Potential Model Changes as a Result of Fukushima

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Information about Potential Model Changes as a Result of Fukushima

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: GSE_systems



This presentation describes potential simulator model changes as a result of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

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Potential Model Changes as a Result of Fukushima

2 FLEX •  Portable diesel generators •  Portable pumps –  Diesel generator driven –  Electrical powered •  Who is setting these up? •  Who is operating them? •  Who is controlling their operation?

3 Electrical System Upgrades •  New batteries –  Additional batteries –  Larger batteries •  New chargers –  For new batteries –  Capability to cross connect •  Portable diesels –  Starting and operation –  Dynamic effects of starting loads

4 Electrical System Upgrades •  Cross connection capabilities –  At the 480 vac bus level –  At the DC level –  At the instrument bus level –  Individual loads –  Manual cable installation –  Manual transfer switches –  Auto transfer switches

5 Electrical System Upgrades •  Granularity of loading –  DC busses –  Instrument busses –  Are “key” individual loads accounted for? –  Is everything a lumped load •  Do you have control of the lumped load? •  Granularity of configuration –  Do you have the capability to shift all loads onto train ‘A’ so you can save train ‘B’?

6 Electrical System Upgrades •  Granularity of configuration –  Can you strip the key non-essential loads? –  Is the loading dynamically accounted for on the instrument busses and ultimately the battery? –  Who is stripping these loads? •  Non-licensed operators? •  How are you controlling this from the simulator? –  New graphics for in-plant panels

7 Electrical System Upgrades •  Operation at reduced bus voltages –  Are loads individually coded for bus voltages? –  Or are the busses only true or false? •  Battery dynamics –  Large discharge rates –  Extended discharge at varying rates •  UV relays –  Are they on/off? –  Set and reset –  Time delays

8 Instrumentation •  Are the instruments powered correctly? –  Correct source –  Correct failure mode –  Recorders –  Transmitters –  Indicators

9 Communications •  Are the power supplies for your communications in the simulator models? –  Paging system –  Phone system –  Radio system –  How long do the UPSs last for these systems? •  How are you charging the radio batteries?

10 Human Elements •  Limited access to site? –  Watch turnovers –  Additional support –  ERO •  Installing FLEX equipment

11 Plant Changes •  Procedure changes –  Are they going to affect the level of fidelity needed in the simulator to support? •  Plant physical changes –  What needs to be modeled in the simulator? –  How are we going to model the added flexibility that has not been available in the past?

12 Funding •  Becoming part of the plant modification team •  2-step approach –  Upgrade model now –  Add detailed functionality later •  Is funding available now?

13 Local Panel Visualizations •  Diesel panels •  Switchgear •  DC breaker panels •  Other local control panels •  FLEX equipment –  Pump connections –  DG control and connection –  Cross-connection installation

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