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Published on February 12, 2014

Author: Gresesperez

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MAP NWEA, Plano, ESL, Bilingual,

MAP - Language Mrs. Pérez

Norms • Do your best participating! • Use technology wisely. • Be original but also build on other ideas.

x • Instrucción Sistematica del Idioma Ingles. • Being Bilingual • Personal Experience • Scenarios • Scenarios Debrief • Aha Moments • Meadows Elementary Challenge • What is ELD? • Language Development Initiative • • Take Away Reflections

Instrucción Sistemática del Idioma Ingles El programa de Desarrollo del Idioma Ingles (ELD) • Desarrollo natural de los conocimientos lingüísticos (Estándares ELD) • Construcción de un vocabulario básico y general • Uso de estructuras gramaticales tanto simples como complejas • Contextos tanto cotidianos como académicos

Instrucción Sistemática del Idioma Ingles • Tiempo dedicado a la enseñanza del lenguaje de manera regular • Se toma en cuenta el dominio del idioma inglés de los estudiantes. • Enseñanza no académica vinculada a la lectura y el lenguaje. • Por sí mismo, un curso de ELD no es suficiente para garantizar el éxito académico de los estudiantes.

Preguntas ¿?

Being Bilingual • • • How are you feeling? Can you communicate your ideas? Can you understand ideas communicated to you?

Personal experience How does it feel to be an English Language Learner in an American School?

Scenarios • How your scenario influence your role as an educator and/or school leader?

Scenarios Debrief • How your scenario influence your role as an educator and/or school leader? • What challenges related to bilingual and ESL education do educators and/or school leaders encounter?

“Aha” Moments Think about how will you use this information to guide your decisions about student learning for ESL and bilingual students? Write your major takeaways in the reflection form.

Meadows Elementary Challenges • English Language Learners population of 53.6% (Texas Education Agency, 2013) • 88% of students Disadvantage. • The mobility rate of 18.9%. • Campus size: 549 students • 60% of students at Phase-in 1 below Level II - writing STAAR test. • 33% of students at Phase-in 1 below Level II - Reading STAAR test. • 72.7% of students at-risk. • 52.6% of students bilingual/ESL education. Economically enrolled in

• Assess students by English proficiency level as determined • Functional language approach with purposes for communication and structure interactions. • Real world activities and academic interactions • Variety of aspects of English (rhythm and cadence, pronunciation, colloquial expressions, formal and informal registers) • Organized method of language instruction. • Includes written practice to develop in-depth understanding of English • Develops fluency of all modes of communication. (E.L. Achieve/2014)

Language Development Initiative Language Knowledge • Teaches language in different contexts and for various purposes. • Develops meta-linguistic awareness for flexibility in making language choices. • Teaches language in detail to comprehend when reading or listening. (E.L. Achieve/2014)

Language Development Initiative Collaborative Discussions • Oral language activities into every lesson on a regular basis • Small-group and whole class collaborative interactions • Interactions and activities builds communicative competence (E.L. Achieve/2014)

Language Development Initiative Knowledge and Ideas • Instruction based on meaningful purposes for using language • Explicit identification of the vocabulary, text structure, syntax, and grammatical forms • Students use language for a wide range of purposes and registers (E.L. Achieve/2014)

Language Development Initiative Reading and Writing • Grade-appropriate content topics • Visuals, templates, and other explicit scaffolds, to learn essential vocabulary and language patterns • Informational articles into lessons • Calls out features of text structures and functional language for high leverage text types (E.L. Achieve/2014)

Language Development Initiative

Language Development Initiative

Language Development Initiative

Results Nearly 90% of the participants expected students standardize positive results achievement test in on and improvements in students’ writing, speaking and listening skills.

Results Teachers have to allocate time at least 4 times/week to provide language acquisition instruction to students. explicit

Results Less than 70% of teachers at least agree that they have received appropriate training and learning opportunities in order to implement the change on campus. Only 57% feel they have the adequate resources and time to implement ELD instruction in the classroom with effectiveness.

3rd Grade BI/ESL - MAP Reading • Teachers have consistently implemented the initiative.

4th Grade BI/ESL - MAP Reading • The closing gap is less evident in grades 4th than in grades 3rd.

5th Grade BI/ESL - MAP Reading • Teacher buy-in • Science fair and field trip • lack of time allocation

“Take Away” • Think about ELD, how can you use MAP data to drive language acquisition initiatives in your campus? • How this information is relevant for your campus? • What connections have you made? • How will you use this information to improve student achievement among bilingual and ESL students.

Share your Reflections How will you use this information to improve student achievement among bilingual and ESL students.

Thank you! “Life is not the way we want it to be. Life is the way it is. But we can decide to either make dust with the block of life or to build castles of possibility.” Greses A. Pérez

My contact Information Greses A. Pérez greses.perez@pisd.edu gperezgonzal@smu.edu

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