of my forearms -- and that's a good thing. Testimonials : Testimonials Dean Hawks --- Swimming Coach Casper Wyoming"I used the EVF techpaddle with David or most of the high school season. David swam freestyle with almost a straight arm. After 3-4 weeks using the (forearm trainer) techpaddles, there was a noticeable difference in his strokes. After 8 weeks his times dropped substantially. 100 Fly dropped from a 1:10 to a: 55, 200 Free from a 1:59 to a 1:54, Breaststroke from a 1:10 to a 1:04, 200 IM from a 2:10 to a 2:02 Mary Reily Magee --- Owner of The Love to Swim School"I found the (EVF trainer) techpaddle to be useful in teaching the feel of the Catch / Catch Phase of the freestyle stroke. It is an invaluable tool". Tom Trout --- USA Certified Triathlon Coach"I've been using (EVF trainer) techpaddles consistently for about three weeks, and I am already noticing a difference in the angle of my elbow as I begin my catch.  My elbow is higher in the water than it had been previously.  This effect is even more pronounced immediately after swimming a set with the (EVF )techpaddles Testimonials : Testimonials George Block -- American Swimming Coaches Association (Past President) / Head Swimming Coach NISD"They are INCREDIBLY cool. We played with them with some chronic elbow-droppers or straight-armers. They all found the EVF position very quickly.  It's the single most important skill (Early Vertical Forearm Position) that differentiates every level.  For the first time they were able to accelerate from the EVF position. They took them off and still "kept the feel." Bob Steele -- Swimming Coach of five NCAA II National Swimming Championships"One of my new swimmers had been on a plateau, the result of difficulty overcoming a dropped elbow and catch-up freestyle. After one season of mornings, using the (EVF trainer) techpaddles, he improved in the 200 by 3 seconds, 500 by 7 seconds, the 1000 by 17 seconds, and the 1650 by 26 seconds. While he did many things to improve his events, the (catch training) techpaddles forced him to generate more power by pushing with a high elbow for the front to the back of his stroke." Testimonials : Testimonials Dave Stebbins --- 2006 Hawaii Iron Qualifier The swim was my best by 1 min over the last 2 years. (31:17) for 1.2miles. Thanks to the (EVF trainer) techpaddles. (August 2006) Tom Trout --- USA Certified Triathlon Coach / Tri Tip of the Week (August 7, 2006) "Swimming Faster"I've enjoyed moving to a new level in swimming this year, which I believe is due (in part) to a few minor changes to my swim training. First, I have incorporated a new swim device into my drills. The device is called a "techpaddle", which assists swimmers with developing what is called an "Early Vertical Forearm" or EVF. EVF allows the swimmer to keep their elbow high in the water when beginning their pull. In doing so, more surface area from the arm is used in the pull...allowing for a more efficient and more powerful stroke. John Leonard -- American Swimming Coaches Association (Current President) “Tried them (techpaddles) with a good 14 year old female distance swimmer and a good 9 year old. The paddles perform exactly as you say they do in your materials”. EVF Video Clips : EVF Video Clips http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Crawl-SwimcityMediaCentre-VDH200mHeat6Sydney2000.mpg http: http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Crawl-SwimcityMediaCentre-Davis&VDHGoldWR200mSydney2000.mpg//www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Crawl-SwimcityMediaCentre-IanThorpeFront.mpg http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Crawl-SwimcityMediaCentre-GrantHackett1500mGoldSydney2000.mpg http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Crawl-SwimcityMediaCentre-Bennett&Poll400mHeat3Sydney2000.mpg http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Crawl-SwimcityMediaCentre-BennettGold&PollBronze400mSydney2000.mpg http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Backstroke-SwimcityMediaCentre-KrayzelburgGoldOR&WelshSilver100m19-22Sydney2000.mpg http://www.nyhoff.net/swimcity/Backstroke-SwimcityMediaCentre-NakamuraSilver&MocanuGoldOR100mSydney2000.mpg Shouldn’t you be working on your EVF. Go to http://www.techpaddle.com EVF Video Clips : EVF Video Clips A wonderful collection of underwater videos that support the importance of an Early Vertical Forearm Position for every competitive stroke. Start swimming faster!!! http://www.swimmingcyclingrunning.com/Videos/HackettBrilliant.mpeg http://www.svl.ch/ElbowsHigh/ http://www.svl.ch/CrawlAnalysis/ http://swimdownhill.com/_wsn/page3.html http://youtube.com/watch?v=ub-_LlqR23g&search=ian%20thorpe http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1387883746453817821 http://youtube.com/watch?v=ub-_LlqR23g&search=ian%20thorpe http://youtube.com/watch?v=rjbQp5fjBO0&search=ian%20thorpe http://youtube.com/watch?v=P31XJ16C4Ag http:// Shouldn’t you be working on your EVF. Go to http://www.techpaddle.com Your techpaddles : Your techpaddles The techpaddle is a revolutionary forearm swim training paddle designed to promote an Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) and they should be used by Freestylers, Backstrokers, Breaststrokers, and Butterflyers.  The techpaddle is a training device that is used slowly and should not be used like handpaddles. Start training with them in short training bouts and at swimming speeds 50% to 75% Slower than normal. Developing an EVF requires concentration on form, not speed. The techpaddle helps you create the muscle memory (habits) that will stay with you during each and every race. If world record holders spend hours trying to improve their "catch", shouldn't you? Choose the correct size for your needs. Make sure the paddles are secure but not uncomfortable. Don't hold onto the handle to tightly and don't open your hand. You grip your hand around the handle to dilute the effect an open hand has during propulsion (don't cheat by opening your grip). Using the techpaddle : Using the techpaddle Begin each stroke and each drill with a streamline position and full extension of the arm or arms. Move your knuckles down and outside the shoulders, this motion will put your forearm in a vertical position where your knuckles are directly under the elbow (above the elbow in the backstroke). Once a vertical forearm position is established early and in front of the shoulders, the rest of the pulling pattern will follow. Swimming too fast doesn't allow the swimmer to keep the forearm in front of the shoulders, so it's worth saying again - Slow Down! By establishing an Early Vertical Forearm, for as long as possible, muscle memory begins to develop a championship propulsive habit responsible for speed. Use one arm drills that allow you to focus on each arm independently (for backstroke and freestyle). Use a dogpaddle drill to focus only on the EVF for freestyle. Use simultaneous two arm dogpaddle drills to double the EVF exposure time for freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. Swim very slowly for forty minutes or more and only concentrate on one thing - Your EVF. How can it help you : How can it help you When training long and hard isn’t enough to get swimmers to drop time, it’s time to train smarter. Give your swimmers the edge using correct practice technique; muscle memory begins to guide their stroke toward the perfect catch. Watch how times drop, all because of the patented ergo-dynamic technology that helps swimmers train smarter and develop efficient propulsive habits. Now, recreational swimmers have a device that will help them achieve the same propulsive techniques used by the best swimmers in the world. The use of swimming to improve one’s health, to lose weight, and to improve a person’s feeling of general well being is well documented. The patented techpaddle allows novice swimmers the chance to make swimming more enjoyable. The patented techpaddle was designed to help competitive swimmers improve by training smarter. No product in the world helps competitive swimmers and helps improve all four competitive strokes like the techpaddle. Improve the EVF in your stroke with the techpaddle and watch your times drop. Extra time spent using the techpaddle is less time on the stopwatch.

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