Poverty and inequality in a changing context

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Information about Poverty and inequality in a changing context

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: lindseycottle

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a brief overview of the definitions and measurement of poverty and inequality

Poverty and Inequality in a Changing Context

Outline 1. What is poverty? What is inequality? A definition and link 2. Assessments of Poverty 2.1 Recent changes in global geography of poor 3. MDG’s post 2015 Macro and micro economic measures 4. Activity and Discussion

What is Poverty? It is possible to define and measure poverty in a variety of ways Monetary – Utility, basic needs Capabilities –Wellbeing, functionings (Sen 1999) Inequalities – Relative, social exclusion Participatory – self defined, NGO, CBO

Defining and Assessing Poverty We must initiate and design policies to impact poverty This can only be done if we can measure poverty Measurements can only be done if poverty is clearly defined

Ways of Measuring Poverty Monetary poverty: Consumption, Poverty line measures: definition of the poverty line, headcount index, poverty severity Capability: Basic needs, mortality, literacy, water, child malnutrition Inequality: Income inequality, size distribution, Lorenz curve, Gini coefficient Participatory: Not yet adapted

New Geography of the Global Poor - Most of the world‘s poor now live in middle- income countries (MIC), e.g. India - Shift from LIC (low income) to MIC Need for a new model of development assistance No justification to exlude MIC‘s from aid programmes  future of MDG after 2015? Tax evasion is also becoming a big issue

What are the MDG’s? Engaging targets with comprehensible objectives Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Improve maternal health Achieve universal primary education Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases Promote gender equality and empower women Ensure environmental sustainability Reduce child mortality Global partnership for development

MDG’s post 2015 A new framework? MACRO ECONOMIC - Foreign aid eases pressure to mobilize resources within country - Correctives to make existing rules less unfair (aid, repayment) - Need for positive discrimination/ affirmative action - More equal partnership between developed and developing countries - Focus on means rather than ends Means rather than ends MICRO ECONOMIC - Framework for states to reshape policies in national context - Employment creation Public provision of services i.e. education, healthcare - Accountability of government people are actors not beneficiaries - Participatory development

MDG’s from different perspectives 1. Read the article and identify the organisation/perspective it is written from 2. Critically evaluate according to these points: • • • a) Criticisms/failures b) Positive points/successes c) Possible solutions/new ideas 3. Identify the discourse used 4. Feedback

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