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Published on October 31, 2012

Author: ali_rehman

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The natural topography: The natural topography Potwar plateau and salt range Contents: Contents Location Important features Important places and heights Economic activity Lifestyle Location: Location Potwar plateau and Salt range is located to the south of Islamabad between River Indus and River Jhelum. Potohar Plateau is bounded on the east by the Jhelum River, on the west by the Indus River, on the north by the Kala Chitta Rangeand the Margalla Hills, and on the south by the Salt Range. Important features: Important features It is open undulating land with extensive flat areas. Residuals hills are found over here. A large part of plateau is dissected and eroded by the action of running water. The Potwar plateau is rich in minerals like gypsum, limestone rock salt coal and oil. The salt range is rich in minerals like rock salt ,gypsum and limestone. It is termed as badland topography. It has landscape of ridges and troughs. It forms gullies and large alluvium plains. Important places and heights: Important places and heights The height of the plateau mainly varies from 300-600 meter high above sea level. Kala chitta and Khairi murat just rise to just over 1000 meters. River soan is the most dominant feature in this area. The salt range cover Jhelum , kalabagh , chakwal and mianwali . Salt mines in khewra , a small town about 160 km from Islamabad is located in this region. Salt parallel ranges rises to an height of 750-900. Sakesar the highest point in slat range is 1527 meters. While Kallar kahar and Kahbeki add scenic beauties ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: ECONOMIC ACTIVITY It is rich in non metallic minerals such as marble , rock salt , clay and dolomite. It provides raw material to cement, chemical and ceramic industries. A number of oil and gas fields are found in this region. Attock oil refinery had been set up to refine oil (from the oil fields.) Lifestyle : Lifestyle Farming depends on rainfall. Canal irrigation is not possible because of rugged landscape. Wheat , maize , barely and gram are cultivated. It is accessible by roads, railways and air transport. Jhelum , chakwal and Islamabad have been developed encouraging a high population density. TOursim: TOursim Khewra Salt Mine is a major tourist attraction, with around 250,000 visitors a year, earning it considerable revenue. Visitors are taken into the mine on a train.There are numerous pools of salty water inside. The Badshahi Mosque was built in the mining tunnels with multi-colored salt bricks about fifty years ago.Other artistic carvings in the mine include a replica of Minar-e-Pakistan.In 2003 two phases of development of tourist facilities and attractions were carried out, at a total cost of 9 million rupees. A clinical ward with 20 beds was established in 2007, costing 10 million rupees, for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases using salt therapy.The "Visit Pakistan Year 2007" event included a train safari visit of Khewra Salt Mine.[41] In February 2011 Pakistan railways started operating special trains for tourists from Lahore and Rawalpindi to Khewra. For this purpose the railway station of Khewra was refurbished with the help of a private firm. Mini model of Badshahi mosque Picture gallery : Picture gallery Area where the Potwar plateau and salt range is located Main entrance tunnel PowerPoint Presentation: BY: Ali-ur-rehman Ammar Mujtaba Mahad Tariq Mahad Ali Ali Raza Mujtaba Ahmed Ozair Shahid

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