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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: teleprodirect

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Z Clear Acne Products, The Next Generation in Acne Care!

From Concept to Consumer

Intro TelePro-Direct invites you to participate in a unique financial opportunity by helping millions of people of all ages, especially teenagers, suffering from the ravages of acne, who unfortunately must make exasperating draconian choices to get some partial relief from their suffering. That was - until NOW… As a result of years of development by Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons, TelePro is introducing Z Clear -- The Next Generation in Acne Care!

The Technology is . . . • Exclusive, • Never before used, • Patented technology from Columbia University, • Utilized exclusively by TelePro, with the Permission of the Trustees of Columbia University (until 2024 and beyond) • We call the technology “Zytrel”

Patented ZYTREL umbrella technology is • Anti-irritant • Anti-allergenic • Anti-inflammatory • Antimicrobial • Preservative free

FDA OTC Approved Not only is Z Clear patent based and infringement protected, Our Z Clear products meet all applicable FDA Monographs permitting the claim Z Clear treats acne.

Staggering Sized Market • 25% of all adult men • 50% of adult women • 100% of all teenagers at some time in their lives, have pimples

$3billion Acne Market Proactiv® $1billion DRTV Sales

Z Clear is Remarkably Effective Without all the adverse side effects of Benzoyl Peroxide


Z Clear’s Patented formulation treats acne, including pimples, blemishes, zits and white and black heads, enabling the iconic shift away from harsh Benzoyl Peroxide used in proactiv.

Government Warns Consumers About Proactiv! The FDA mandates that proactiv must show on its packaging, “Warnings for the use of it's main ingredient: 'Benzoyl Peroxide' ” and those warnings include all of the following: IRRITATIONS that may occur: redness, burning, itching, swelling, peeling •IRRITATIONS may be reduced by using in lower concentration • or less often. STOP USING IF irritation becomes severe and consult your doctor. •DO NOT USE IF you have sensitive skin. •DO NOT USE IF you are sensative to benzoil peroxide. •AVOID the sun and USE SUNSCREEN with this product. •AVOID contact with eyes, lips, and mouth. •AVOID contact with hair, and fabric as it may be bleached by this • product.

Warren Buffet said, “If you want to make an investment in a business, look at its product.”

* Benzoyl Peroxide Free

The Direct Response Acne Market •Our Market is the $2 Billion Direct Response industry which is dominated by proactiv’s outdated Benzoyl Peroxide. •We will penetrate this significant consumer market via direct response as opposed to retail. •We will use commanding social media, web content, visual platforms and spokespersons who will resonate both with our direct consumers and those who make the credit card decisions. •We have aligned TelePro with the best strategic partners who are all united by their outstanding track records in the DR, social media, and all advertising spaces. . . •And in their commitment to make Z Clear The Next Generation in Acne Care.

Telepro has put together the most successful marketing team in the integrated Direct Response industry in order to insure our capturing a statistically significant share of the acne market. Our team are the industry leaders in all aspects of the integrated Direct Response space for Creative Production Social Media Web Sales Sales Analytics Returns on Investment Using the most current and advanced techniques and sales technologies and social media dynamics, our team will ensure we will optimize daily campaign performance and overall integration in all sales markets, and provide a guaranteed model for success.

OUR PREMIER MARKETING TEAM • Ardis Balis, TelePro-Direct’s CEO – is the skincare visionary. • Fern Lee, Thor Direct’s President – Fern is an award-winning marketing professional . • Neil Eichner, Orbit 360’s Creative Director – Neil is the branding, packaging and design expert. • Terry Finn, Terry Finn Direct’s Owner & President – Terry has over 24 years of experience with more than 600 DR campaigns to his credit. • Pat Finn, Results Producer’s Owner & President – Pat’s products have sold via DR have grossed approximately one billion dollars worth of product. • Ken Kerry, Script To Screen’s Founder – Ken’s company is an award winning DRTV agency and a leader among the top infomercial production companies. • Mark Bigelow, Mercury Media’s Partner – Mercury has been a leader in DR and the use of digital media.

Fern Lee, President - THOR DIRECT Fern Lee is a tremendously experienced, award-winning marketing professional with proven track record for increasing awareness, revenues, consumer usage and asset values for multiple globally recognized media, entertainment and lifestyle/fitness/pharma brands. She is successful at applying direct response (DR) initiatives to the Traditional/Digital marketplace and an expert in “Branded Response” for bringing products to Retail when that time comes.

Neil Eichner, Creative Director - ORBIT 360 Neil Eichner, Branding is not simply a product of a name on a label. It’s the execution of a comprehensive visualization program. Branding efforts include, but are not limited to, logo marks, tag lines, themes, and philosophies. Neil and his team at Orbit 360 have an unparalled success in branding dynamics.

Terry Finn, Owner & President – Terry Finn Direct Terry Finn, has over 24 years of experience with more than 600 DR campaigns to his credit. This past year alone, Terry has handled the creative and written projects for 25 top DR programs. He excels at preparing striking CTA’s (Calls To Action). In one recent week’s rankings of the top product offerings, the most successful of infomercials, Terry created and wrote 6 of the top projects with several in the top 10.

Pat Finn, Owner & President - Results Producers Pat Finn, has been producing successful DR campaigns for more than 20 years and has sold upwards of a billion dollars worth of product for his clients. He has turned young companies into major brands and has produced commercials for established brands like Sony, Norelco, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. His company has had success in virtually every major category, including acne and skincare.

Ken Kerry, Founder - Script To Screen Ken Kerry’s company is an award winning DR agency and a leader among the top infomercial production companies. For more than 2 decades, Script to Screen has produced the most successful DR campaigns in history across a wide range of categories. Over the last 5 years, they have placed 56 winning shows on the IMS top 100 chart averaging 8 to 11 a month. They have handled programs for Bare Essentials, Estee Lauder, Jenny Craig, and General Motors. Their subsidiary handles media metrics and analytics.

Mark Bigelow, Partner - Mercury Media Mercury is the largest privately owned, full-service performance marketing agency in the country. Mercury has been a leader in the DR industry for well over 20 years. They are the leading experts at generating consumer transactions and acquiring customers through the use of television and all digital media. They have led the way in creating industryleading analytics and media management systems that allow for optimized campaign performance. With the addition of their online Mercury iMarketing, Mercury brings to us a full service digital agency with a complete suite of online advertising services. Mercury offers fully integrated offline and online solutions with Media Trac and other analytics. Mercury also provides financing for our media purchases.

. . . and Selina Gomez (with a Twitter following of over 15 million people) as our celebrity endorser and spokesperson.

SOCIAL MEDIA DYNAMICS Our team will be strongly focused on social media and will draw upon companies such as Bottlenose, Simply Measured, embarke.com, Native Mobile Ads, Sales Force Marketing Cloud, bigcommerce.com, Media Associates, simulmedia.com, mediabuying.com, Platinum Rye, The Branding Company and Richard Kirshenbaum of NSG/SWAT for social media content and execution.

USE OF PROCEEDS THROUGH LAUNCH Clinicals (including before & after photos and testimonials) Sub-patent Agreement (Columbia) Web Design & Packaging Design Infomercial Production (from concept to creation) DRTV Media Test Social Media & Public Relations Product Branding Talent (celebrity spokesperson) Legal & Accounting Operating and Administrative Inventory Media Analytics Deposits: Telemarketing, Fulfillment & Merchant Account $ 75,000 $ 40,000 $ 75,000 $ 175,000 $ 50,000 $ 50,000 $ 50,000 $ 220,000 $ 100,000 $ 50,000 $ 40,000 $ 25,000 $ 75,000 $1,025,000


Total Revenues: $17,761,411 Gross Costs: $7,605,008 Total Expenses: $8,337,899 Net Income: $1,818,505 Year 1 Total Revenues: $135,350,322 Gross Costs: $49,989,167 Total Expenses: $38,138,661 Net Income: $47,222,493 Year 2 Total Revenues: $100,259,380 Gross Costs: $37,494,642 Total xpenses: $28,927,823 Net Income: $33,836,915 Year 3 Total Revenues: $339,786,061 Gross Costs: $12,776,635 Total Expenses: $94,962,419 Net Income: 117,057,287 Year 4 Total Revenues: $143,590,005 Gross Costs: $60,102,830 Total Expenses: $45,451,973 Net Income: 56,865,427 Year 5

* Benzoyl Peroxide Free

From Concept to Consumer TelePro-Direct, Inc. 115 River Road, Suite 824 Edgewater, NJ 07020 201.945.5566 teleprodirect@gmail.com www.teleprodirect.com

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