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Published on October 10, 2009

Author: mrscastagna830


POSTMODERNISM 1960s-Present By: Abby Everitt

Postmodern Artists John Baldessari Andy Warhol Yasumasa Morimura

Postmodernism Considered a sub-group of contemporary art. Grew out of rejection for modern art. Believes modern art is too strict. The movement also believes that all artistic media have been explored, therefore frivolity is really the only thing left.

Postmodernism continued Growing technology and consumerism play a huge part in postmodernism. Since everything has been explored and now art has lost it’s “value”, Postmodernism is often ironic, paradoxical and humorous. Artists influenced largely by pop culture, gender and consumerism. Seeks to abandon traditional ways of modernism, and make statement about mass culture and consumer society. Considered extremely liberal and freeform, whereas modernism is considered conservative.

John Baldessari 1994 Money with Space Between

Yasumasa Morimura 1998 Mona Lisa in the Third Place

Andy Warhol 1982 $

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