Power of Digital Marketing: Using social media for social good

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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: FoxyMoron



Various brands have enough and more reasons to use the digital and social media platforms to bring about real change in the communities they do business in.
This presentation discusses how brands have taken real risks and uncovered breakthroughs which includes creating a ‘movement’ that will make a real difference by marrying the online presence of a brand with an actual on-ground activity.

There is a simple truth about us - We are a full service digital ideas and media solutions agency where strategists, tech geeks, designers, marketers, storytellers, and innovators create and manage some of the best brand led activities in the country We understand the needs of a brand, set completely unrealistic goals for ourselves, and then think of the most wacky, innovative and impactful way of not only meeting but surpassing them

Social Customised Creative Campaigns ORM Emailers Search 360° Digital Services Video Website Mobile Display Advertising Well Targeted Media Solutions We believe Creative and Media Solutions work best when they are tailor made for each other

• With 96 Mn people on Facebook, 33 Mn on Twitter social media is NOW! • It is human nature to share content that is appealing. Especially emotional • Connects not just individuals but also communities • Easy accessibility anywhere • Integral part of everyday life • Holds the power to create movements in seconds

• The New Companies Bill mandates that firms with a net profit of Rs. 5cr & more have to spend 2% of their average net profit on CSR activities The Essentials

Every year, 2 million children fail to reach their fifth birthday because of diseases like Diarrhoea and Pneumonia. The simple act of hand washing could help erase this tragedy. Lifebuoy initiated a lifesaving mission to spread the importance of good hand washing habits around the world. Most importantly, a mission that will help more children reach their 5th birthday. The campaign’s launch was marked with a ground-breaking 3-minute film about the importance of hand washing.

Every like, share and comment across the Garnier Men social media platforms, contributed to 10 Watts of electricity across villages in India.

Socially Responsible Living

We hope you never need to use this app The moment you install Channel V’s VithU, an emergency safety app designed for women, a Panic button appears on the phone. On tapping the button twice, a message: ‘I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location’ will reach pre loaded contacts.

WALK THE LINE The simplicity of the technology is the greatest asset, because it brought a complex idea to life in an easy and enjoyable way.

Non-Branded Social Movements

Blood Search Made Easy Since a lot of time gets wasted finding a blood donor, why not find one on Facebook – the most widely used social media platform? Facebook has 96 million people with potential to do good, so Red Cross Society of India asked all of them to help save a life!

Free the Forced An initiative against forced marriages. A simple mobile app, helps unlock padlocks that signify the millions of women across the world in forced marriages.

Baby Back Home Augmented Reality interactive sculptures were placed across cities in China and participants downloaded an app to hear stories of missing children as well as upload pictures of children they feel might be missing from families.

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