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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: twelch7774



PostureFit is a revolution in the health and fitness world. It is a wellness concept that is based is based on the idea that improvement of postural alignment can be accomplished through a targeted and progressive exercise program using the PostureFit Bar.


PURPOSE We believe that every person has the internal desire to be healthy and fit, as well as the innate ability to take back control of their own health and overall wellness. With the Postursizer 5-in-1 Bar and PostureFit Program, we empower our customers to do just that! Our fitness products, exercise and nutritional programs, and education series help our customers become healthier and more fit.

HOW IT WORKS . . . The patented Postursizer 5-in-1 Bar is a specially designed, weighted bar with a unique padded neck piece that sits in the arc of the neck to provide resistance and guide the neck muscles upright to maintain good posture. The Postursizer 5-in-1 bar improves:      Posture and balance Flexibility, mobility and range of motion Core strength and musculoskeletal support Muscle strength and bone density Cardiovascular heath and weight-loss It also makes you look younger, feel better, breathe easier and stand taller! - Patent issued on January 9, 2014 -

TEAM Dr. Liz Welch CEO Liz has been a chiropractor for the past 25 years and is the creator of the Postusizer 5-in-1 Bar and PostureFit system. Tom Welch COO Tom has over 25 years of entrepreneurial business experience and handles all of the logistical aspects of the business – product development, inventory, shipping, etc. Joyce David VP Sales Joyce will be joining the team as VP sales and will oversee all sales activities, as well as the Affiliate Program.

MARKET FIVE MILLION BARS IN FIVE TARGET CUSTOMERS YEARS – WORLDWIDE Chiropractors  There are 55,000 chiropractors in the US alone. Currently, we have over 100 chiropractic partners, with a goal of having 5,000 more by the end of 2014.  Fitness Professionals This is a massive market and our goal is to certify personal trainers, thus creating an army of Affiliate partners.  Golfers One of the best demographics for product sales. Featured product in Golf Magazine and Golf Week – over 2,000 bars sold to golfers.  US Postursizer Sales (2012 – 2016) Consumers Our product can be used by anyone, male and female – old and young. - Infomericals, QVC, HSN - Walmart, Target, Dicks, Etc.

MARKET  Additional Key Markets:         High schools and colleges (fitness centers and school team training) Corporate Wellness Programs Dance Studios Hotel Fitness Centers Assisted Living Facilities Rehab and Physical Therapy Law Enforcement & Military Equestrian Riders

PROBLEM The figure, above, illustrates the weight of the human head based upon the forward-head position. For every inch that the ear is forward of the shoulders, the gravitational forces on the body, increase the effective weight of the head by 10 lbs. As the head moves further away from the body, other compensating measures have to adjust for the added strain that is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement or weight-bearing activities.

PROBLEM The Problem is Everywhere!

PROBLEM The Problem is Everywhere!


THE OFFERING The Postursizer 5-in-1 Bar can be used by anyone at any fitness level; Whether a person is just trying to achieve a basic level of fitness or is an elite athlete looking for improved performance, the Postursizer 5-in-1 Bar and PostureFit system will provide the springboard to achieve these goals. The PostureFit program is a patent-pending health and fitness methodology designed to improve posture, core, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

RESELLERS Internet Resellers Fitness Resellers • • • • • Just started the CPFI program and now have 5 certified instructors that are also Affiliates • Plan to have 500 CPFIs by the end of 2014. Amazon Brookstone Wayfair Hayneedle Golf Resellers • • • • • Fredericks Golf Revolution Golf Performance Sports Brands Golf Gym Weekend Golfer Chiropractors • Over 100 chiropractic partners

POSTUREFIT FACILITIES In 2014, we be expanding the PostureFit offering. We will be opening new PostureFit Personal Trainer Facilities throughout the US. The first gym was opened in 3Q13 in Elgin, IL. The next facility being planned is Southport, NC. The plan is open a number of these facilities and then possibly move to a franchise model.


FINANCIALS • Revenue will come from the following sources:  Postursizer 5-in-1 Bar sales (direct and affiliate)  Upsell items such as fitness balls, slant boards, resistance bands, travel bar, etc. (50 – 80% Margin)  White-labeled nutritional supplements from Metagenics • 50% Margin • $300 per student w/$30 annual fee  Certified PostureFit Instructor (CPFI) Program

USE OF PROCEEDS MARKETING      INVENTORY  Purchase 5,000 9 lb. bars SALES  Hire VP Sales DEBT  Retire $100K in matured debt Create new marketing plan Complete Infomerical Chiropractic advertising and promotion Fitness industry advertising and promotion Expand social media presence  Purchase 1,000 1 lb. travel bars  Purchase Metagenics Supplements  Purchase branded upsell items (fitness balls, resistance bands, steps, etc.     Continue to expand Affiliate Program Start looking into retail channels Begin discussions with HSN and QVC Develop international sales/distribution channels

THE DEAL DEAL OFFER Amount of Raise $500,000 Pre-money Valuation: $4,500,000 (Bullzi Holdings) Discount: 25% Discount to Market Equity Interest: 15% Distribution: Can be structured as convertible debt, 506 PIPE, etc. Equity Blocks: Equity will be raised in $25K blocks

EXIT STRATEGY   As of January 1, 2014, PostureFit became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bullzi Holdings, Inc. (BLLZ), a public company trading on the OTC. 506-issued shares have a 1 year hold period and then can be traded on the open market. – Discount to Market – 25%

To Learn more about Postursizer or the PostureFit program, call (888)736-7774 or visit us on-line at

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